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Marriage: Children:
  1. William * GUTTERY: Birth: JAN 1778 in South Carolina. Death: 7 JUL 1825 in Walker County,Alabama

  2. Thomas Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: 1780. Death: Deceased

  3. Nelle Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: Abt 1782. Death: Deceased

  4. Elizabeth "Betsy" Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: Bet 1782 and 1789 in South Carolina. Death: Bet 1850 and 1860

  5. LeRoy "Lee" Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: 1785. Death: Deceased

  6. Molley Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: 1787. Death: Deceased

  7. John Guthrie GUTTERY: Birth: 1791. Death: Deceased

a. Note:   John Dombhart in his History of Walker County.
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 Robert moved to Elbert Co., GA about 1785. First paper work on him is on August 11, 1792 where he bought land from Austin Webb. Robert's will was written on April 20, 1797 and was recorded in Ordinary's Record 1791-1803 Section B, Page 72, Elbert Co., GA. On September 12, 1799. His inventory was recorded on April 17, 1799 and was settled on February 7, 1801. He may be buried at Holly Springs Church Cemetery. The Church is situated in the extreme Northwestern portion of Elbert County, about two and one half miles north from Bowman, and only a few hundred yards from the line separating Elbert from Hart County. Part of the Cemetery lies in Hart County.
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 Historical Collections of Georgia D.A.R.
  (Vol. III p. 157) Robert Guthrie and wife Betsy, folio 103 deed bood A. Elbert County, GA., to Austin Webb 100 acres on Broad River, agreeable to a grant signed 1785 (August 11, 1792)
 (p. 184) Elizabeth Saylors, folio 99, to Robert Guttery 33 acres on Broad River originally a grant to said Elizabeth Saylors in 1785.
 (p.192) Robert Guttery and wife Betsy, folio 116 Elbert County, GA., to Charles Boddingfield of Wilkes County 233 acres on Broad River, originally a grant to said Guttery in 1785. (May 22, 1794)
 (p. 199) Austin Webb, folio 44, to William Whaley, part of the original grant in 1785 to Robert Guttery on Broad River, October 23, 1795. Absolom Stenchomb and Robert McDowell test.
 (p. 145) September 12, 1799, Betty Guttery and James Ryley executors, of Robert Guttery, deceased.
 (p. 222) Robert Guthrie old warrant 400 acres, Headrights and bounty warrants. Were issued during the Revolutionary War, by executive council, and grants were signed by the Govenor laid off into Military sections and ruled over by a Justice of the Peace. Robert Guthrie or Guttery had received more grants than one. The usual amount of land given to a soldier was 287 1/2 acres and that was for an officer.
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 Will of Robert Guthree Elbert County, GA April 12, 1797
 In the Name of God Amen:
 I, Robert Guthree, of the state of Georgia and county of Elbert, bein sorely afflicted, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God. Calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain in this my last will and testament. That is to say principally and first of all, i give and reccomend my soul into the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my body I reccomend to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of executors, nothing doubting but I shall receive the same again at the general Resurrection by the Mighty Power of God. And as touching such worldly estate where with it hath pleased God to bless me with.
 I give devise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form:
 First I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife, Betty, all my estate lands, mill, Negro man, Mark, stock of every kind and household furniture, as long as she shall live and to be at her disposal at her death. Whom I constitute my executrix and James Ryley executor of this my last will and testament. Also I give and leave to every one of my children one dollar each to William, Thomas, Leroy, Molly, Betsy and John and Nelly Reives to be raised out of my estate at my death and paid to each of them, rattifying and confirming this and no other to be my last will and testament.
 In witness whereof, I have unto set my hand and seal this twelfth day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven.
 Robert Guthree
  Signed sealed and published in presence of us: J.W. Gowen, Daniel Maddox, Betsy Maddox, Recorded this will of Robert Guthree the 12th day Sept. 1799. W. Higinbotham, C.O.E.C. Reorded in Ordinary's Record, 1791-1803 section B. Page 72. Ordinary's Office, Elberten, Elbert County, GA
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 1 -- Robert sold land (100 acres for 5 pounds) to Austin Webb on 1 Oct 1792 (Deed Book A, page 103
  2 -- Bought land (33 acres) from Elizabeth Saylors on 29 Aug 1792. Recorded on 6 May 1794 (Deeds & Mortgages Book C 1793-1795, pages 99-100-101
  3 -- Sold land to Charles Bedningfield on 22 May 1794 (233 acres for 50 pounds sterling). Recorded 28 May 1796 (Deeds & Mortgages Book C 1795-1796, page 115-116-117)
  4 -- A Plat and description of land containing 200 acres for Robert Guttery (Plat Book 1-2-3 1791-1860, page 152)
  5 -- The will of Robert Guthrie written on 12 April 1797. Witnessed by Daniel Maddox and Betsy Maddox. Recorded on 12 Sep 1799 (Will Book B, page 92)
  6 -- The inventory of Robert Guttery valued at $1015.29. Recorded 17 April 1799. (Wills, Letters, Returns, Inventory, Appraisments & Sales Book B., pages 58-59)
  7 -- William Gutry signed for his inhertage of $1.00 on 7 Feb 1801; Leroy Gutry signed for his $1.00 on 7 Feb; 7 Feb Thomas Gutry signed for his $1.00; 7 Feb 1801 Daniel Mattoch signed for $1.00; 7 Feb 1801 John Gutry signed for his $1.00 this was all recorded 30 April 1801 (Wills, Letters, Returns, Inventories, Appraisements & Sales 1791-1803, Books A-B-C, pages 57-58)
  8 -- Elizabeth Gutry of the County of Franklin on 23 Feb 1801 sold to William Magee of Elbert Co. for $300.00, 100 acres. Recorded on 13 April 1801 (Deeds & Mortgages Book G, page 61)
  9 -- Elizabeth Guttrey of Franklin Co., sold William Magee of Elbert Co. for $100.00, 50 acres. Recorded on 13 April 1801 (Deeds & Mortgages, Book G, pages 61-62)
  10 - Elizabeth Guttrey of Franklin Co., sold Charles Hendry of Elbert Co., for $200.00, 200 acres. Recorded 20 Feb 1811 (Deed Book N, page 124)
  11 - The Reconstructed 1890 Census of Georgia, page 77, List a Betsy and Robert Guttery
  12 - William Guttrey and Hannah sold to Elizabeth Guttrey, 50 acres of land for $100.00. Recorded 19 July 1799 (Deeds & Mortgages Book F, pages 40-41)
  13 - William & Hannah Guttery on 5 July 1799 sold to Joseph Parker & Joshua Hearne for $100.00, 50 acres. Recorded 2 July 1801 (Floyd thinks that William & Hannah left Elbert Co., for Hall Co. in 1799...I agree) (Deeds & Mortgages, Book G, pages 11-12-13 1801-1892)
  14 - Holy Springs Baptist Church lists members Wm., Guttery, Elizabeth Guttery and Hannah Guttery on 6 Feb 1796 (History of Hart County (GA) pages 380-381, 384-385, Holy Springs Baptist Church, by J.S. Christian, 1900)
  ****Above Compiled by Floyd A. Guthrie****
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 When Floyd visited the Holly Springs Baptist Church which is located on the Elbert and Hart County line, he saw several old unmarked graves to the left of the church. He also was told that, about 500 yards across the road and in a field and on the edge next to the woods, there had been at one time several unmarked graves that have been destroyed and that may be where Robert lies today. (e-mail dated 12/28/99)
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