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John Lloyd: Birth: ABT 1759.
Malinda Lloyd: Birth: ABT 1819.
Sarah Lloyd: Birth: 28 MAR 1779. Death: 11 JUL 1881
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Sarah Lockwood: Birth: ABT 1760.
George Logan: Birth: ABT 1855.
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Adeline Long: Birth: ABT 1819.
Calvin S. Long: Birth: JUN 1851 in North Carolina, USA.
Edward Long: Birth: ABT 1787.
Everett Walter Long: Birth: 27 APR 1903 in Attica, Harper County, Kansas, USA. Death: 02 NOV 1976 in Pomona, Los Angeles County, California, USA
John Long: Birth: ABT 1856 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
John Long: Birth: 1793. Death: 01 DEC 1868 in Ross County, Ohio, USA
Joseph Long: Birth: 1820.
Joseph Long: Birth: ABT 1855 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
Lincoln Long: Birth: ABT 1858 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
Malissa Long: Birth: ABT 1851 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
Maria Louisa Long: Birth: ABT 1830.
Mary Long: Birth: ABT 1857 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
Peter S. Long: Birth: 05 JAN 1748. Death: 08 JUL 1819 in Ross County, Ohio, USA
Victoria Long: Birth: ABT 1849 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
William Long: Birth: ABT 1854 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
Zachariah Long: Birth: ABT 1852 in Ross County, Ohio, USA.
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Mary A. Longbridge: Birth: ABT 1848.
Mary Longear: Birth: ABT 1816.
Asa Longley: Birth: ABT 1767. Death: 01 MAY 1845 in Corinna, Penobscot County, Maine, USA
Eunice Longley: Birth: ABT 1751.
Ann Longstreet: Birth: ABT 1759.
Edward Longstreet: Birth: ABT 1852.
H. H. Longstreet: Birth: ABT 1816.
Hendrick Longstreet: Birth: ABT 1771.
Hendrick Longstreet: Birth: 1854.
Joseph Longstreet: Birth: ABT 1850.
John Lookado: Birth: ABT 1766.
?M Loomis: Birth: ABT 1832.
Margaret Looney: Birth: ABT 1832.
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Benjamin Lord: Birth: ABT 1696.
William Lord: Birth: ABT 1760.
Anna Losee: Birth: 1766.
Mary Lotz: Birth: ABT 1756. Death: 07 SEP 1840 in Scott County, Virginia, USA
Edward Lough: Birth: 05 AUG 1875 in Franklin, Pendleton, West Virginia, USA.
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Sarah Ann Love: Birth: ABT 1806.
Sarah Jane Love: Birth: ABT 1805.
Priscilla Loveland: Birth: 20 FEB 1760.
Fanny Loven: Birth: ABT 1823.
Mary Lovering: Birth: ABT 1748.
Mary Lovett: Birth: ABT 1725.
Frances Loving: Birth: ABT 1770.
Nancy Lovorn: Birth: ABT 1785.
Hannah Low: Birth: ABT 1757.
Anna Lowe: Birth: 15 NOV 1761.
Elizabeth Lowrie: Birth: ABT 1817 in Warren County, New Jersey, USA. Death: DEC 1884
Martha Lowry: Birth: ABT 1743.
Benjamin R. Loxley: Birth: ABT 1793.
George W. Loxley: Birth: ABT 1773 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA.
Lizzie Jones Loxley: Birth: ABT 1810.
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? Luallen: Birth: ABT 1799.
Elizabeth Lucas: Birth: ABT 1794.
Elizjah Lucas: Birth: ABT 1780.
Ann Luck: Birth: ABT 1755.
Mary June Lucy: Birth: ABT 1830.
Robert Lucy: Birth: ABT 1496.
?F Ludlow: Birth: ABT 1764.
?M Luedke: Birth: ABT 1881.
?M Lufburrow: Birth: ABT 1780.
Joseph Lufburrow: Birth: ABT 1789.
Richard Lufburrow: Birth: ABT 1787.
Elizabeth M. Lumbeck: Birth: 1870. Death: 1922
Mary Lumpkin: Birth: ABT 1740.
Daniel Wilson Lunbeck: Birth: ABT 1841.
Joseph McCoy Lunbeck: Birth: 21 APR 1817. Death: 09 FEB 1885 in Ross County, Ohio, USA
Eppa Lunsford: Birth: ABT 1772.
Catharina Barbara Lutz: Birth: 1756 in Frederick County, Maryland, USA. Death: AUG 1818 in Berkeley County, West Virginia, USA
Elizabeth Lydia: Birth: ABT 1740.
Fenwick Lyell: Birth: ABT 1737.
Fenwick Lyell: Birth: 1767. Death: 20 DEC 1822
John Lyell: Birth: ABT 1704.
John Lyell: Birth: 1769. Death: 24 OCT 1811
Mary Lyell: Birth: 03 JUN 1758. Death: 17 MAY 1822
Ellen Lyle: Birth: ABT 1820.
Eva A. Lyle: Birth: 24 AUG 1879. Death: 27 JAN 1909
?M Lynch: Birth: ABT 1894.
Lula Lynch: Birth: ABT 1850.
Ola Lynch: Birth: 29 JUN 1895 in Effingham, Florence County, South Carolina, USA. Death: 19 DEC 1969
Roberta Pearl Lynch: Birth: 10 DEC 1917. Death: 11 JUL 1995 in Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, USA
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