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Bernice Kathryn Oberweis: Birth: 22 Oct 1924 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 23 Dec 1998 in ???
Elsie Kathryn Oberweis: Birth: 4 Oct 1919 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 18 Jul 1989 in <Aurora (Kane) Illinois>
Emma Oberweis: Birth: 25 Jun 1909 in Batavia Township (Kane) Illinois. Death: 24 Sep 1937 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois (see BIO)
Gerald Peter Oberweis: Birth: 31 Oct 1933 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 11 Jan 1934 in Aurora Township (Kane) Illinois
Irene Mary Oberweis: Birth: 28 May 1924 in <Aurora (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 15 Feb 1996 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
John Lawrence Oberweis: Birth: 8 Apr 1938 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 23 Jan 1990 in Broward County Florida (see OBIT)
John Oberweis: Birth: Nov 1861 in <Batavia (Kane)> Illinois. Death: in ???
Joseph J Oberweis: Birth: 10 Jul 1911 in <Batavia (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 6 Aug 1984 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois (see OBIT)
Josephine "Josie" M Oberweis: Birth: Nov 1884 in Illinois. Death: in ???
Katherine Susan Oberweis: Birth: 9 Apr 1914 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 5 Jun 1985 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
Marie E Oberweis: Birth: 12 Dec 1921 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 2 Dec 2007 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois (see OBIT)
Mark J Oberweis: Birth: 19 Feb 1894 in <Aurora Township (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 27 Jul 1955 in ???
Paul Oberweis: Birth: 1920 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois. Death: 1920 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
Peter Joesph Oberweis: Birth: 6 Dec 1885 in West Chicago (Du Page) Illinois. Death: 10 Oct 1954 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois (see Partial OBIT)
Peter Oberweis: Birth: Dec 1831 in Prussia. Death: Aft 1899 in ???
Ruth Mary Oberweis: Birth: 9 Aug 1931 in ???. Death: 14 Feb 2006 in <Jefferson (Jefferson) Wisconsin>
William B Oberweis: Birth: 1921 in <Aurora (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 1921 in <Aurora (Kane)> Illinois
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Andrew Oberwise: Birth: Aug 1859 in Illinois. Death: 22 Mar 1919 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
Elizabeth M "Betty" Oberwise: Birth: 11 Nov 1913 in Batavia (Kane) Illinois. Death: 17 Aug 2002 in Sandwich (De Kalb) Illinois (see OBIT)
Fred L Oberwise: Birth: 27 Oct 1891 in <Aurora (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 26 Mar 1931 in Los Angeles County California
Jacob Oberwise: Birth: Jun 1860 in <Batavia (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 12 Dec 1927 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
John Harold Oberwise: Birth: 1 Oct 1893 in <Batavia (Kane)> Illinois. Death: 9 Mar 1969 in <West Chicago (Du Page) Illinois>
Lucas "Luke" Oberwise: Birth: 20 Jun 1896 in <Aurora Township (Kane)> Illinois. Death: Jul 1971 in <Harvard (McHenry) Illinois>
Matthew Jacob Oberwise: Birth: 29 Oct 1883 in Illinois. Death: in ???
Robert Andrew Oberwise: Birth: 1 Sep 1916 in ???. Death: May 1978 in ???
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John J Obery: Birth: 24 Jan 1917 in Metamora (Woodford) Illinois. Death: 14 Nov 1993 in Peoria (Peoria) Illinois (see OBIT)
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Andrew Edward Oblak: Birth: 22 Mar 1930 in Joliet (Will) Illinois. Death: 21 Dec 2016 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Andrew Edward Oblak: Birth: 14 Mar 1961 in Joliet (Will) Illinois. Death: 19 Oct 2009 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Andrew Oblak: Birth: 6 Nov 1883 in Yugoslavia. Death: 29 Sep 1932 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Cecilia Oblak: Birth: Abt 1898 in Yugoslavia.
Dolores Theresa Oblak: Birth: 23 Aug 1927 in Joliet (Will) Illinois. Death: 5 Jan 1998 in Charlotte County Florida
John R Oblak: Birth: 28 Mar 1922 in Joliet (Will) Illinois. Death: 9 Mar 2013 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Carl Theodore Oblander: Birth: 17 Aug 1910 in ???. Death: 18 May 1996 in <Cassville (Barry) Missouri>
Allen Dale Obman: Birth: 21 Feb 1951 in Joliet (Will) Illinois. Death: 22 Dec 1984 in Joliet (Will) Illinois
Atwood Obman: Birth: Abt 1855 in New York.
Celia Obman: Birth: Abt 1851 in New York. Death: 23 Sep 1933 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois
Charles "Chuck" H Obman: Birth: 7 Jun 1917 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: 14 Jun 1995 in <Plainfield (Will) Illinois>
Charles W Obman: Birth: 28 Oct 1893 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: Jun 1972 in <Plainfield (Will) Illinois>
Delores Obman: Birth: 22 May 1939 in ???. Death: Jun 1979 in <Plainfield (Will) Illinois>
Dorothy Wyona Obman: Birth: 11 Jul 1924 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: 30 Aug 2008 in Joliet (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Edward Franklin Obman: Birth: 24 Jan 1891 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: 1958 in ???
Frank Obman: Birth: Abt 1859 in Illinois.
Helena Obman: Birth: Jul 1896 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: in ???
Jennie M Obman: Birth: Nov 1889 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: in ???
John Obman: Birth: Abt 1854 in New York.
John Obman: Birth: Abt 1828 in Darmstadt, Germany.
Lina Obman: Birth: Abt 1856 in Illinois.
Richard H Obman: Birth: 26 May 1929 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: Jun 1993 in <Plainfield (Will) Illinois>
Saffrona Obman: Birth: Abt 1861 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois.
Walter H Obman: Birth: 20 Aug 1926 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: 14 May 2012 in Bolingbrook (Will) Illinois (see OBIT)
Winifred J Obman: Birth: Abt 1919 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: 22 May 1963 in Will County Illinois
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Celia S Obmann: Birth: May 1875 in Illinois. Death: in ???
Edward Franklin Obmann: Birth: 25 Dec 1855 in Rockton Lake (Montgomery) New York. Death: 3 Apr 1928 in Aurora (Kane) Illinois
Frank Obmann: Birth: 8 Apr 1861 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: 6 Mar 1924 in Elgin (Kane) Illinois
Jack E Obmann: Birth: 11 May 1920 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: Sep 1984 in Glen Ellyn (Du Page) Illinois
James E Obmann: Birth: 21 Feb 1914 in <Oswego (Kendall)> Illinois. Death: 28 Feb 1985 in Marquette (Marquette) Michigan
James E Obmann: Birth: 23 Dec 1936 in Yorkville (Kendall) Illinois. Death: 16 Jul 1954 in Yorkville (Kendall) Illinois
John E Obmann: Birth: 22 Aug 1854. Death: 1 Nov 1865
John Henry Obmann: Birth: 17 Sep 1879 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois. Death: 28 May 1930 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois
Minnie Obmann: Birth: Abt 1883. Death: 22 Oct 1890 in Oswego (Kendall) Illinois
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Alice Mae Obrecht: Birth: 22 Jul 1870 in Kankakee (Kankakee) Illinois. Death: 17 Mar 1909 in Willow Springs (Cook) Illinois
Anna M Obrecht: Birth: Abt 1880 in <Somonauk (De Kalb)> Illinois.
Anna Obrecht: Birth: 5 Mar 1855. Death: 20 Apr 1864
Arthur Jakob Obrecht: Birth: 7 Nov 1878 in Pilot Township (Kankakee) Illinois.
Barbara Obrecht: Birth: 28 Jul 1821 in Alsace, Germany. Death: 6 Jun 1889
Clara Obrecht: Birth: 20 Nov 1866. Death: 20 Nov 1866
David Obrecht: Birth: 26 Feb 1845 in Illinois. Death: 12 May 1934 in Kankakee (Kankakee) Illinois
Ellen Victoria Obrecht: Birth: 4 Dec 1863 in Illinois. Death: 23 Dec 1932 in Reddick (Kankakee) Illinois
Ellen Victoria Obrecht: Birth: 20 May 1883 in Illinois. Death: 18 Oct 1967 in ???
Frank Obrecht: Birth: Abt 1877 in <Salina Township (Kankakee)> Illinois.
Franklin M Obrecht: Birth: 25 Feb 1861. Death: 16 Sep 1868
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