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Martha Mae Guerrant: Birth: 13 NOV 1810 in Buckingham Co., VA. Death: 23 APR 1852 in probably, MO
Mary Magdaline Guerrant: Birth: 31 AUG 1740 in Powhatan Co., VA. Death: 04 MAR 1826 in near Mosel, Chesterfield Co., VA
Mary Matilda Guerrant: Birth: DEC 1819 in Buckingham Co., VA. Death: 13 SEP 1871 in MO
Mary Guerrant: Birth: 10 AUG 1762 in Hunt's Creek, Buckingham Co., VA. Death: 08 OCT 1849 in Calloway Co., MO
Peter (Pierre) Guerrant: Birth: 17 DEC 1737 in Manakin Town, VA.. Death: 1819 in Montgomery Co., KY.
Pierre (Peter) Guerrant: Birth: 1697 in St.Nazaire, France. Death: 1750 in Cumberland, VA
Pierre Guerrant: Birth: ABT 1723.
Sallie Austin Guerrant: Birth: 1784 in Buckingham Co., VA.
Stephen Guerrant: Birth: ABT 1766 in Buckingham Co, VA.
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David ap Guillem: Birth: ABT 1397 in of, Ragland, Monmouthshire, Eng..
Evan ap Guillem: Birth: ABT 1393 in of, Ragland, Monmouthshire, Eng..
Howel ap Guillem: Birth: ABT 1395 in of, Ragland, Monmouthsshire, Eng..
son ap Guillem: Birth: ABT 1399 in of, Ragland, Monmouthshire, Eng..
Elizabeth GUILLIMS: Birth: 1544 in Whitney, Herford, Eng..
Morgan GUILLIMS: Birth: ABT 1514.
Baudouin, Comte de GUINES: Birth: ABT 1062.
Adelphie de GUISE: Birth: ABT 1159 in Of Guise, Aisne, France.
Bernard de GUISE: Birth: ABT 1133.
Sigefred Le Danois GUISNES: Birth: ABT 0932.
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Hannah GULLIVER: Birth: ABT 1668.
Alice Gully: Birth: 1554. Death: 1590
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Anne Gunn: Birth: ABT 1760. Death: 19 OCT 1804
Cora Gunn: Birth: ABT 1872 in PA.
Hanna Gunn: Birth: ABT 1713.
Mrs Thored GUNNARSSON: Birth: ABT 0948 in Of Wessex, Eng..
Thored Ealderman GUNNARSSON: Birth: ABT 0938 in of, Wessex, Eng..
GUNNOR: Birth: ABT 0908 in of, Wessex, Eng..
George GUNTER: Birth: ABT 1597.
Adria Gurganey: Birth: 1601 in Crixley, Essex Co., Eng.. Death: 11 SEP 1626 in Henrico Co., VA
Ann Gurganey: Birth: ABT 1533.
Edward Gurganey: Birth: ABT 1573.
Gerald de GURNEY: Birth: ABT 1084.
Hannah Gushee: Birth: ABT 1708.
Henry Gushee: Birth: ABT 1680.
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Ann Gushue: Birth: 11 MAR 1910 in Kachooze, Conception, Harbour, Newfoundland. Death: 07 DEC 1983 in Red Bank, Monmouth Co., NJ
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Robert Donald Gustafson: Birth: 14 JAN 1933 in Frankfort, Benzie Co., MI. Death: 15 FEB 2000 in Winter Park, Orange Co., FL
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Margaret Gutch: Birth: 1650. Death: BET 1690 AND 1691 in Roxbury, MA
Robert Gutch: Death: 1667 in Pemaquid, ME
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Mary (Margaret) Guy: Birth: ABT 1423.
Mary Margeret Guy: Birth: 1446 in Mynsterworth, Gloucestershire, England.
Richard Guy: Birth: 1413 in Minsterworth, Gloucestershire, England.
Ximena Nunez de Guzman: Birth: ABT 1048 in of, Leon, Leon, Spain. Death: 1128
Janet Verch GWILIM: Birth: ABT 1444.
Eleanor GWILLIM: Birth: ABT 1534.
Annes GWYN: Birth: ABT 1416.
John Gye: Death: 14 AUG 1536
Mary Gye: Birth: ABT 1580 in Sandford, Devon, England. Death: 09 OCT 1668 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Mary GYE: Birth: ABT 1582 in Of Awliscombe, Devonshire, England. Death: 1666
Robert Gye: Death: ABT 1604
Robert GYE: Birth: 1540 in Prowse, Sandford, Devonshire, England. Death: AFT 1578 in Awliscombe, Devon, England
Thomas Gye: Death: ABT 1624
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Mary Gyske: Birth: 10 SEP 1889 in probably, PA. Death: AUG 1972

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