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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sally CRISP: Birth: CAL 1770 in Virginia. Death: Bet. 1830-1838 in Virginia

  2. Frances Crisp: Birth: CAL 1775. Death: 26 OCT 1836 in Bedford County, Tennessee

  3. Mary "Polly" Crisp: Birth: CAL 1775. Death: BEF 1830

  4. John Crisp: Birth: CAL 1778.

  5. Lucy Crisp: Birth: CAL 1780. Death: BEF 1839

  6. Stilly B. Crisp: Birth: ABT 1784. Death: AFT OCT 1850

  7. Elizabeth "Betsy" Crisp: Birth: BEF 1786. Death: BEF 1839

  8. Catherine Crisp: Birth: CAL 1789.

  9. Simon Crisp: Birth: ABT 1790. Death: bet. 1850-1860

  10. Person Not Viewable

  11. Peggy Crisp: Death: BEF SEP 1815

a. Note:   marriage to Charles Purvis. By 1850, Mary had died. Lucy Crisp, widow of William Crisp, sold for $100 to Charles Purvis her dower rights in land from William Crisp, dec'd. Deed Book 3, pg. 149 Nelson Co., Va. She was Adm. to estate of William Crisp 19 Jan. 1807. Adm. Bond Book 4, pg. 439 Nelson Co., Va. An inventory of his estate showed that he owned many slaves. Deed Book 3, pg. 88 29 June 1818 Nelson Co., Va. (condensed) William Crisp*, legatee of Peggy Crisp, deed and interest and dower lot of Lucy Crisp, dec'd. of her late husband William Crisp, deceased. *This William Crisp is the son of William and Lucy Crisp. He sold his rights in property of William Crisp, deceased, being that part only which remains in the dower lot of Lucy Crisp, deceased, in the estate of said William Crisp, deceased. 4 May 1819 Deed Book 3, p. 201 Nelson Co., Va." [Source: Virginia Murphy, email dated 24 July 2000]
  1810 U.S. Federal Census Nelson County, Virginia Page 65 Crisp, Lucy 1 male 16 through 25 yo (Simon) 1 female 16 through 25 yo (Peggy) 1 female 26 through 44 yo (Elizabeth) 1 female 45 and over (Lucy) 4 persons in household (in file)
  From information furnished by Virginia Murphy I assume that William Crisp died before 19 January 1807 and Lucy Crisp died after him but before 29 June 1818.
  She is mentioned as the widow of William Crisp:
  Chancery Records Index Close Case Details Locality: Nelson County, Virginia Index Number: 1839-006 Original Case Number: blank Plaintiff(s): Rives & Murphy Defendant(s): Thomas Harrison etc. Surname(s): Alford, Bryant, Covent, Going, Harrison, Milton, Murphy, Perrow, Purvis, Rives, Rives & Murphy, Skidmore, Wright online:
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