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Marriage: Children:
  1. James SIMS: Birth: 8 OCT 1754 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Death: Bet 1840-1848 in Swiss, Nicholas County, (West) Virginia

a. Note:   County, Virginia August 19th 1782, mentions amongst his legatees sons Richard, John, Wm, Francis, James & daughters Agatha Hill, Mary Sims, Elizabeth Sims, Griessel Parker and Annie Morris. [Source: Culpeper County, Virginia Will Book B, pg. 519.]
  Item concerning Agatha is as follows:
  "Item. I Lend to my daughter Agatha Hill half the Service of a Negro Woman named Jinncy During my Daughters life the other half of the said Negroes Service to my Grandson James Sims from the time of My Daughters marriage to Russel Hill, and after My Daughters Descease I give the Said Negro Woman Jinncy and her Increase to my Grandson James Sims to him and his Heirs for Ever also Ten Shillings to my Daughter Agatha Hill and her Heirs for Ever."
  ***** The following information was received from Lee Estep [mailto:[email protected]] per email dated 7 February 2002:
  On January 15, 1776 in Culpeper County, VA (DB "H", page 189-190) Russell Hill of Culpeper and one AGNES (not Agatha) Wood of Culpeper entered into an agreement because of a marriage to be solemnized between the two of them shortly after the above date. In this document Agness Wood states and Russell agrees that any property, etc. she brings to the marriage is hers and if she should die before he (Russell) said belongings and property will be given by Russell Hill to her SON - JAMES SIMS and if James Sims should die before his mother then to James Sims' heirs. If Russell Hill should die before Agness Wood (Hill) then HIS property, etc. is to go to HIS sons and Agness agrees to this. Also, if Russell Hill should die before Agness then she would receive only her present estate that she brings into the marriage. This was witnessed by three men: Richard and John Vawter and John Breedlove.
  [The witnesses to this document were the brother-in-law of Russell Hill: Richard Vawter, and two nephews of Russell Hill: John Vawter s/o Richard and John Breedlove husband of Margaret d/o Richard Vawter. Richard Vawter was married to Frances Towles the sister of Russell's deceased wife Anne Towles. - Cathy Meder-Dempsey]
  Lee Estep further wrote that he believes this is the same Russell Hill who was the great-grandfather of A. P. Hill. ("Lee's Forgotten General" -- Ambrose Powell Hill). Russell>Henry>Ambrose Powell Sr.>A. P. Hill. This would mean that the above Russell Hill was indeed the Russell Hill who married Anne Towles.
  [This brings up some new questions. Was Agatha also known as Agness? Did she marry a Mr. Wood after Jeremiah's death in 1768 and did this Mr. Wood die before January 15, 1776? We need to find a record of marriage between Agatha and Mr. Wood for the time period 1768-1776. From the intent above I assume that Agness Wood did not have children from the marriage with Mr. Wood. - Cathy Meder-Dempsey]
  ***** David Fridley wrote per email dated 9 February 2002:
  According to "The Redbook: American State, County, and Town Sources", the earliest extant marriage records from Culpeper Co. date from 1781, though the county was formed in 1749. Only land, probate, and court records date from creation of the county. It is likely then that only indirect evidence (such as the Deed Book cited by Lee Estep or the Probate records, or church records) will turn up any other evidence of Agatha's marriages. Unfortunately, land and court records are the least likely to be fully indexed.
  ***** William HILL and Frances NEEDLES had a son Russell HILL (1716-1789) who married Ann TOWLES (1719-1772), d/o Stokeley TOWLES, April 11, 1738 in Middlesex Co., VA. They had 1. Frances HILL born February 25, 1738/39; died March 12, 1738/39; 2. William HILL b. ca. 1741 m. Frances WOOD ca. 1767; and 3. Henry HILL b. ca. 1743 m. Ann Powell ca. 1770. Note Stockeley TOWLES moved to Orange County area that later became Culpeper in 1737. His will was probated 1757 in Culpeper Co. [Source: <>]
  Anne TOWLES died Sep 1772 and Agatha married the widower, Russell HILL; the information about Agatha and Russell having a son may be incorrect. Russell HILL died Sep 7, 1789 at age 73 according to data compiled by: mailto:[email protected] (Byron Hill) found on "Hill Families of America" site, page: dated: Aug 09, 1998. If Russell Hill left a will it may list Agatha and give us more proof. Also marriage would be found after Sept 1772 and before Sept 1780 (As per John NALLE Sr.'s will).
  ***** Summary: Agatha Nalle married 1st Jeremiah Sims, 2nd possibly a Mr. Wood between 1768-1776, and 3rd Russell Hill after 15 January 1776. We find no documentation for Agatha after John Nalle's will dated 1780 and probated 1782.
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