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  1. Antonio J. (Tony) Betiero: Birth: 20 APR 1889 in Colorado. Death: 25 JUL 1948 in Imperial, California

1. Page:   "BROWN PALACE HOTEL HOP TO GET A FORTUNE Antonio J. Betiero to Share in Estate of Abial Cushman. CASE BITTERLY FOUGHT Uncles and Aunt, Who Divided Money, Denied Identity of Young Man. Boulder, Colo., June 11 [1910]. � A case of unusual interest was terminated in the district court in this city yesterday afternoon when Antonio J. Betiero, who is not yet 21 years of age, and who has been acting as bellboy at the Brown Place hotel, Denver, was declared to be the grandson and heir to the late Abial W. Cushman, a well-known ranchman of Longmont, and for that reason an heir to the valuable estate on equal terms with six uncles and aunts who denied his identity. Betiero had been lost to sight by his relatives for twenty years, until last April, when he put in an appearance here and filed suit for a portion of his grandfather�s estate. Several peculiar features raised the case above the level of the ordinary will suit. The claimant was the son of Celia M. Cushman, who left her father�s home in Loveland in 1888 to join her fortune with those of an itinerant gambler, Thomas Jasper Betiero, who was then operating in Denver. She was never seen again by the members of her family, except once when her father visited her in her apartments in Denver. Miss Cushman and Betiero lived together until about a year after their son was born, according to a deposition by Betiero, when she left him suddenly one night in 1891, at Salt Lake City, without giving any cause, and he never saw her afterwards. About five years later he said he received a letter from her postmarked St. Louis, in which she asked him to take her back. He answered, consenting to her request, but never heard from her again and after his investigation, conducted in St. Louis shortly afterwards, came to the conclusion that she had been killed by a cyclone which took place in that city about the time she had written him. In 1894, Betiero gave up gambling as a profession and took up dermatology, opening a parlor in Denver. Later he changed his profession again and associated himself with the New Thought movement and began the publication of a magazine called �Oriental Mysteries.� After studying in Europe, he established himself in Toronto, Canada, as an Oriental seer. Meanwhile Betiero�s son had been living at Wichita, Kan., with a Mrs. M. Bettis and his maternal relatives had no knowledge of his whereabouts. When the elder Cushman died, Aug. 9, 1908, at Covina, Cal., where he had gone for his health, he left a will dividing his Colorado property, variously estimated from $15,000 to $30,000, among seven sons and daughters, among whom was Mrs. Celia M. Betiero. The will was probated and the estate settled before young Betiero learned of the bequest, the seventh share which had been willed to Mrs. Betiero and her heirs having been divided among the six brothers and sisters, and it was to claim his mother�s share that suit was brought against his uncle, Walter E. Cushman of Longmont, the executor of the estate, and the others heirs, Mrs. Florence Golden of Fort Collins, Mrs. Della Arthur, Hobert H., Cleveland M., and Edward Earl Cushman. Page 2, The Denver Post, Saturday, June 11, 1910" 16 Nov 2014, Genealogy Bank, transcript in Hobart Line 4
2. Page:   "Thomas Bettis" T9 386, ED 154, page 228B, 10 Jun 1880 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, transcript in Hobart Line 4
3. Page:   "Name: Thomas J Betiero Birth Date: 19 Aug 1864 Birth Place: Leavenworth Age: 42 Gender: Male Passport Issue Date: 9 Apr 1907 Passport Includes a Photo: No Residence: Oscawana [New York] [apply: American Embassy at London] [occupation: physician] [left United States: 2nd March, 1907] [sojourning at: 13, St. Clair Road, Kensington] [intend to return to United States within: One year] [passport for: travelling in Turkey] [5 feet, 6 � inches; eyes: brown; hair: brown � thin; complexion: dark]" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy/transcript in Hobart Line 4
4. Page:   "Thomas Bettes" M593 437, page 309A, 21 Jun 1870 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, transcript in Hobart Line 4
5. Page:   "Name: Thomas Betiero Gender: Male Birth Date: abt 1875 Death Date: 26 Oct 1917 Age at Death: 42 Death Location: Seattle, King, Washington Record Source: Washington State Death Records" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy in Hobart Line 4
6. Page:   "Name: Thomas J. Betiero Death Date: 26 Oct 1917 Death Place: Seattle, WA Type Practice: Allopath" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy in Hobart Line 4
7. Page:   "18117-13 Thomas Jasper BETTIS, 49, widower, palmist?, illegible birth place, Hamilton, s/o Johnesa? BETTIS & Malvina BETSON, married Marisa Emily STACK, 35, widow, Staines Wiltshire England, Hamilton, d/o Edward GALE & Marion TYLER, witn: Catherine SAMPSON & Jesse LINGER, both of Hamilton, 18 March 1913 at Hamilton" 1911 to 1922 marriages from MS 932 Wentworth Co, 1911 - 1922 17 Nov 2014,, copy in Hobart Line 4
8. Page:   "Name: Thomas J Betiero [of the County of Yakima] Spouse: Laura A Meystre [of the County of Yakima] Marriage Date: 29 Jul 1916 Marriage Place: Yakima Reference Number: ceyakmarcert0002390 [license date: twenty-ninth July, 1916] [by: W. D. Robinson, Minister] [witnesses: W. F. Wohlstein; Hilda A. Meystre]" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy/transcript in Hobart Line 4
9. Page:   "Betiero T J, rms 12 Duff Blk. Page 171" Denver, Colorado, City Directory, 1896 "Betiero T J hypnotist bds 1805 Wabash av Page 244" Chicago, Illinois, City Directory, 1899 "Betiero T J lecturer h 2134 Michigan av Page 259" Chicago, Illinois, City Directory, 1901 "Betiero T J, physician, 1015 Sutter Page 282" San Francisco, California, City Directory, 1905 "Betiero Thos J r 305� Pike Page 396" Seattle, Washington, City Directory, 1915 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, transcript in Hobart Line 4
10. Page:   "Name: Thomas Jasper Bittes [Thomas Jasper Bettis; residence: Hamilton, Wentworth; Widower; occupation: Palmist; denomination: Methodist] Age: 49 Birth Date: abt 1864 Birth Place: At Monysheds Edpausdo [cannot decipher] Marriage Date: 18 Mar 1913 Marriage County or District: Wentworth Father: Johnson Bittes [Johnson Bettis] Mother: Maldinas Betson [Malvina Betson?] Spouse: Marida Emily Stack [Marion Emily Stack/Stark?; residence: Hamilton, Wentworth; Widow; denomination: C of E] Spouse's Age: 35 Spouse Birth Date: abt 1878 Spouse Birth Place: Staines Middlesex Eng Spouse Father: Edward Ade [Edward Gale] Spouse Mother: Marida Tyler Archives of Ontario; Series: MS932; Reel: 275. [witnesses: Catharine Tompkins, Hamilton; Jesse Linger, 239 ?? ?? City] [signature of deponent: Thomas Jasper Bettis]" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy/transcript in Hobart Line 4
11. Page:   "Name: Thomas J. Betiero Spouse: Rebecca Heap Marriage Date: 11 Apr 1887 County: Arapahoe State: CO" 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, copy in Hobart Line 4
12. Page:   "Age 16, born Arkansas" T9 386, ED 154, page 228B, 10 Jun 1880 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, transcript in Hobart Line 4
13. Page:   "Age 6, born Arkansas" M593 437, page 309A, 21 Jun 1870 17 Nov 2014, Ancestry, transcript in Hobart Line 4
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