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1. Title:   Familienbuch Echternach
Author:   Silke Hellwig (Trier), compiler
Publication:   Rob Deltgen has an electronic copy of this unpublished book

a. Note:   1782 Birth/Baptismal Record Godparents: Wagener Matthias aus Echternach und Oberweis Elisabeth aus Berdorf (in file)
  Check: (this family appears to have moved to Germany) 1. Joannis Consbrück, Tuchmacher in Echternach. Married to Barbara ... . 2. Matthias Consbrück, born 3 June 1782, Echternach, died, Tuchmacher, Polizeisergant. Married to Katharina Bastian, born in 1787, Trier, died. 3. Angelika Consbrück. Married 23 September 1847 to Wilhelm Theiss, born 5 December 1800, Neuenhain, died 14 February 1888, Trier (age at death: 87 years old), Schreinermeister in Trier. 4. Anton Theiss, born 26 May 1857, Trier, died 23 April 1920, Trier (age at death: 62 years old), Schriftsetzer, Fuhrmann. Married 1 August 1884, Trier, to Elisabeth Krings, born 10 July 1857, Niederprüm, died 25 March 1937, Trier (age at death: 79 years old). 5. Anna Theiß, born 14 November 1885, Trier, died 28 October 1973, Bickendorf (age at death: 87 years old), Verkäuferin. Married to Josef Hendriks, born 5 July 1880, Aachen, died 1 June 1959, Trier (age at death: 78 years old), Steindrucker. 6a. Theo Hendriks, born in 1910, Trier, died in 1910, Trier. 6b. Elisabeth Hendriks, born 15 November 1910, Trier, died in 2007 (age at death: 97 years old), Prokuristin. Married to Wilhelm Wendt , born 29 July 1909, Berlin-Schö., died 23 May 1967, Berlin-Will. (age at death: 57 years old), Kraftfahrer. [Source:;p=joannis;n=consbruck] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.