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Marriage: Children:
  1. Matilda Anna Peters: Birth: 13 AUG 1853. Death: 31 DEC 1932 in Bald Knob, Boone County, West Virginia

  2. James Burton Finley Peters: Birth: 14 JAN 1855 in (West) Virginia. Death: Bet. 1860-1870

  3. John Sanford Peters: Birth: 6 DEC 1856 in (West) Virginia. Death: Bet. 1860-1870

  4. Jordan Smith Peters: Birth: 25 OCT 1858 in (West) Virginia. Death: Bet. 1860-1870

  5. William Everett Peters: Birth: 22 NOV 1860. Death: Bet. 1900-1910

  6. Joseph Henry Peters: Birth: 19 MAR 1863 in Boone County, West Virginia. Death: 26 NOV 1941 in Bald Knob, Boone County, West Virginia

  7. Benjamin Van Buren Peters: Birth: 1 DEC 1864. Death: Bet. 1910-1920

  8. Huldah Elizabeth Peters: Birth: 12 JUL 1867.

  9. Rice Peters: Birth: 5 SEP 1869 in Boone County, West Virginia. Death: 9 MAR 1923 in Van, Boone County, West Virginia

  10. Martha Sue Peters: Birth: 8 NOV 1872. Death: MAR 1967 in Madison, Boone COunty, West Virginia

  11. Ashford Wilson Peters: Birth: 22 JUL 1875. Death: 23 JUL 1897 in Boone County, West Virginia

1. Title:   Descendants of Zachariah Peters
Author:   Paula Kelley Ward
Publication:   © 2000

a. Note:   1830 U.S. Federal Census [see father's listing]
  1840 U.S. Federal Census [see father's listing]
  1850 U.S. Federal Census Mercer County, (West) Virginia The 42nd District, Sheet No. 161B Enumerated the 5th day of August, 1850. Wm Houching, Ass't Marshal. HH #183-183 William Bassham 22 M Farmer Virginia cannot read & write Mary Bassham 22 F Virginia cannot read & write James Peters ed.? 21 M Laborer Virginia
  1860 U.S. Federal Census Boone County, (West) Virginia HH #215-215 Peters, James 31 Peters, Elisabeth 26 Peters, Mathilda 6 Peters, James B. F. 5 Peters, Sandford 3 Peters, Smith 1 (in file)
  Letter from James to Zachariah (handwritten transcription of original):
  Crook Township, Boone County, W. Va. Dier Brother and Sister & Family July the 2, 1867 After my best respects to you all I will say to you that it is with great joy I set down this morning to write a line to you all. Since it has been the will of God to preserve our lives and bring us threw so many dangers both seen and unseen and gave us the blessing of hearing from and writing to each other. We are well as common and we sincerely hope when these lines come to hand you all will be well. Brother I received your letter which gives me much satisfaction to hear from you all. But I was sorrow to hear of your misfortune yet we should be thankful that it is no worse & that we yet live I am sure that the Lord has been very merciful to me and preserved my life when no human power could have done it. Brother Zecheriah it is truly a great misfortune to lose a leg or arm but awfully great is the misfortune if a man loose his soul then he has lost his all but if we live so as to save our soul in heaven all will be well. Brother do you love our Savour and do you enjoy religion if not let me tell you that Religion is the purl of a great price it is the only thing which can make you happy in this world or the world to come. Brother salvation is free to all to you as well as me and all are invited to come to the gospel feast and our Savour say'es he that cometh unto me. I will in no wise cast out. Brother I hope you will be Religious that when you die you may live in Heaven I hope I meet you meet you their. I have nothing strange to write to you. Times is hard hear and money is scarce yet not harder than we had before the war and boddy that will work and have plenty to live on and that is all we need of this world's goods. Crops look well at this time corn and oats look very well. Brother it would not be necessary for me to say I want to see you all for this you now. I could not express with my tongue mutch less my pen the joy it would afford me if I could see you all once more before I go hence and be no more. You wanted me to write you if there was land in this country for sail. I will say to you there plenty of land in this county for sail but I do no think you could find 500 acres in one lot that would be anything like all level land. This is a very broken part of the world. Yet a man might get a good farm hear and a man that understood raising tobacco and curing it for market might make a fortune in this county. I should like if you could come out and see our country. I done say you could seat your self well in a home hear. I think you could do well hear. Come & see. I will say to you that I received a letter from Brother Henry Peters by the same male when I got yours and they was all well he lives on Field's Creek Kanawha Co. and sister Martha or Ezekel F. Clay lives near Charleston on the Kanawha River. Sister Jane is dead. Brother Jonathan lives in Raleigh Co. about 10 or 12 mi. from me they are well. Gave my best love to Brother Williams widow and children and all inquiring friends so nothing more at present but remains your brother until death so farewell (write soon) James Peters to Zecheriah Peters. You will think I am scarce of paper when you see my awkwrd letter say I am. Dier Brother I comply with your request and send you the register of our ages as furnished me by our father I send it in short hand and you can copy it. 1. Gordon N. Peters was born Oct 10th 1796 2. Mary T. Peters born Nov 5th 1799 3. Syntha Peters born Oct 8th 1819 4. Henry T. Peters born March 17th 1821 5. Zecheriah Peters born May 14th 1822 6. Stephen Peters born March 13th 1824 7. Mary Peters born August 6th 1825 8. Johathan Peterss born April 23 1827 9. James Peters born Jan. 25 1829 10. Jane " born June 22 1831 11. Martha " born Jan. 19 1833 12. William " born Oct 2 1837 (sic 1834) And our Mother died Jan 5 1837 (sic) The Date of of Father's Marriage I have no record. 1. Peninah Peters born Nov 14th 1839 2. And the one that dyed with being named was born July 1st 1841 and dyed the same. And its mother dyed the 8th of July 1841 Sarah Peters was born Nov 2nd 1842 Joseph W. Peters May 12 1844 Moses Peters Jan 25th 1846 Manday Peters Oct 21, 1850 Carline Peters June 13, 1853 [Note: I transcribed this from the handwritten transcription of the original. There may have been errors made in the first transcription. Children born after 1853 up until 1867 were not listed. Cathy Meder-Dempsey]
  1870 U.S. Federal census Boone County, West Virginia Crook HH #63-64 Peters, James 41 M W Farmer 0 300 Virginia Peters, Elisabeth 36 F W Keeping house Virginia Peters, Matilda 16 F W Virginia Peters, William E 9 M W Virginia Peters, Joseph H 7 M W Virginia Peters, Benjamin V 5 M W West Virginia Peters, Holdah 2 F W West Virginia Peters, Rice 10/12 M W West Virginia born in Sep (10 in file)
  "Boone County, WVa Nov the 5th 1870 Dear Brother and famaly after our best Love and respects to you all I will Say we are Well threw the Mercy of a all Wise providence and we Sincerily hope when these lines come to you they will find you all well and doing well Zechariah. I receivd your kind letter last night wrote September 21st 1870 and was glad to hear from you all once more and I was glad to hear from Father and family. Brother, Zech. I would be glad to See you all if it was So I could I would come and see you all. O how I would like to see my father once more before we go hence to be no more. I have nothing of importance to write to you times is as common hear hard enough and money scarse yet thank the Lord we have bread enough and good helth So I will not complain Brother you Said you had begin to think I had forgot I had a brother of your Name but I had not forgotten you. for you brother Zech. I pray Evry Night and Morning and for all My Brothers and Sisters and Father and Step Mother I pray that the blessing of God may rest upon them and finaly save them heaven. Brother I saw Brother Henry Peters a few weekes ago he was hear and stayd two days with me. Jonathan Peters was hear allso they are all well the last I herd from them. you wanted to know the post office to write to Johnathan. direct your letter to Bald Knob Boone County WVa and that is allso my address. write soon and often as you can I mus close for the male is coming and I want to Start the letter. Nothing more but Remainds your Brother until death James Peters to Zechariah Peters"
  1880 U.S. Federal Census Boone County, West Virginia Crook, Sheet No. 350C Peters, James M W 51 married Farmer VA VA VA Peters, Elizabeth F W 46 wife married Keeping House VA VA VA Peters, William Everett M W 19 son single Works On Farm VA VA VA Peters, Joseph H. M W 17 son single Works On Farm WV VA VA Peters, Benjamin V. M W 15 son single Workman WV VA VA Peters, Huldah F W 12 daughter single Helps In House WV VA VA Peters, Rice M W 10 son single Works On Farm WV VA VA Peters, Martha F W 7 daughter single WV VA VA Peters, Ashford M W 4 son single WV VA VA Workman, Ruth F W 72 aunt widowed VA VA VA Workman, Elizabeth F W 40 cousin single Works In House VA VA VA (3-350C in file)
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