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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sally CRISP: Birth: CAL 1770 in Virginia. Death: Bet. 1830-1838 in Virginia

  2. Frances Crisp: Birth: CAL 1775. Death: 26 OCT 1836 in Bedford County, Tennessee

  3. Mary "Polly" Crisp: Birth: CAL 1775. Death: BEF 1830

  4. John Crisp: Birth: CAL 1778.

  5. Lucy Crisp: Birth: CAL 1780. Death: BEF 1839

  6. Stilly B. Crisp: Birth: ABT 1784. Death: AFT OCT 1850

  7. Elizabeth "Betsy" Crisp: Birth: BEF 1786. Death: BEF 1839

  8. Catherine Crisp: Birth: CAL 1789.

  9. Simon Crisp: Birth: ABT 1790. Death: bet. 1850-1860

  10. Person Not Viewable

  11. Peggy Crisp: Death: BEF SEP 1815

a. Note:   CRISP, William info 1753-1807 VA, "CRISP, William b a 1753 d a 2-14-1807 m Lucy ___ / / PS VA" cites: DAR Mag., Feb. 1992 88 (
  1771 1 July 1771 Joseph Mays purchases 200 acres on a branch of the Tye River from William Crisp and wife Lucy. Lines: Tankersley, Dillard, Tarrant, Wilshire, Edmonds, Glaspie. Also Joseph purchases 70 acres. Lines: Dillard, Richard Tankersley, Rose, Lomax, old patten line near a branch, Richard Tankersley. Deed Book C, page 185. [Source: Some Mays Deed Abstracts, 1762-1827 - Amherst County, VA submitted by Valerie Burd; online]
  1775-1783 William Crisp served in a patriotic manner in the Revolutionary War. [Source: Crisp Family Genealogy Forum, Message #196 from V. Murphy dated September 18, 1999]
  1779 William Crisp was one of 126 residents of Amherst County who signed a Petition to the Virginia General Assembly in Favor of a Bill to Levy General Assessment for Ministers signed on October 27, 1779. [Source:]
  His signature is on this image: Counties/Amherst/1779 November 10 page 1.jpg
  1783 Amherst County, Virginia Head of Household: William Crisp 10 whites, 3 blacks [Source: Amherst Co., VA Archives online]
  1785 Amherst County, Virginia Head of Household: William Crips (sic) 11 whites, 1 dwelling, 3 other buildings [Source: Amherst Co., VA Archives online]
  1787 Amherst County, Virginia Head of Household: William Crisp [Source: Crisp Mailing List (Ron Bullock dated 8 June 2000)]
  1800 Amherst County, Virginia Tax List: William Crisp 3-3-4-0 [Source: from Amherst Co., VA Tax List photocopy supplied by Norma Dempsey]
  1807 From information furnished by Virginia Murphy I assume that William Crisp died before 19 January 1807 and Lucy Crisp died after him but before 29 June 1818.
  Chancery Records Index Close Case Details Locality: Nelson County, Virginia Index Number: 1809-010 Original Case Number: blank Plaintiff(s): Thomas Hawkings Defendant(s): James Wright etc. Surname(s): Crisp, Garland, Hawkins, Loving, Montgomery, Wright Online: Note: Proves that James WRIGHT left the state of Virginia about 1807 owing money that was to be paid out of his 1/11th share of the estate of William CRISP due him through his intermarriage with Lucy CRISP, daughter of William and Lucy.
  Chancery Records Index Close Case Details Locality: Nelson County, Virginia Index Number: 1814-001 Original Case Number: blank Plaintiff(s): Charles Purvis Defendant(s): Peggy Crisp etc. Surname(s): Crisp, Gowing, Milton, Purvis, Wright Wills : No Plat? : Non Format: Scanned Online: Note: On image 2 Charles Purvis gives William Crisp's death at about October 1806 and that his widow Lucy obtained letters of administrator of his estate. Lists 10 children (Frances missing). Further says that the estate is made up of several negroes, personal property and a small piece of land that should amount to less then $100 for each claimant. Lucy should get her 1/3 part and the land should be sold. Lucy to be guardian of Peggy who was under age. image 3 Lucy agrees to this.
  "Other Crisps in early America were found in the 1787 state census of Virginia, where John Crisp was found in Cumberland Co and William Crisp was in Amherst Co. William had a daughter Mary who married on 1 Aug. 1796 (to Charles Pervis), so this would place her birth back to 1777 or before and the birth of her father back to about 1750 or before. William Crisp died on 14 Feb. 1807. John Crisp served in the Revolutionary War, and his pension application said that he was born in 1755 in Prince George Co, VA. Some of the descendants of John had migrated into TN by the early 1800s and are on our list, I believe. Amherst and Cumberland Counties are not too far apart in western VA, and according to their birth dates somewhere about 1750 this William and John might possibly have been brothers, but this would be purely a guess." [Source: extracted from email written by Ron Bullock on 8 June 2000 to the Crisp Mailing List online See this link for entire email]
  Note: Nelson County was formed in 1807 from Amherst county and was named for the third Governor of Virginia, Thomas Nelson, Jr. Crisp marriages were found in Amherst County for pre-1807 and in Nelson County for post-1807. I believe that this could mean that the Crisps lived in the area which became Nelson Co. in 1807. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.