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1. Title:   Research by George TAYLOR(2006)
Page:   Constable John and Jane T. chart A0002410.
Note:   undefinedSource Medium: Letter Researched: Februay 6, 2006. George TAYLOR stated over the last 35 years he has posted perhaps 200,000 tax and census declarations on about 30,000 TAYLOR families recorded on State and Federal Census records. He started with the Clemen T. TAYLOR who was with the Raleign Party 1585, up to 1850. He set up an index for same. He has only remarked about 15,000 TAYLOR families as to ancestory and still has some to go. He has researched in over 100 libraries.
Publication:   Name: Ref: LT-KS-04;
Source:   S384
Author:   Taylor Archives
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Address:   George TAYLOR, 1613 E. 400 Rd., Lawrence, KS. 66047-2447
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