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  1. Anna Margreate Glantz: Birth: ABT 1723 in Palatinate.

  2. John Michael Clontz: Birth: ABT 1728 in Palatinate. Death: 1807 in North Carolina

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a. Note:   Palatinate, a region in south-western Germany "Geographically, the Palatinate was divided between two small territorial clusters: the Rhenish, or Lower, Palatinate and the Upper Palatinate. The Rhenish Palatinate included lands on both sides of the middle Rhine River between its Main and Neckar tributaries." [Source: Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, Inc. online, accessed 7 July 2013] "Either of two historical districts and former states of southern Germany. The Lower Palatinate is in southwest Germany between Luxembourg and the Rhine River; the Upper Palatinate is to the east in eastern Bavaria. They were once under the jurisdiction of the counts palatine, who became electors of the Holy Roman Empire in 1356 and were then known as electors palatine." [Source: The Free Dictionary, online, accessed 7 July 2013]
  1732 Immigration (hypothesis and known facts) Hieronymus Glantz and his family may left their home in the spring of 1732, taking a barge down the Rhine River. The trip may have taken five to six weeks. There were delays in waiting for a ship in Rotterdam and a stopover was made at Cowes on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. Such voyages [check on length of ocean voyage] involved much suffering - bad food and water, overcrowding, coldness, wetness, stench, sickness, disease, and even death. Survivors needed to be strong and healthy as well as courageous. Jerimy Glance, as he was seen on the Captain's list, arrived in Philadelphia with his family in September 1732 on the ship "Adventure" from Rotterdam and signed the Oath of Allegiance. The authentic record, the Oath of Allegiance taken on September 23, 1732 by all of the heads of families the passengers on the ship "Adventure", is in the Pennsylvania Archives. The signatures are written in German script of the period. All of the 145 passengers on the "Adventure" were called "Palatines" in the minutes of the Provincial Council, which recorded this qualification of the ship's passengers for entry into the Colony. During this time priod the term "Palatine" was applied in Pennsylvania to all German-speaking immigrants. While the Glantz family, like the great majority of German immigrants of that time, probably came from the Palatinate, they may have come from one of the other German States in the Upper Rhine Valley -- Hesse, Alsace, Baden, Wurttemburg, Bavaria, or Switzerland.
  1732 Ship List Immigrant's surname: Glantz Immigrant's given name(s): Hieronymus Ship name: Adventure U.S. arrival date: 23 Sep 1732 Port: Philadelphia, PA Place of origin: Palatinate, Germany Source: Pennsylvania German Pioneers, Volume I by Ralph Beaver Strassburger
  1733 Marriage Hieronymus Glantz married Erna Barbara Mack, 15 October 1733 in Philadelphia. [Source: The Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779, Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA 1896. pg. 53]
  1744 Land Jeremiah Claunch received 354 acres by patent dated 6 June 1744 on South Fork of Allen's Creek. [Source: M. L. "Matt" Claunch/ Ralph L. Hayes]
  1749 Tithe List Jeremiah Clansh on tithe list of Lunenburg Co., VA. [Source: M. L. "Matt" Claunch/ Ralph L. Hayes]
  1750 Tithe List Jeremiah Clanch on tithe list of Lunenburg Co., VA with George Mack in his household. [Source: M. L. "Matt" Claunch/ Ralph L. Hayes]
  1751 Tithe List Jeremiah Clansh on tithe list of Lunenburg Co., VA with George Mack in his household. [Source: M. L. "Matt" Claunch/ Ralph L. Hayes]
  1752 Tithe List Jeremiah Claunch on tithe list of Lunenburg Co., VA with George Mack in his household. [Source: M. L. "Matt" Claunch/ Ralph L. Hayes]
  It is not known when Hieronymus Glantz, later seen as Jeremiah Claunch, died. Therefore it is possible that records seen after 1752 are also for him. See notes for Placeholder Glantz/Claunch.
  More about the connection between Hieronymus Glantz (Jeremiah Claunch) and Dennis Clonch:
  "I have not made a positive connection from my earliest Clonch ancestry (Dennis Clonch of Kanawha Co., (W) VA to the emigrant Hieronymus Glantz). I have no doubt, however, that a connection exists. The problem, of course, is getting the correct intermediate families in the correct order. In 1732 our ancestry family arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Adventure. We have an "English" ship captain or his clerk who, for whatever reason, lists our ancestry as Jerimy Glance with a wife and two children. On the captain's list we also find Hance Micalle Glance and Hans Michal Meik. Hans and/or Hance can also, be presumed to be "John". There is on board the Adventure a young girl named Anna Margreate Glance, age 9. Philadelphia required all ships to produce three lists of immigrants: 1) captains list providing name, place of birth and occupation; 2) Oath of allegiance to the Crown for males over 21; and 3) Oath to support the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for males over 21. List 23A (captain's list): A list of ye names of all ye men and ages on board ye Adventure (Robt. Curson, Mr. from Rotterdam. Qualified Sep 23, 1732.) included the following names: Jerimy Glance, age 29; Marrea Medl. Glance, age 30; Anna Margreate Glance, age 9; Hance Micalle Glance, age 4; Hans Michal Meik no age given. List 23B (Oath to the Crown): Names of males over 21 included the following: Hieronymus Glantz and Georg Michael Mack List 23C (Oath to the Commonwealth): Names of males over 21 included the following: Hieronymus Glantz and Georg Michael Mack. There can be little doubt that Jerimy Glance and Hieronymus Glantz are the same person and that Hans Michal Meik and Georg Michael Mack are the same person. The ship's list was made by a clerk and B and C from signatures. Hieronymus is said to mean Jerome, shortened to Jerimy. It is also said that Hans can be translated as John or Johann. The records of the LDS church indicate that on 15 Oct 1733 in what would eventually be a part of Lebanon Co., PA, an Hieronymus Glantz married Erna Barbara Mack. This is a documented connection of Glantz to Mack." [Source: Ralph L. Hayes]
  NOTE: I believe that several more children were born to this couple than listed in this database. The sons most likely named a son after Jeremiah which causes much confusion as several Jeremiah's show up along the way. The lineage I have given here: Dennis Clonch, Jeremiah Claunch (place holder for possibly two generations between Dennis and Hieronymus), and Hieronymus Glantz (a.k.a. Jeremy Glance) is an assumption on my part. I have evaluated all the data from other researchers and find that this is a good possibility. [Source: Personal comment by Cathy Meder-Dempsey] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.