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1st Wife MNU : Birth: abt 1715 in Dorchester, Maryland, United States. Death: Bef 1765 in Guilford, Guilford, North Carolina, United States
A Elizabeth : Death: 1870
Abagail mnu : Birth: abt 1839 in Virginia.
Abzra : Birth: abt 1849 in North Carolina.
Ada M : Birth: Aug 1875 in Minnesota.
Addie MNU : Birth: abt 1889 in North Carolina.
Adelade mnu : Birth: May 1829 in Germany.
Agnes : Birth: 1600 in England.
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Ailseys Unknown: Birth: 1759 in ,,,Ireland. Death: 1824 in Montgomery, Kentucky, United States
Alice B mnu : Birth: Oct 1869 in Nebraska.
Alice C mnu : Birth: Jun 1853 in West Virginia.
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Alma : Birth: Jan 1873 in Ills.
Alverta mnu : Birth: Mar 1827 in Maryland.
Amanda M. mnu : Birth: abt 1831 in Maryland.
Amanda : Birth: Oct 1852 in Harrison County, Indiana.
Amelia : Birth: abt 1901.
Amelia : Birth: Apr 1869 in Illinois.
Andrea : Birth: abt 1887 in Colorado. Death: about 1958 in Colorado Springs, El Paso, Colorado
Andress : Birth: abt 1867 in Missouri.
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Ann mnu : Birth: 1700 in Maryland.
Ann T : Birth: 1765 in Pennsylvania, United States. Death: 1826
Ann : Birth: 1747. Death: 1778 in Reddies River,Surry,North Carolina,USA
Ann : Birth: 1700. Death: 1762 in Dorchester, Maryland, United States
Anna B mnu : Birth: abt 1861 in Illinois.
Anna C Mrs Witt : Birth: abt 1852 in Germany.
Anna C : Birth: abt 1889 in Illinois.
Anna E : Birth: abt 1890.
Anna M mnu : Birth: Mar 1878 in Pennsylvania.
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Anna mnu : Birth: 11 May 1884 in Indiana. Death: Oct 1967 in French Lick, Orange, Indiana, USA
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Anna R mnu : Birth: Feb 1861 in Virginia.
Anna W mnu : Birth: Oct 1865 in Virginia.
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Anna : Birth: abt 1770 in NC. Death: Dec 1850 in Russell CO., VA
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Anna : Birth: abt 1846 in Ireland.
Anna : Birth: Mar 1870 in Indiana USA.
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Annette mnu : Birth: abt 1896 in Maryland.
Annia B mnu : Birth: abt 1869 in Illinois.
Annie E mnu : Birth: Feb 1857 in New Jersey.
Annie E : Birth: 1862 in Maryland. Death: 14 NOV 1928 in BALTIMORE, MD
Annie I MNU : Birth: abt 1871 in Maryland.
Annie M mnu : Birth: Jul 1836 in Maryland.
Annie M. mnu : Birth: abt 1840 in Maryland.
Annie mnu : Birth: May 1863 in District of Columbia.
Annie Roberta mnu : Birth: abt 1873 in Maryland. Death: may 1952 in Maryland, United States
Annie : Birth: Dec 1845 in Kentucky.
Ariah R : Birth: Feb 1876 in Indiana.
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Bernice : Birth: abt 1888 in Indiana.
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Berttia R mnu : Birth: abt 1900 in North Carolina.
Bessie A : Birth: Apr 1880 in Kentucky.
Bessie L : Birth: abt 1886 in Indiana.
Bessie M mnu : Birth: abt 1883 in Ohio.
Bessie mnu : Birth: abt 1886 in Virginia.
Bessie : Birth: Sep 1879 in Ohio.
Bethany : Birth: abt 1851 in Kentucky.
Bethia : Birth: 1745 in Randolph, North Carolina, United States. Death: 1794 in Randolph, North Carolina, United States
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Beulah G : Birth: abt 1895.
Person Not Viewable
Bridget A mnu : Birth: abt 1875 in Maryland.
Person Not Viewable
C. Mary mnu : Birth: abt 1827 in Virginia.
Canzada mnu : Birth: Jun 1849 in Virginia.
Caroline : Birth: abt 1898.
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Catharine mnu : Birth: abt 1816 in Maryland. Death: 1900 in Maryland, USA
Catharine mnu : Birth: abt 1850 in Illinois.
Catherine "Katie" mnu : Birth: Apr 1866 in Maryland.
Catherine G mnu : Birth: May 1839 in Maryland.
Catherine : Birth: abt 1799 in North Carolina.
Catherine : Death: 1776 in ,,Pennsylvania,USA
Catherine : Birth: abt 1810 in Kentucky.
Catherine : Birth: abt 1820 in Bracken County, Kentucky, USA. Death: abt 1900 in Kentucky, USA
Cathryn : Birth: 1731. Death: 1800-06 in Nelson,,Kentucky,USA
Charlotte J. : Birth: abt 1892.
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Charlotte : Birth: abt 1825 in Indiana.
Christena mnu : Birth: 1804 in Virginia, USA maybe presenr day WV.
Christiana : Birth: May 1842 in Baden Germany.
Christina mnu : Birth: 25 July 1917 in Virginia. Death: 22 November 1996 in Gretna, Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
Claire mnu : Birth: 1861 in New York. Death: 1951
Clara F : Birth: abt 1884 in Indiana.
Clara L mnu : Birth: abt 1878 in Illinois.

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