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a. Note:   Find body of hiker; hunt bear GLACIER BAY NATIONAL MONU-MENT, Alaska [AP] -- The four-day search for a missing Illinois hiker ended Friday when his body was found badly mauled and partially eaten by a bear. A bear, apparently the same animal, intimidated a group of campers on Thursday but was driven off, the National Park Service said. Judith Ayres of the Park Service said the search for Alan Lee Precup , 25, of Aurora , began Tuesday when he failed to meet the launch that had carried him to Muir Inlet Sept. 10. A COAST GUARD helicopter assisting in the search landed at Precup 's ravaged camp at the 1,600-foot level of White Thunder Ridge on Thursday, Miss Ayres said. A camera and credit cards belonging to the graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were found, but darkness prevented a thorough search. Early Friday, crews returned and found Precup 's body 100 feet from his tent. Thursday four persons camping on the ridge reported problems with a bear "exhibiting aggressive behavior," Miss Ayres said. The visitors said they were establishing camp when the animal approached. He came as close as 12 feet, but was driven off when the four banded together and "made lots of noise and threw rocks," Miss Ayres said. THE ANIMAL retreated only as far as a nearby knoll, where he surveyed the campers. They abandoned the site to report the incident, and park personnel later found gear and food strewn about the site by the animal. Muir Inlet has been closed, Miss Ayres said, and the Park Service plans to find the bear, kill it, and conduct an autopsy. -Chicago Tribune (ILLINOIS), September 18, 1976 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.