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1. Source:   S386
2. Title:   Research by Nanette Kelly HLAVAZ(2006)
Note:   undefinedSource Medium: Other Researched: February 7, 2006, February 23, 2006, February 24, 2006. Code meaning for identification number, first three numbers:xxx=none; 1xx=birth record; x2x=marriage record; xx3=death record; xx4=will recorded.
Source:   S386
Address:   Nanette Kelly HLAVAZ(2006) 4474 Leatherwood Ct. Concord, Contra Costa Co., CA. 94521
Phone:   825-825-8348
Givenname:   (00-CA-27, 00-CA-28, 00-CA-29)
RepositoryId:   R57
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