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Lucinda TOPE: Birth: 1819 in Illinois.
Nancy TOPE: Birth: 1849 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
Nettie TOPE: Birth: 1861 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
Sarah E TOPE: Birth: 1841 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
Susannah TOPE: Birth: 1844 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
William TOPE: Birth: 1811 in Illinois.
William TOPE: Birth: 1838 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
Albert TOUSLEY: Birth: 1856 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Baptiste Marion J. TOUSLEY: Birth: 1817 in Illinois.
Elisa Ann TOUSLEY: Birth: 16 Dec 1848 in Rockwood, Randolph County, Illinois.
Emily B. TOUSLEY: Birth: 1846 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Ferdinand TOUSLEY: Birth: 1844 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Frank TOUSLEY: Birth: 1847 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Jasper M TOUSLEY: Birth: 26 Dec 1841 in Chester, il.
Joseph Francis TOUSLEY: Birth: 5 Mar 1852 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Phillip TOUSLEY: Birth: 1860 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory.
Charles E TOWNE: Birth: 3 Apr 1884. Death: 12 Oct 1954
Cyrus Dade TOWNE: Birth: Abt 1851 in Indiana, USA.
Eldora "Dora" TOWNE: Birth: 4 Oct 1879 in Near Argus, IN. Death: 26 Feb 1968 in Fulton Co, Indiana
Sarah TOWNE: Birth: Abt 1877.
Carrie Nelson TRACY: Birth: 1862.
Cynthia TRAMMEL: Birth: 1 Apr 1824 in Williamson County, Illinois. Death: 31 May 1881
Maria Elizabeth TRAUD: Birth: 1708 in Germany. Death: Bet 1758 and 1765 in Frederick, Maryland
Catherine TREDE: Birth: 26 Mar 1838 in Prussia now Mecklenburg. Death: 1 Feb 1905
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Bernice TREECE: Birth: 30 Dec 1910 in Herrin, Williamson, IL. Death: 1914
Marion Francis TREECE: Birth: 8 Aug 1867 in Union County, Illinois. Death: 11 May 1938 in Makanda, Illinois
Marion Vernell TREECE: Birth: 17 Jan 1912 in Herrin, Williamson, IL. Death: 1913
Ruby TREECE: Birth: 1 Jan 1908 in Herrin, Williamson, IL. Death: 1914
Everett TRIPP: Birth: 1894 in Jackson Co. Illinois.
Harvey TRIPP: Birth: 1888 in Jackson Co. Illinois. Death: 1939 in Jackson Co. Illinois
William J TRIPP: Birth: 1853 in Illinois.
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Mary TRIPPE: Birth: Abt 1685. Death: Bef 1716
Clarice TUDOR: Birth: 13 Dec 1903. Death: 14 Jan 1988
Delbert Ray TUDOR: Birth: 13 Aug 1934. Death: 2 Nov 1995
Dora Eunice TUDOR: Birth: 26 Mar 1900 in Chester, il. Death: 16 Jul 1995 in Illinois
Leon TUDOR: Birth: 11 Dec 1871 in Rockwood, Randolph County, Illinois. Death: 29 Oct 1940 in Randolph co, Illinois Territory
Maurice Alden TUDOR: Birth: 26 Nov 1907. Death: 12 Jan 1985
Ray H TUDOR: Birth: 30 Mar 1906. Death: Oct 1983
Sara Ann TUDOR: Birth: 22 Jun 1897 in Chester, il. Death: 11 Feb 1947 in Illinois
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Arabella TURNALL: Birth: Abt 1673.
John TURNER: Birth: 1826 in Virginia. Death: Oct 1860
John TURNER: Birth: 1826.
Mary Jane TURNER: Birth: 27 Aug 1852 in Los Angeles CaliforniaTemple. Death: 7 Apr 1926 in Rockwood, Randolph County, Illinois
Mary Jane TURNER: Birth: 27 Aug 1852. Death: 7 Apr 1926
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Diana B TWISS: Birth: 1808 in New Hampshire. Death: 20 Jun 1876 in Jackson Co. Illinois
Emily TWISS: Birth: Abt 1815 in VT.
Lavina H TWISS: Birth: 20 Jan 1820 in St. Charles, MO. Death: 5 Nov 1904
Winifred TYNER: Birth: 1813 in Tennessee.

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