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 Robert Edward /Crowder/
B: 06 NOV 1919
P: Wevaco (United) , West Virginia
M: 19 OCT 1945
P: Logan, West Virginia
D: 16 OCT 2012
P: Palace Care Nursing Home, Red Boiling Spri...

 LaTrue /Gosnell/
B: 13 FEB 1927
P: Hazard, Kentucky
D: 21 DEC 1997
P: Titusville, Florida (home of daughter Ruth...

 Frank Harrison /Crowder/
B: 07 JUN 1893
P: Craig City, Alleghaney County, Virginia
M: 26 JUL 1916
P: Logan County, W. V (minister J. G. McNeely)
D: 16 JUN 1956
P: Huntington St. Mary's Hospital, West Virg...

 Mae /Scaggs/
B: 27 FEB 1898
P: Hewitt Creek, West Virginia
D: 06 JUN 1955
P: Logan General Hospital, Logan, West Virginia

 Diamond /Gosnell/
B: 15 DEC 1893
P: Coal Creek, Tn
M: ABT 1922
D: 09 JUN 1961
P: Hospital at Williamson, West Virginia

 Nelle Mae /Crutchfield/
B: 04 MAY 1904
P: Speedwell, Tn
D: 22 MAY 1990
P: Chapmanville, West Virginia

 Isaac Abel /Crowder/
B: 10 AUG 1857
P: Va (Craig County)
M: 22 MAR 1888
P: at residence of Benjamin Craft, Sr. Crai...
D: 01 MAR 1926
P: Blair, Logan County, West Virginia
 Millie Craft ( /Hartzell)/
B: 1858
P: Va (Craig County)
D: AFT 1920
P: Logan County W. VA.
 George Riley /Scaggs/
B: 23 SEP 1834
P: Logan County, West Virginia
M: 08 JUN 1897
P: Logan County, W. V
D: 18 MAR 1915
P: Logan County, West Virginia
 C. Mary /Thomas/
B: ABT 1871
P: West Virginia
D: 03 APR 1936
P: Logan, West Virginia
 Calvin /Gosnell/
B: OCT 1863
P: Tennessee
M: 12 NOV 1892
P: Campbell Co. TN
D: BEF 1935
P: Scott County TN
 Hattie /Caler/
B: FEB 1873
P: North Carolina
P: W Va
 Robert Preston /Crutchfield/
B: 11 SEP 1882
P: Tn
D: 1930
 Maggie A. /Welch/
B: 29 SEP 1879
P: Tn
D: 1908
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