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1. Title:   Archives départementales de la Moselle (57)
Page:   Metz > 9NUM/8E467/8 > 233 of 618
Publication:   online

a. Note:   Metz, France. Nor was she listed in Echternach on the Tables décennales for a death before 1843 when her sisters were back in Echternach, Luxembourg.
  I located her birth record and those of her sisters as well as her father's death record in Metz, Section 2. I checked the indexes at the end of the years 1836-1843 and did not find a death record for her. Did she die while they were moving from Metz to Echternach?
  1836 Birth Record No. 164 HTTP:// MRIN02447 1836 Madelaine Schloesser birth 1E_b373_54
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