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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rebecca Sims: Birth: 11 AUG 1806 in Tennessee. Death: 2 NOV 1894 in Ravenseye, Fayette County, West Virginia

  2. Miriam Sims: Birth: 1 DEC 1809 in Virginia. Death: 22 AUG 1897 in Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas

  3. Charles W. Sims: Birth: ABT 1814 in (near) Charleston, Kanawha County, (West) Virginia. Death: 1875

  4. Hale Sims: Birth: Bet. 1811-1816. Death: Bet. 1847-1850

  5. Mary E. "Polly" Sims: Birth: Bet. 1813-1817.

  6. Helen Sims: Birth: ABT 1820. Death: AFT 1883

  7. [--?--] Sims: Birth: Bet. 1816-1820.

  8. Aletha "Letha" Sims: Birth: 1822 in (West) Virginia. Death: 20 JAN 1859 in Freeman, Cass County, Missouri

  9. Jane Sims: Birth: ABT 1825.

a. Note:   TEMPORARILY attached to James Sims and his wife Phebe. Reasoning behind this assumption: James' father, Jeremiah Sims, in his 1768 will, named Edward Sims his "beloved friend". James was the only child of Jeremiah and it is possible that he named one of his sons Edward after his father's friend. Edward Sims 1785-1852 married Hannah Robinson in Champaign County, Ohio, in 1805. This is the county that James' oldest son Jeremiah moved to about 1804. However, in the 1848 partition suit that names James' children (and grandchildren if parent was deceased), Ned Sims is not listed although he was still living in the area. This was one of the reasons that he was not considered a son of James Sims at the time that I wrote the biography of James Sims.
  1805 Married in Champaign County, Ohio. [Note: Ned's brother Jeremiah Sims, a justice of the peace, was seen performing a marriage in Champaign County in 1816]
  1806 Location: Tennesse as a child was born is that state.
  1808 Location: Kanawha County, (West) Virginia. Edward Sims was administrator of the estate of John Fowler, husband of Mary Sims (d/o James Sims and his wife Phebe) who died that year.
  1810 Location: Paint Creek, Fayette County, West Virginia (then Kanawha County, Virginia)
  1810 U.S. Federal Census Kanawha County, (West) Virginia Charleston Pg 5 Ln #6 Sims, Edward 2 males 16 & under 26 yo (Edward and ??, b. bet. 1785-1794) 2 females under 10 yo (Rebecca and Miriam) 1 female 16 & under 26 yo (Hannah) (in file)
  1820 U.S. Federal Census Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia Edward Sims 2 males under 10 (Hale and Charles b. 1811-1820) 1 male 25 & under 45 (Edward) 3 females under 10 (Polly, [--?--], and Helen) 2 females 10 & under 16 (Rebecca and Miriam) 1 female 25 & under 45 (Hannah) 1 person engaged in manufactures 9 - total persons in household (in file)
  1 July 1820 Sims, Edward. grantee Location: Greenbrier County Grantee(s): Sims, Edward and Garland, Overton Description: 275 acres on the waters of Glade creek on both sides of the Kanawha road &c Source: Land Office Grants No. 69, 1819-1820, p. 272 (Reel 135) Text: Edward Sims & Overton Garland 275 acres Greenbrier Thomas M. Randolph, Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. To all to whom these presents shall come greeting: Know ye that in conformity with a survey made on the Ninth day of November 1819, by virtue of two Land Office Treasury Warrants to wit: 156 acres by number 5186 issued the 5th February 1814; and 119 acres by number 6721 issued the 20th October 1819; there is granted by the said Commonwealth, onto Edward Sims and Overton Garland a certain tract or parcel of Land containing two hundred seventy five acres situated in the County of Greenbrier on the waters of Glade Creek on both sides of the Kanawa road, joining said Sims land and the land of Thomas Terry and Samuel Fleshman and a survey made for Henry Banks known by the name of the walnut knob survey and bounded as followeth towit: Beginning at a white Oak on a hill side on said Banks line corner to his own land and said Terry and with the latter North forty five degrees West nine poles to an ash and _?_ bush in a hollow by a run, North eight degrees East thirty two poles to two white Oaks by the Kanawha road near a fence, North forty seven degrees East twenty eight poles crossing said road to a poplar and maple in a small hollow, North sixty two poles to a white Oak and two red Oak saplings on the point of a ridge thence leaving Terry North eighty degrees East sixty four poles crossing a branch at forty two poles to two white oaks on a ridge by the edge of Laurel North ten degrees East twenty six poles to a yellow lynn and spruce pine on the side of a hollow near laurel, North sixty two degrees East one hundred and thirty poles to a spruce pine and maple near the top of a ridge by a small Clift and in Laurel, South seventy five degrees East sixty eight poles crossing Glade Creek at fifty poles to two spruce pines on the top of the Clift of said Creek on the point of a ridge near a drain. South twenty four degrees east sixty eight poles to two white oaks on a brushy flat near the Clifts of said creek, South forty degrees West twenty four poles to a spruce pine on top of Clifts. South thirty six degrees East eighty two poles crossing said creek at the Mouth of Burn'd Creek and up Burn'd Creek on the South East side to four cherry tree saplings by a drain and near the mouth of the same on said Fleshman's line and part with his own land, South eighty degrees West three hundred and thirty poles crossing Burn'd Creek and said road to the beginning. To have and to hold the said tract or parcel of Land with its Appurtenances to the said Edward Sims and and Overton Garland and their heirs forever. In witness whereof the said Thomas M. Randolph Esq. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia hath hereonto set his hand and caused the lesser seal of the said Commonwealth to be affixed at Richmond on the first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty and of the Commonwealth the forty fourth. Th. M. Randolph
  1830 U.S. Federal Census Greenbrier County, (West) Virginia Edward Simms 1 male 10 & under 15 yo (Charles b. 1816-1820) 1 male 15 & under 20 yo (Hale b. 1811-1815) 1 male 40 & under 50 yo (Edward) 3 females 5 & under 10 yo (Helen, Aletha, Jane) 1 female 10 & under 15 yo ([--?--] b. 1816-1820) 1 female 15 & under 20 yo (Mary E. "Polly") 1 female 40 & under 50 yo (Hannah) (in file) Note: Miriam had a son William Sims b. abt. 1832; did she marry a Mr. Sims before the 1830 census?
  "Greenbrier County Records, Vol. 5", Page 193 From Will Book 1, Greenbrier County Pg 828-831 Thomas Feamster, Sale: 16 Sep 1830. Adm: Joseph Alderson, Wm Feamster. Buyers: Joseph Alderson, Wm Althair, Michael Arbaugh, Wm G Bats, Jessee Beard, Thomas Bennett, Jesse B Bowlin, Caleb Bowls, Edward Brown, Robert Butter, Solomon Cary, Michael Cofman, Madison Cornwell, Oliver Curry, John Ellis, Elizabeth Feamster, Joseph Feamster, Margaret A Feamster, Samuel Feamster, Susan Feamster, Wm Feamster, Wm Fink, Abraham Fleshman, Simeon Fleshman, M H Goshen, Jacob Hamilton, David Hanger, George Hanger, Christ. Hedrick, James T Hill, Andrew D Johnston, James Kelly, John Kippers, James Levisay, John Man, Wm T Man, Scoffeild Matick, Edward McClung, Wm McCorkle, Andrew Nickall, Robert Nickall, Wm Peterson, Robert Pine, Charles Rodgers, Anderson Scott, Moses Shuck, Wm Simmerman, Edward Sims, Thomas Smithine, Robert Stephens, Jonathan Swope, David Tuckwiller, Wm Zoll.
  April 1835 In an election held in Fayette County to determine the location of the new Court House and County Seat "Edward Sims" and his son "Hale Sims" voted for Kanawha Falls. [Source: "The History of Fayette County West Virginia 1993" pg. 21]
  1834-1837 Other documentation that needs to be checked: West Virginia State Archives Manuscript Collections MS79-83 Virginia Court of Appeals, Lewisburg, records, 1776-1921 Box/Folder/Case 02-091 0200 Edward Sims vs. George Alderson 1834 debt case 02-099 0208 John Anderson vs. Edward Sims Fayette Co. 1835 20-004 0328 Sims vs. Swope 1837 request for an appeal; OVERSIZED DOCUMENT [Source:]
  1840 U.S. Federal Census Fayette County, (West) Virginia Page #158 Sims, Edward 1 male 5 & under 10 yo (male born 1831-1835: William Sims son of Miriam) 2 males 20 & under 30 yo (Charles & Hale) 1 male 50 & under 60 yo (Edward) 2 females 5 & under 10 yo (Jane & Helen) 1 female 10 & under 15 yo (Aletha) 1 female 40 & under 50 yo (Hannah) (15A+B in file)
  Enumerated twice in 1850:
  1850 U.S. Federal Census Kanawha County, (West) Virginia Household #284 Lilburn Sims 35 M Farmer Virginia Jane Sims 25 F Virginia Charles W. Sims 1 M Virginia Edward Sims 64 M Virginia Hannah Sims 60 F Virginia Aletha Sims 27 F Virginia (3 in file)
  1850 U.S. Federal Census Fayette County, (West) Virginia The 14th District 359B-360A Enumerated the 17th day of August 1850 Household #381-381 (image 60-61 of 91) William Gilkinson 48 M Farmer 1000 Rebecca Gilkinson 44 F (Rebecca Sims d/o Edward & Hannah) Jane Gilkinson 21 F Isaac Gilkinson 19 M Laborer attended school Edward Gilkinson 18 M Laborer attended school Josias Gilkinson 14 M Rebecca Gilkinson 12 F Wm. Gilkinson 10 M Charles W. Gilkinson 3 M Edward Sims 64 M Farmer 500 (father-in-law) Hannah Sims 63 F (mother-in-law) Letha Sims 26 F (sister-in-law) (14-60+61 in file) Note: Column with place of birth was not filled in by Mr. Hamilton
  Find A Grave Memorial# 8468087 Name: Edward Sims Birth: Jun. 7, 1785 Death: Mar. 31, 1852 Burial: Orient Cemetery, Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri Created by: HSH Record added: Mar 04, 2004
  Edward Sims had two children that have not been accounted for: a male and a female. I believe that the male was Hale Sims. The female may be Emily Sims who married William B. Massey 28 February 1836 in Kanawha County. No further information has been found on this couple. [see notes of [--?--] Sims daughter for another possibility.] Of Ned's known children only Rebecca Sims and her husband William Gilkinson and their family remained in Fayette County. Miriam Sims Suddarth, Mary E. "Polly" Sims McGuffin, Helen Sims Martin, Aletha Sims, Jane Sims Sims, and Charles Sims all moved to Missouri bet. 1848-1860. See children's census listings.
  ********** In 1850 there was a Jesse Sims in Cass Co. Missouri (image 122 of 134) HH#841-850 who was born in VA and children all born in NC. He is seen in 1860 in Cass Co. Missouri, Dolan Township HH#531-531 (image 1 of 46). It appears that he lived very near Edward's children in Dolan. A trace on this family could possibly turn up new information on the Sims family. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.