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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Sims: Birth: 28 AUG 1801 in Bath County, Virginia. Death: Bet 1870-1880 in Missouri

  2. Phoebe Sims: Birth: 10 MAY 1803 in Bath County, Virginia. Death: 30 SEP 1830 in Clark County, Ohio

  3. William Sims: Birth: 1 MAY 1808 in Clark County, Ohio. Death: 22 SEP 1830 in Clark County, Ohio

  4. James Sanford Sims: Birth: 19 FEB 1811 in Clark County, Ohio. Death: 3 SEP 1887 in Huntsville, Logan County, Ohio

  5. Jeremiah Sims: Birth: 12 AUG 1813 in Clark County, Ohio. Death: 5 NOV 1830 in Clark County, Ohio

1. Title:   Jeremiah Sims
Author:   David Fridley
Publication:   online
2. Title:   The Penick Papers (a Sims family compilation)
Page:   pg. 19
Author:   Penick, George R. Jr., comp.
Publication:   compiled in 1978-1980
3. Title:   Callison Cemetery, German Township, Clark County, Ohio
Author:   Dorene Carse, read by her in July 1997
Publication:   online
4. Title:   Bath County Marriage Bonds and Ministers Returns 1791-1853
Author:   Eliza Warwick Wise
Publication:   Bath County Historical Society, Inc. 1978

a. Note:   trade of blacksmithing, and was then married to Sarah Mulhollen. They emigrated to this state in 1801, settling in Clarke County where they soon secured a home of new land, and on this they lived until death, making improvement and beautifying their surroundings. He served in the Army of 1812 having a captain's commission and paid his whole attention to his farm after coming to this state. He died January 12, 1824 and his wife in 1839...." [Source 1: Penick, George R. Jr. "The Penick Papers". Compiled by Penick in 1978, 1979, and 1980. Page 19. His source: unsigned letter dated July 26, 1881 to O.E. Boggs, Esq. in Huntsville, Ohio.] [Source 2: Logan County, Ohio History, Richland Township, pg. 812-813,; the same text, word for word in an article on his son James S. Sims]
  "Jeremiah and Sarah left Virginia for Ohio probably in 1804. In September 1806, there was a Circuit Court judgment in the case of the Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Capt. Thomas Milhollen. The record of this case noted that "Jeremiah Sims & Sarah are about to remove to Ohio--Sarah was daughter of Milhollin--1804" [see Lyman Chalkley, Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement of Virginia, Vol 2, p. 37, online at]. "If Jeremiah and Sarah settled where they were living in 1820, the area at that time would have been part of Champaign Co., OH, which part became Clark Co. in 1817." [Source: Fridley, David. What is a Fridley. Family of Jeremiah Sims. 25 September 2001. Online <> 29 September 2001]
  "At a very early day, Jeremiah Simms and family came to this section of the county, but the country was so new and thinly settled that they returned to Virginia and again came out in 1806, and entered a quarter-section of land in the southern part of the township (Sintz neighborhood). He was a valuable man, being a blacksmith by trade, a mechanic then greatly needed in the settlement. One of his sons, Jeremiah Jr., was a local preacher, and preached the first sermon proclaimed in Rector Church over the remains of Catharine Peck in the year 1822." [Source: The History of Clark County, German Township, pg. 686]
  Note: The above cititation seems to be incorrect in that Jeremiah Jr. would have been only 9 in 1822 when he was supposed to have preached the first sermon. It is more likely that Jeremiah Sr. was the preacher.
  "Many of the pioneer families as, doubtless, has been observed, were of the Methodist persuasion, yet there were some of other denominations, and at first it was expedient to unite, irrespective of sect, and worship harmoniously together. Dwellings were freely opened, and those little bands would worship together until each acquired sufficient strength, then societies were organized. For many years the houses of Jerry Simms, William Ross, Charles Rector and others were the preaching-places, schoolhouses being sometimes used......In the year 1808 or 1809, or thereabouts, the Methodists in the soutern part of the township organized a society at the house of Peter Sintz Sr., in Springfield Township. They erected a log meeting house in 1832, on ground given for that purpose by Robert Hays. Rev. Joshua Boncher was then in charge. Several of the first families belonging to this organization were those of Peter Sintz, Sr., Jerry Simms, Benjamin Morris, Thomas Hays, the Leffels and Samuel Meranda. The present brick church is known as "Simms' Church," built in 1854, and was dedicated by Rev. M. Dustin, then Pastor of the High Street Methodist Episcopal Church of Springfield." [Source: The History of Clark County Ohio, German Township, pg. 687]
  "Peter Sintz was a native of Pennsylvania, and came to Clark (then Champaign) Co., Ohio, in 1802. Elizabeth Creitz (his wife), a native of Virginia, came here (with her sister, Mrs. George Croft) about the same time. In 1803, the same year that Mr. Sintz entered his farm, he built a log cabin (which is still standing), in which he lived until his death. The first preaching that was had in that part of the county by the Methodists was held in this cabin, and the first person converted and to profess religion in that neighborhood was also in that cabin. His name was Jeremiah Sims." [Source: The History of Clark County Ohio, Biographical Sketches: Springfield Township, pg. 916]
  1794 Jeremiah Sims was accused by John Scott of causing his mother's death. His father James defended him and brought suit against Scott. [Source: copies of original documents in file; need to be transcribed]
  1800 U.S. Federal Census not available.....Virginia was lost (may be re-created using tax lists and other records)
  1808 A List of Resident Proprietors Land Tax in the County of Clark, State of Ohio 1818 Proprietor: Sims, Jeremiah Original Proprietor: Bailey, Henry [Source: "Jo" Online: <>]
  1810 U.S. Federal Census not available.....Ohio was all lost except Washington County
  1812 "The following men served in Jeremiah Simms Company part of the regiments organized in Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, a frontier county during this war: Pvt. Amos Bailey, Pvt. Michael L. Bailey, Lt. William Buckley, Pvt. John Callison, Jr., Pvt. John Callison, Sr., Ensign Joseph Clevinger, Sgt. Arthur Collison, Pvt. Thomas Elliott, Pvt. William Elliott, Pvt. Jacob Frantz, Pvt. Joseph Hallin, Cpl. Alexander Hayes, Pvt. John Kellar, Pvt. Samuel Leffel, Pvt. Peter Lintz, Pvt. Cooper Ludlow, Sgt. Abner Martin, Pvt. Jacob Martin, Pvt. Isaac Martin, Sgt. James McIntire, Pvt. James Mesate, Pvt. Martin Miller, Pvt. John Minnick, Pvt. Benjamin Morris, Sgt. James Morris, Pvt. Richard Morris, Pvt. Jacob Olinger, Pvt. Philip Olinger, Pvt. William Overpeck, Pvt. Elias Palmer, Capt. Jeremiah Simms, Cpl. Jacob Smith, Cpl. Andrew Sparks, Pvt. Stephen Stewart, Cpl. John A. Swearinger,Pvt. John Tarnplin, Pvt. Francis Thompson, Pvt. John Waggoner, Pvt. William Wickerly" [Source: Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812. Published by The Adjutant General of OH 1916. Online <> copyright 1999]
  1816 Jeremiah Sims, Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage of Peter Minnich to Martha Stinson (daughter of David and Martha Stephenson) in Champaign County, Ohio, on June 9, 1816. [Source: Main, Frances Stevenson. Stephenson-Stevenson : family record. Chapter VIII page 7. Harlingen, Tex.: Q.A. Main Print. Co., 1966, 172 pgs.]
  1820 "The 1820 census listed Jeremiah as head of household in German Twp, Clark Co, OH. Jeremiah was engaged in "manufacturing" in this census; given his family history, he was likely a gunsmith or blacksmith as his father and brothers were. His household included 2 free colored and one slave, one of the few found in the township. Jeremiah appears to have had 6 children at home, 5 males and one female: 2 males under 10, 1 10-16, 2 16-26; and 1 female 10-16. Sarah appeared in the census report as a female age 26-45. " [Source: Fridley, David. What is a Fridley. Family of Jeremiah Sims. 25 September 2001. Online <> 29 September 2001]
  1820 U.S. Federal Census Clark County, Ohio German Township 2 males under 10 yo (James Sanford & Jeremiah) 1 male 10 & under 16 yo (William) 2 males 16 & under 26 yo (Thomas & ??) 1 male 26 & under 45 yo (Jeremiah) 1 female 10 & under 16 yo (Phebe) 1 female 26 & under 45 yo (Sarah) 1 male slave under 14 yo 2 male slaves 14 & under 26 yo 1 male slave 26 & under 45 yo [Source: census images]
  1822 "The interest taken in the advancement of the morals of the community is shown in the organization of those valuable auxiliaries to church work, such as Bible and missionary societies. The temporary organization of the Clark County Bible Society was effected at the Methodist Church, on the 6th day of August 1822. by the election of Rev. Archibald Steele as Chairman, Rev. Saul Henkle Secretary. and Isaac T. Zeller as Assistant Secretary. The Board of Managers for the town was composed of the following citizens: Pearson Spinning. Maddox Fisher, John Ambler. John Bacon and Robert Rennick. Board of Managers for the county: Rev. Joseph Morris, Griffith Foos, Moses Henkle, Robert Humphrey, John Humphrey, Thomas Patten, Joel Van Meter, John Layton. Rev. Malyne Baker, John Forgy, Joseph Keifer, Thomas Fisher, Jeremiah Sims. Christian Frantz, Jacob Ebersole, John R. Demon, Andrew Hodge and Thomas Curl. The regular organization was affected on Monday, September 2, 1822. George M. J Jewett was chosen Chairman pro tern., with Rev. Saul Henkle as Secretary. The constitution adopted shows the following names among the first signers: Rev. John S. Galloway, Rev. AI. M. Henkle, Rev. Saul Henkle, Archibald McConkev, W. Al. 'Spencer and James S. Christie. An election for officers resulted as follows: President. Rev. Archibald Steele; George W. Jewett and Morris Henkle, Sr.. Vice Presidents; Pearson Spinning. Treasurer; Rev. Saul Henkle. Corresponding Secretary; and Isaac T. Zeller, Recording Secretary. The following gentlemen were elected Directors: John Ambler, Joel Van Meter, Jeremiah Sims, Robert Humphrey, Griffith Foos. Archibald McConkey, Thomas Patten, Joseph Heifer. Maddox Fisher. Daniel McKinnon. Daniel Moore and Andrew Hodge. Under an organization like this. composed of citizens of means and high standing, the society prospered. and was an instrument. of great good. This society was recognized as an auxiliary by the parent society in November, 1842. On September 5, 1872. an entertaining meeting of this society was held, in commemoration of its fiftieth anniversary. On this occasion it was stated in a paper read by Rev. S. Cochran. that $6,796 had been presented as a donation to the parent society in New York, and $6,572 worth of Bibles and Testaments had been received from that society in fifty years." [Source: History of Clark County, Bible Societies, pgs. 459-460,]
  1822 "To show the manner in which the Bible Society of this county was organized, we quote from the record of the first meeting held, as follows: "Formation of the Auxiliary Bible Society of Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.-Agreeably to a request made by the Rev. Mr. Hall, a number of the citizens of this county convened in the Methodist meeting-house on the 6th of August, 1822, for the. purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of forming a Bible society. The meeting was opened with prayer by the Rev. Archibald Steel, after which the Rev. Archibald Steel was appointed Chairman; Rev. Samuel Henkle, Secretary; and Isaac T. Teller, Assistant Secretary, for the present meeting. Letters from the American Bible Society showing Rev. Mr. Hall to be an agent of that society were then read, after which the meeting adopted the following resolution, viz.: Resolved, Unanimously, that this meeting, impressed with the importance of a general circulation of the Holy Scriptures, and of furnishing the destitute therewith, form a Bible society for this county, auxiliary to the American Bible Society of New York." At this meeting a constitution was adopted, which, being somewhat lengthy, and being later superseded by the present constitution of the society, we omit. However, the following names were signed thereto as the first members: John S. Galloway, M. M. Henkle, Saul Henkle, Archibald McDonald McConkey, W. M. Spencer and James S. Christie. A committee was then appointed to solicit signers to the constitution, to report at the first annual meeting, and, after ordering a copy of Dudley's Analysis of the Bible Society System, and the publication of the constitution and minutes in the Farmers' Advocate, the meeting adjourned. to meet September 2, 1822. At that date, the society completed its organization by electing Rev. Archibald Steel, President; George N. Jewett and Moses Henkle, Sr., Vice Presidents; Pierson Spinning, Treasuuer; Samuel Henkle, Corresponding Secretary; Isaac T. Teller, Corresponding Secretary; and for Directors, John Ambler, Joel Van Metter, JEREMIAH SIMS, Robert Humphreys, Griffith Foos, Archibald McConkey, Thomas Patton, Joseph Keifer, Maddox Fisher, Daniel McKinnon, Jr., Daniel Moore and Andrew Hodge." [Source: History of Clark County, Clark County Bible Society, pg. 351-352,]
  1824 "Jeremiah is buried in an old cemetery near Sims Chapel, German Township, Clark County, Ohio, located three or four miles northwest of Springfield. His gravestone reads: "In Memory of Jeremiah Sims Rev. who died January 12, 1824 aged 46 years 7 months 20 days. I have fought the good fight and have finished the race." His wife Sarah is buried beside him and her headstone reads: "Sarah, Wife of Rev. Jeremiah Sims who died November 6, 1838 aged 61 years 6 months 6 days." His two sons who also have similar headstones are buried in the same plot. The daughter Phoebe who also died in 1830 has no gravemarker if she is buried there." [Source: Penick, George R. Jr. "The Penick Papers". Compiled by Penick in 1978, 1979, and 1980. Page 19]
  Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1791-1842; pgs. 28, 92, 93, 124, 147, and 156 mention Jeremiah and Sarah Sims (in file)
  Photos of gravestone and cemetery received from Ed Sims 8 May 2009. (in file)
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