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Marriage: Children:
  1. Amos Lloyd Case: Birth: 7 Mar 1921 in , Osage, Oklahoma. Death: 3 Mar 1930 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas

  2. Maxine Marie Case: Birth: 11 Jan 1923 in Vera, Washington, Oklahoma. Death: 5 Oct 2005 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  3. Betty Lee Case: Birth: 11 Jun 1925 in , Garfield, Oklahoma. Death: 3 Mar 1930 in Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas

  4. Fred Allen Case: Birth: 2 Dec 1927 in Ramona, Washington, Oklahoma. Death: 1 Dec 1988 in Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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3. Title:   Family - OUR H√úTZEL HERITAGE
Page:   pg 253-270-1
Author:   Sue Hutsell and Jane Hutsell Terral
Publication:   Copyright (c) 1980 (no publisher give)

a. Note:   Wichita Beacon VICTIMS OF KEROSENE BLAST
 (picture of Ewell, Elsie, Betty Lee and Amos)
 Bettie Lee, three years old, and Amos eight years old, the two children of Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Case, who died in the St. Francis hospital shortly before eight o'clock Monday morning from burns received when their home at Thirty-fourth and Cleveland burned early Monday, are shown here with their parents, Ewell Case (left) is near death. His wife esaped injury.
  Mar 1930
 Father seriously burned in rescur attempt as incubator Explodes
 Wichita Family Route by Explosion, Father Dying, Neighbor Rescues Trio
 Betty Lee, three years old, and Amos, eight years old, children of Mr. and Mrs.s Ewell Case, died at the St. Francis Hospital Monday shortly before eight AM following their entry there early in the morning after eceiving deep burns from an exploding of kerosene in their home at 34th and Cleveland.
 Their father, also seriously burned, lies near death at the same hospital. Little hope is held for his recovery, hospital attaches say. His condition was reported as extremely critcal. Many parts of his body were burned to the bone by the flames, which he battled in a futile attempt to save the lives of his two little children. Hee has not yet been told of their death.
 Betty Lee died about 7:40 am Monday and her 8 year old brother survived her only a few moments.
 Mrs. Case, who with her elder daughter, her baby boy and her young sister, escaped serious injury when the flames swept her home, was at the hospsital at the bedside of her husband. In spite of the ordeal of losing her two childrenn and tragic prospect of the loss of her husband, Mrs. Case is bravely composed.
 The tragic accident which resulted in the death of the two children occured shortly after midnight Sunday when an incubator in the bedroom of the childrne ignited a kerosene can on the floor neearby. In an instant the room was in flames and the center of the blaze situated in such a manner that the only exit from the house was blocked.
 Flames Smothered Case arose and pulling bedding from the bed on which his wife and their 2 year old son, Freddy, were asleep, temporarily smothered the flames.
 Mrs. Case escapted from the house carrying her baby boy. She was followed by her daughter Maxine, seven years old and her sister Elvina Hall 12 years old, wo ran to othe home of J.A. McArthur to summon them to the scene of the fire.
 In an attempt to rescue Betty Lee and Amos, who were asleep in another bedroom, the father plunged head long through the flames and was overcome. McArthur, the neighbor and Olen Musutine, a cousin of Mrs. Case who was attracted by the fire from his home near by rushed to the Case home to find the young husband lying semiconscious in the yard, his clothing entirely burned away. The two children were found unconscious in bed, with flames sweeping the room.
 McArthur rescued all three and fought the fire until fire apparatus from Central and No. 3 stations arrived.
 Father is in critical Condition; Mother, Three others, escape.
 WICHITA, Kan, March 3 (A.P.)
 Amos 8, and Betty Lee, 3, children of Mr. and Mrs. Ewell Case, were fatally burned early today and their father reaeived burns which may cause his death in a fire at thier north Wichita dwelling.
 The blaze was believed to have been caused by the explosion of a can of kerosene, igneited by an incubator. The family was asleep when the fire started.
 Mrs. Case, her two other children, Maxine 7, and Freddy,2, and her sister, Elvina Hall, 12, escaped without injury
 Neighbors found. Case unconscious isn the yard. His clothing had been ignited while endeavoring to arouse the family. Case is 28 years old.
  Pulaski County, Missouri paper
 Wichita, Kansas - March 3 - Two children died early this morning of burns suffered when the lamp on a chicken incubator exploded and set fire to their home. They are Amos Case 8 and Betty Case 3.
 Their father, E. Case, is believed near death, horribly burned about the body, hands, and feet. Case tried to arouse the family when the flames awakened him, but his clothing caught fire. His wife and an older daughter escaped, the girl running to a neighbor, J.C. McCarthur. The neighbor found Case in the yard, semiconscious, his night clothing in flames. Amos and Betty were found in bed flames leaping about them. They died in the hospital several hours later.
 A message was received Tuesday morning by Mrs. Minnie Case, of the Sweet Home community that her son Ewell has passed away and that they were taking the bodies of Mr. Case and the two children to Skiatook Okla, for burial, Mrs. Case and two sons, Ivan and Charles, left here Tuesday, noon, on the bus, for Skiatook Okla. for the funeral. Ewell Case, 28, with his wife and four children, lived here in the L.N. Huft property, in the Bailey addition, in the fall and winter of 1928. He was married to Elsie Hall in Oklahoma 10 years ago. He had many relatives and friends in the County, who are horrified at the triple tragedy. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.