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Emma Louise Goerke: Birth: 11 May 1895 in Medina OH. Death: 27 Sep 1999 in Oceano, San Luis Obispo, California, USA
Era A Goss: Birth: abt 1884 in Nebraska. Death: 3 August 1974 in Colorado, United States of America
Fred S Goss: Birth: abt 1883 in Iowa. Death: 19 September 1954 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield County, Colorado, United States of America
Rollin Sanborn Goss: Birth: 31 Dec 1914 in Gibson, Weld, Colorado, USA. Death: 05 Aug 1997 in Apache Junction, Pinal, Arizona, USA
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Lieut John Armstrong Graham: Birth: 17 Aug 1741 in Rowan, North Carolina, USA. Death: 10 Jul 1824 in Garrard, Kentucky, United States
Martha Graham: Birth: 1773 in Rowan, North Carolina, USA. Death: 1837 in Garrad, Kentucky, USA
John Gravat: Birth: 1710 in Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States. Death: 1740 in Stafford, Stafford, Virginia, United States
James Lloyd Graves: Birth: 8 February 1914. Death: 14 September 1975
Olive Cordilla GRAVETT: Birth: 23 Jul 1856 in Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa. Death: 23 Jan 1914 in Tribune, Greeley County, Kansas
Thomas Jefferson Gravett: Birth: 15 Jul 1812 in Clark, Kentucky, USA. Death: 17 Aug 1890 in Fabius, Davis, Iowa, USA
Anjaline Gravette: Birth: abt 1865 in Iowa.
Daniel Gravette: Birth: abt 1841 in Kentucky.
Luretha Gravette: Birth: abt 1852 in Kentucky.
Margaret Gravette: Birth: abt 1858 in Iowa.
Martha Gravette: Birth: abt 1860 in Iowa. Death: 16 Dec 1935 in Bloomfield Township, Polk, Iowa, USA
George W Gravitt: Birth: 1788 in Wythe, Virginia, USA. Death: 26 May 1860 in Clark, Kentucky, USA
George W. Gravitt: Birth: 22 Oct 1843 in Kentucky. Death: 13 Jan 1914 in Prescott, Mercer, Adams, Iowa
GEORGE Gravitt: Birth: 26 Jul 1733 in St Pauls Parish, King George, Virginia, USA. Death: 04 Dec 1798 in Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia, USA
JOHN C Gravitt: Birth: May 1757 in St Thomas Parish, Orange, Virginia, United States. Death: 1836 in , Clark, Kentucky, USA
Elizabeth Gregg: Birth: 15 April 1763 in Hillsboro, Loudoun, Virginia, United States. Death: 1797 in Tyler, Charles, Virginia, United States
Samuel Gregg: Birth: 1699 in Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland or Scotland. Death: Sep 1806 in Hillsboro, Loudon, Virginia, United States
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Nancy Ellen Griffith: Birth: 1760 in Virginia, United States. Death: 1840 in Kentucky, United States
Orlando Griffith: Birth: 17 Oct 1688 in Mid Neck Hundred, Anne Arundel Co, MD. Death: 25 March 1757 in Annapolis, Anne Arundel, MD
Sarah Griffith: Birth: 13 May 1718 in Anne Parish, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA. Death: 1 Sep 1794 in Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland
Thomas Griffith: Birth: Abt. 1735 in Wythe County, Virginia, USA. Death: 1780 in Fort Donnally, Virginia, USA
Gunhild Olsdatter Groenning: Birth: 1720. Death: 1781
Hybert Hybertsen Groenning: Birth: 1759. Death: 1807
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Elijah Groom: Birth: 1818 in Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, United States.
George W Groom: Birth: Abt 1861 in Missouri, USA. Death: 22 Sep 1920 in Springfield, Greene, Missouri, USA
Gertrude Jane Groom: Birth: 19 DEC 1889 in De Soto, Missouri, USA. Death: 30 NOV 1970 in St. Louis, MO
Karie E Groom: Birth: Abt 1865 in Missouri, USA.
James Grooms: Birth: Abt 1862 in Missouri.
Ruth Karen Marie Gudmunseth: Birth: 04 Jun 1908 in Ă…lesund, More og Romsdal, Norway. Death: 27 mar 1964

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