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  1. James SIMS: Birth: 8 OCT 1754 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Death: Bet 1840-1848 in Swiss, Nicholas County, (West) Virginia

a. Note:   and Jonathan Sims and his loving friend Edward Sims. Further research is needed to determine the parents of these two nephews. Thomas Graves' mother and Jonathan Sims' father possibly being siblings of Jeremiah Sims.
  Y-DNA testing has been done on this line and results point to John Sims and Jeremiah Sims being brothers.
  Culpeper County, Virginia Deed Book D, Page 547-550: 30th October 1762 - Henry Elley and Esther his wife, James Elly and Claria his wife of the County of Culpeper to Jeremiah Sims of the same county, consideration of 45 pounds current money of Virginia, a parcel of land in the Parish of Brumfield and Culpeper County on the Devils Run being the contents of deed from the Proprietor's Office dated 28th day of January 1747 granted to Thomas Harrison and sold to the said Henry Elly being on Devil's Run and adjacent to the lands of Thomas and Adock Hobson . . . Wit: I Taylor, Wm. Williams, Burhell Davenport, Robert Coleman, Lewes Yancy, Clayton, N. Pendleton Signed: Henry Elley (LS) James Elley (LS) Recorded: 17 February 1762 Note: James Sims sold this land in 17 December 1779. Document Images: Culpeper_DB-D_p547.jpg Culpeper_DB-D_p548.jpg Culpeper_DB-D_p549.jpg Culpeper_DB-D_p550.jpg
  1764 Culpeper County, Virginia Rent Rolls Jeremia Simm Jas. Sims - of Hawkins Will Sims [Source:]
  WILL "In the name of God Amen. I, Jeremiah Sims of the County of Culpeper being sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory blessed by God for it, Do constitute ordain and appoint, this my last will and testament in manner and form following (to wit) In the first place I bequeath my soul to God was gave it, and my Body to be decently buried. ITEM I lend unto my beloved wife, Agatha Sims one half of my estate both real and personal during her natural life, after my just debts are paid. ITEM I give and bequeath unto my loving son James Sims one half my estate both real and personal after my just debts are paid. ITEM My will and desire is that if my said son James Sims should dec without heir that my wife have the use of my whole estate during her natural life and then to be equally divided between my two nephews, Thomas Graves and Jonathan Sims or their heirs. ITEM I do constitute and appoint my beloved wife Agatha Sims executrix and my loving friends Edward Sims, John Nalle Jr. and Henry Pendleton executors of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of March 1768. Jeremiah Sims (LS.) Signed, sealed and acknowledged in presence of us: Thomas Griffin and Moses Spicer, Henry Pendleton and John Nalle Jr.
  Title Sims, Jeremiah. Publication 1768 Gen. note Part of index to Culpeper County Wills and Administrations (1749 - 1800) Note p. 466-467. Will pro. 18 Aug. 1768. p. 494. Inv. & Appr. rec. Oct. 19, 1769. Note Will Book A, 1749-1770 (Reel 31) At a Court held for the County of Culpeper on Thursday the 18th day of August 1768 This last Will and Testament of Jeremiah Sims decd was exhibited to the Court by Edward Sims and John Nalle Junr., two of the Executors therein mentioned and was proved by the oaths of Thomas Griffin, Moses Spicer & Henry Pendleton three of the witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded, the said Henry Pendleton and Moses Spicer made oath to the following Effect ( Vizt) the said Henry Pendleton made oath that he was desired by the Testator to write the said Will and that he was instructed by the said Testator in the third clause of the said Will to declare thereby that if the said Testator's Son James Sims should die without heirs lawfully begotten of his Body "That his Wife should have the use etc but that the words Lawfully begotten of his Body were through the Omission of the said Henry Pendleton left out of the said Will;" The said Moses Spicer deposeth that he was the said Testator and that the said Words were omitted contrary to the said Testators intention declared to him. And on the motion of the said Edward Sims & John Nalle Junr. Certificate is granted them for obtaining a Probat thereof in due form they having sworn to the Same and given Bond & security according to Law, Liberty being reserved to Agatha Sims & Henry Pendleton Executrix & Executor in the said Will mentioned to joyn in the Probat when they shall think fitt.
  ***** INVENTORY In Obedience to an Order of Culpeper County Court bearing date the 18th of August 1768. We the subscribers being first sworn have valued & appraised the Estate of Jeremiah Sims decd. in Current Money as followeth Vizt One Negro man Tom £60. One negro Woman Juda & her child George £70.........£130,,00,,0 12 head of Cattle £18. 1 Sorrel Mare £5,,10. 1 Gray Mare & Belt 50/..........26,,00,,0 1 Bed & furniture with 2 pillows Bedstead & Corde.............................8,,00,,0 1 Bed & furniture with 1 pillow Bedstead & Cord...............................4,,00,,0 1 Cross cut Saw & file 30p. 1? Stallards 12/6. 1 Box Iron & headers? 4/.......2,,06,,6 1 Woolen Wheel 7/. A parcel of old pewter 36/6. 3 Stone Juggs 5/6.............2,,02,,0 1 Stone Jugg (water) 1/6. 2 delft bowls & 6 plates 6/3. 7 Glass Bottles 2/4...0,,10,,1 10 Geese 5/. 1 Bay horse Saddle, bridle & Belt £5.............................5,,05,,0 A parcel of old Iron 18/. 3 old Books 4/. 1 Auger foot Adz & Chissels 4/6.....1,,06,,6 1 Iron Skillet 1/. 1 Walnut Chest & lock 17/6. 1 pine Chest 5/................1,,02,,6 1 hone & 3 Razors 6/. A parcel of Lumber 6/...................................0,,12,,0 2 Iron pots & 2 pr. hooks 18/. 5 knives & 7 forks 3/..........................1,,01,,0 1 looking Glass 2/. 7 Chairs 16/. 2 Gaublets 6p...............................0,,18,,6 1 Square Table 1/6. 1 pt. Cotton Cords 3/.....................................0,,04,,6 2 pails, 2 piggons & 1 Tubb 11/. 1 powdering Tubb 7/6.........................0,,18,,6 A parcel of leather 25/6. a parcel of Haggs £11,,5,,0........................12,,10,,6 Appraised by us this 12th day of September 1768............................£197,,15,,7 October 19th 1769. Returned unto Court & Ordered James Tutt to be Recorded Martin Nalle Teste Roger Dixon Clk Thomas Griffon [Source: Transcribed by Cathy Meder-Dempsey from photocopy of original document obtained from Rose Mary Sims Rudy]
  19 Oct 1769 Culpeper Co., Va Will Book A p 494. In obedience of an order dated 18 Aug 1768 we the subscribers have valued and appraised the estate of JEREMIAH SIMS, dec'd, including 3 negroes valued at 130 lbs. Total valuation 197.15.7. Dated 12 Sept 1768. Signed JAMES TUTT, MARTIN NALLE, THOMAS GRIFFIN. 19 Oct 1769. Returned and ordered recorded.
  Delft - a ceramic ware resembling or imitative of Dutch delft (tin-glazed Dutch earthenware with blue and white or polychrome decoration)
  Adze (Adz) - a cutting tool that has a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and is used chiefly for shaping wood.
  Piggin - a small wooden pail with one stave extended upward as a handle.
  Tub - a wide low vessel originally formed with wooden staves, round bottom, and hoops.
  Staves - narrow strips of wood placed edge to edge to form the sides of a vessel (as a barrel)
  NOTE: As in Great Britain, cash in the colonies was denominated in pounds, shillings, and pence. The pound (£ or l) was divided into twenty shillings (s. or /-) or 240 pennies (d.). The shilling was subdivided into twelve (12) pennies. The value varied from colony to colony and all colonial pounds were of less value than the British pound sterling. The coins in circulation in the colonies were most often of Spanish and Portuguese origin. The prevalence of the Spanish dollar in the colonies led to the money of the United States being denominated in dollars rather than pounds.
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