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a. Note:   1860 U.S. Federal Census [see father's listing]
  The Draft for Adams county was made at Chambersburg on Monday and Tuesday last. The following are the names of those drafted, as "officially" published. No. 8 - Gettysburg Joseph Weikert, John E. Crisiner, John Hoffman, Michael Spangler, Rufus Culp, Isaac T. Johns, Alfred Palm (Col.), Wm. T. King, Samuel Williams (Col.), Charles Tyler (Col.), James Wilson, George W. Myers, John Swann, John Watts (Col.), Wm. H. Ashbaugh, Jacob Orndorff, Samuel H. Witherow, Jeremiah M. Rowe, Charles W. Culp, George Rupp, Wm. Heilecker, Jacob Yost, Thaddeus Warren, John M. Reiling, J. Jeff Myers, Walter Thompson (Col.), Edward Vandersloot, Alex. J. Tate, Wm. H. Rupp, Robert Elliot, James L. Welt, Greenbury Stanton (Cl), John Warner, David A. Culp, Christian Sellers, Joseph Broadhead, James H. Markle, Daniel McGee (Col.), Dr. James Cress, James Dyer, Daniel Utz, John W. Tipton, Rev. H. G. Finney, David Kitzmiller, Henry C. Hoover, Henry Richter, Wm. Dentz, W. H. H. Wisotsky, Isaac G. Tyson. [Source: Military: Civil War: Draft List: August 1863, Adams Co, PA; contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by John Mummert and transcribed by Kathy Mummert Francis; online]
  1870 PA Adams Gettysburg 84B William Rupp with wife Amanda and 3 other persons
  1878-David Kendlehart, burgess; George H. Swope, president of the council; Johnston Skelly and W. H. Rupp, councilmen elect. March 24, 1878, council appointed Hans David Wills and R. G. McCreary a committee to receive the President of the United States and other distinguished visitors. This year Hugh D. Scott was appointed treasurer; Jeremiah Culp was elected afterward as treasurer. [Source: History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania; Part III, History of Adams County, Pages 181-203; published in Chicago by Warner, Beers & Co., 1886; contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Kathy Francis; online]
  1880 U.S. Federal Census Adams County, Pennsylvania Gettysburg Sheet No. 169C Rupp, William H Self M Male W 41 Tanner PA MD MD Rupp, Amanda E Wife M Female W 39 Keeping House MD Unknown MD Rupp, Catharine Mother W Female W 76 Boarding MD --- --- Culp, Mary C SDau S Female W 25 Mantau Maker PA PA PA Culp, Carl M Nephew S Male W 26 Tanner PA PA PA Culp, Robt Nephew S Male W 20 Tanner PA PA PA Crone, Susan Other W Female W 30 Servant PA PA PA Crone, Lydia E Other S Female W 10 At School PA PA PA Rupp, Caroline SisterL W Female W 53 Boarding House PA Scotland PA Rupp, Reuben Nephew S Male W 22 Tobacconist PA PA PA Rupp, May C Niece S Female W 19 Boarding PA PA PA Rupp, Jane L Niece S Female W 16 At School PA PA PA Moore, Anne M Other W Female W 30 Boarding PA PA PA (check image)
  1886 Corporal Skelly Post No. 9, Department of Pennsylvania G. A. R., of Gettysburg, was among the first posts organized in Pennsylvania. It was named in honor of Corp. Johnston H. Skelly, of Company F, Eighty-seventh Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, who was wounded at the battle of Carters Woods, near Winchester, Va., on the 15th of June, 1863, and died in the hospital at Winchester on the 12th of July, 1863. The first organization did not exist very long, owing to political dissensions in the post, and the charter was surrendered. In September, 1872, the post was reorganized with its original name and number, but did not increase in membership very fast (having only about forty-five members) until the year 1879, when the prejudices which had existed for some time in this locality against the G. A. R. were removed and applicants began to come in very fast for admittance to the order, and the membership was increased until the present time (1886) it numbers 103 members. After its reorganization the post held its meetings in the three-story building nearly opposite the court house until March, 1880, when the members purchased the old Methodist Church on East Middle Street, which was remodeled and fitted up for a post room, the walls of which are all hung with fine pictures, comprising battle scenes, views of different battle fields, photographs of members of the post, and votes of thanks from the department of Pennsylvania G. A. R., and different posts of this and other States. The post owns a very fine collection of relics gathered from Gettysburg, and other battle fields. The commanders pedestal is made from a section of a hickory tree cut along the bank of Willoughbys Run (the scene of the first days battle of Gettysburg), with a Hotchkiss shell sticking in the center of it, and the top is a piece of dressed granite from the woods in front of Round Top. Another relic in the post room is a small canon, weighing 150 pounds, with one and one-half inch bore, made from one of the guns of Henrys North Carolina rebel batteries, which exploded during the battle of Gettysburg in front of Round Top. The post also owns the chair belonging to Gen. Ewell, and which he left in his hurry to get away from Gettysburg. It was presented to the post by a former citizen of the town, Hiram Warren (deceased). The following are the names of the post commanders: Rev. Jesse B. Young, N. G. Wilson, Robert Bell, Theodore C. Norris, J. W. Cress, S. R. Andrews, J. Jefferson Myers, H. S. Buehler, C. E. Armor, William E. Culp, John Orr, J. E. Wible, William T. Ziegler, S. H. Eicholtz, W. H. H. Pierce, William D. Holtzworth and J. H. Skelly. The following are the officers of the Post for 1886: Com. A. M. Detrick; S. V. C., H. W. Lightner; J. V. C., John G. Frey; Adjt., Thad. L. Welty; Q. M., N. G. Wilson; Surgeon, C. E. Goldsborough; Chaplain, Rev. H. W. McKnight; O. D., W. T. Zeigler; O. G., H. S. Buehler; S. M., William H. Rupp; Q. M. S., J. E. Wible; O. S., J. H. Sheads; Trustees, R. E. Culp, C. Hamilton, Robert Bell. [Source: History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania; Part III, History of Adams County, Pages 181-203; published in Chicago by Warner, Beers & Co., 1886; contributed for use in the USGenWeb Archives by Kathy Francis; online]
  1900 U.S. Federal Census Adams County, Pennsylvania (15-10B in file)
  1910 U.S. Federal Census Adams County, Pennsylvania (11-1A in file)
  1920 PA Adams 15-8B Rupp, Amanda E. (widow of Wm H) is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.