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Engeltrude de Fezensac: Birth: ABT 805 in Fezensac, France.
Gersenda (Gersende) de Fezensac: Birth: ABT 922. Death: AFT 961
Leuthard I Comte de Fezensac: Birth: ABT 765. Death: AFT 811
Ethystan Glodrydd Prince of FFERLEY: Birth: ABT 965 in Radnorshire, Wales. Death: in Cefndigoll, Wales
Fiachra: Birth: ABT 350.
Janet Fidler: Birth: ABT 1583.
Alexander Field: Birth: ABT 1613.
Elizabeth de La FIELD: Birth: ABT 1238.
Jane Field: Birth: ABT 1588.
Margaret M. Field: Birth: ABT 1836. Death: 05 JUN 1911 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Mary FIELD: Birth: 03 FEB 1679 in , Henrico, Va. Death: 15 AUG 1715 in , Henrico Parish, Va
Patrick Field: Birth: ABT 1810.
Mary FIELDING: Birth: ABT 1610 in Of, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Benjamin Barney Fields: Birth: ABT 1890.
Daniel Woodrow Fields: Birth: 04 MAR 1917 in New Hampshire. Death: APR 1969 in Rutland, Rutland County, Vermont
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Conan de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1094 in Fiennes, Normandie, France. Death: 1122 in Bournonville, Lorraine, France
Enguerrand de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1128 in Martock, Somersetshire, England. Death: 1189 in Palestine
Enguerrand II Seigneur de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1192 in Buckinghamshire, England. Death: ABT 1265
Eustace de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1081 in Fiennes, Normandie, France.
Eustache II Baron de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1113. Death: 1137
Giles (Sir) de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1247 in Wendover Manor, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 1293
Isabeau de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1272.
Jean I Baron de Tingry and FIENNES: Birth: 1277 in Fiennes, Pas-de-Calais, France. Death: ABT 1333
Jeanne de FIENNES: Birth: AFT 1307. Death: 07 JUN 1353
Joan de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1273 in Blisworth, Northampshire, England. Death: 1309
Mahaud (Mahaut) de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1305.
Margaret (Eleanor) de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1265 in Wendover Manor, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 07 FEB 1333
Maud de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1250 in Wendover Manor, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 06 NOV 1298
Miss de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1188 in , Buckinghamshire, England.
Richard (Sir) Baron Dacre of the South Fiennes: Birth: ABT 1425 in Hurstmonceaux, Sussex, England. Death: 25 NOV 1483 in Hurstmonceaux, Sussex, England
Robert de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1269.
Robert de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1304.
Roger (Sir) Fiennes: Birth: ABT 1390 in Hurstmonceaux, Sussex, England.
William I Sheriff of Somerset de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1160 in Wendover Manor, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 1241
William Lord of Wendover de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1245 in Wendover Manor, Wendover, Buckinghamshire, England. Death: 11 JUL 1302 in Battle of Courtrai (Kortrijk), Flandres, Belgium
Yolande de FIENNES: Birth: ABT 1275.
Elizabeth Fienness: Birth: ABT 1405.
James Lord of Saye and Sele Fienness: Birth: ABT 1375.
William (Sir) Fienness: Birth: ABT 1325.
William Fienness: Birth: ABT 1350.
Friderike (Rieke) Fiesch: Birth: 25 OCT 1799 in Berlin, Deutschland (Germany).
Agnese Di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1186.
Andreola di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1268.
Antonio Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1333.
Argentina FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1245.
Beatrice di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1220 in Villa Fieschi, Lavagna, Italy. Death: 09 JUL 1283
Carlo FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1250.
Eliana di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1265 in Genoa, Italy.
Federico Signore of Genoa di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1233 in Genoa, Italy. Death: AFT 06 FEB 1303
Francesca Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1477.
Gianluigi Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1375. Death: BEF 1463
Gianluigi Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1418. Death: BEF 1510
Jacopina FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1255.
Lucchino Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1270.
Margherita Di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1178.
Miss Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1230. Death: BEF 1256
Niccolo di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1230.
Niccolò Fieschi: Birth: ABT 1297.
Opizzone Conte di Lavagna di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1183. Death: BEF 1248
Ottobono (Pope Adrian V) di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1238. Death: 18 AUG 1276
Sinibaldo (Pope Innocence IV) Di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1185 in Villa Fieschi, Lavagna, Italy. Death: 07 DEC 1254 in Naples, Italy
Tedisio Count of Lavagna di FIESCHI: Birth: ABT 1182 in Genoa, Italy. Death: BEF 1248 in Genoa, Italy
Ugo Count of Lavagna di FIESCHI: Birth: BEF 1140 in Villa Fieschi, Lavagna, Italy. Death: 1214
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Alfreka of Strathbogie of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1135 in Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Duffagan Earl of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1078 in Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland.
Duncan Earl of FIFE: Birth: 1262. Death: 1288
Duncan MacDuff Earl of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1123 in Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: 1204 in Fifeshire, Scotland
Duncan of Strathbogie Earl of FIFE: Birth: 1163 in Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Death: in Fifeshire, Scotland
Gillimichael MacDuff Earl of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1103 in Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland.
Heth Athelred Earl of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1062 in Morayshire, Scotland. Death: BEF 1098 in Methil, Fifeshire, Scotland
Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar Duchess of Fife: Birth: 20 FEB 1867 in Marlborough House, Westminster, Middlesex, England. Death: 04 JAN 1931 in Portman Square, Westminster, London, England
Orm Abbot of Abernethy of FIFE: Birth: ABT 1155 in Abernethy, Fifeshire, Scotland.
Mary Fifield: Birth: ABT 1648.
Emilie Figdor: Birth: ABT 1820. Death: AFT 21 APR 1894
Alfonso Ferrandez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 762. Death: AFT 791
Ermensinde de FIGUEROA: Birth: ABT 843.
Ferrando Ferrandez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 755. Death: AFT 791
Pedro Ferrandez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 750. Death: AFT 791
Pedro Suarez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 805. Death: AFT 844
Sancho Ferrandez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 753. Death: AFT 791
Suera Suarez (Count) Figueroa: Birth: ABT 785.
Suero (Sueyro) Ferrandez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 760. Death: AFT 791
Teresa Suárez de Figueroa: Birth: ABT 1380.
Alksandr Petrovich Filimonov: Birth: 1867. Death: 1948
Fedor Fedorovich Filimonov: Birth: 1862. Death: 1920
Gleb Semenovic Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1430.
Petr Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1840.
Semen Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1400.
Vasilij Semenovic Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1435.
Vasilij Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1810.
Vladimir Sergeevich Filimonov: Birth: 1787 in Moscow, Russia. Death: 1858 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Vladimir Vasilievitch Filimonov: Birth: ABT 1857.
Anna Filippova: Birth: 1856. Death: 1937
Marie Fillel: Birth: ABT 1628.
Sibyl FILLIOL: Birth: ABT 1257 in Old Court, Wartling, Sussex, England.
Millard (President) Fillmore: Birth: 07 JAN 1800 in Locke, Cayuga, New York. Death: 08 MAR 1874 in Washington, District of Columbia
Nathaniel Fillmore: Birth: 19 APR 1771 in Bennington, Vermont. Death: 1863

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