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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry TREADWAY: Birth: ABT 1785 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: 1851 in Wood County, (West) Virginia

  2. James Tredway: Birth: ABT 1787 in Hartford County, Maryland. Death: 24 SEP 1865 in Wood County, West Virginia

  3. William Harvey Treadway: Birth: ABT 1791 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: 1842 in Hamilton County, Ohio

  4. Sarah Treadway: Birth: 1795 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: BEF 12 APR 1887

  5. Nancy Treadway: Birth: 1797 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: BEF 12 APR 1887

  6. John E. Treadway: Birth: 1799 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: BEF 12 APR 1887

  7. Thomas G. Treadway: Birth: 7 JUL 1805 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: 30 SEP 1863 in Harford County, Maryland

  8. Carvil Treadway: Birth: ABT 1807 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: ABT 12 APR 1887 in Harford County, Maryland

  9. Mary Amelia Treadway: Birth: ABT 1811 in Harford County, Maryland. Death: 1876 in Harford County, Maryland

1. Title:   History of the Tredway Family
Page:   pg. 70
Author:   William T. Tredway
Publication:   published by W. T. Tredway, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1930.

a. Note:   "History of the Tredway Family" and Randy Treadway's "Descendants of Thomas Tredway" on his website "The Treadway Web" online I have come to the conclusion that the information found in both works show that they are treating the same family. Randy does not mention Thomas Tredway's father being Crispin Tredway, the immigrant, but the descendants seen are the same. Instead of inputting all of the information given in these works I've decided to write up a short history of the ancestors of Edward Tredway 1749-1833.
  The spelling of the surname Tredway in the early days has evolved over the years. It is not unusual to see the name spelled Treadway, Threadway, Treadaway, Tredaway. Some members of the family have even been seen using "well" instead of "way". The difference in spelling must be accounted for when searching for census, etc., for the later generations. But let us begin at the begining.
  Edward Tredway's earliest known ancestor was Henry Tredway of Queen Elizabeth I's time (1533-1603). Edward is the ninth generation starting with Henry as the first generation. The names of his progenitors in the order of their generations are as follows:
  Henry Tredway, first generation Robert Tredway, second generation John Tredway d. 1610, third generation Robert Tredway b. bef. 1595, fourth generation John Tredway b. abt. 1617, fifth generation Crispen Tredway immigrated bef. 1700, sixth generation Thomas Tredway b. abt. 1700 d. 1786, seventh generation Daniel Tredway 1724-1810, eighth generation Edward Tredway 1749-1833, ninth generation
  "Robert(2), the second son of Thomas Tredway(1), and younger brother of Richard(2), married Margaret, daughter of Guy Fisher, Esq., of Buckden, county of Huntington. He had a son, John Tredway(3), who married Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Waller, Esq. of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. He died May the 10th, 1610, and is buried in Christ's Church, Farringdon, within London, and left the following named children: Robert(4), born at Ketton, Lincolnshire, was appointed one of the Commission of the Peace for Lincolnshire, and was made a Knight by his Sovereign in 1653. Edmund, second son, baptized in 1595. Sarah, baptized October 21st, 1599. Mary, baptized November the 30th, 1601, married Thomas Harsman, Esq. of Burton, Lincolnshire, and was a widow in 1624. Cecily, baptized December the 27th, 1601, died, and was buried January the 27th, 1602. Cecily, baptized October 2nd, 1603, married Evers Armyne, Esq., about 1634. Alice, baptized November the 13th, 1606. It will be observed here that John Tredway(3) and his wife Elizabeth, had two daughters named Cecily, growing out of the fact I presume, that the first one dying in infancy, the next born being a girl was named in memory of her departed sister. Robert Tredway(4), of John(3), married Alice, daughter of Anthony Thorald, Esq., of Hough, and had the following named children: Anthony, son and heir apparent, William, John(5), Robert, Thomas, George, and Alice; all living in 1634.” Note: Numbers in parenthesis added by Cathy Meder-Dempsey. [Source: Tredway, William T., editor and compiler; "History of the Tredway Family"; published in Pittsburgh, Pa. by W. T. Tredway 1930; pg. 5. Most of the data in this publication was gathered by Rev. Silas Baldwin Tredway over a fifty year period, with further information added by the editor.]
  The ages of the children of Robert Tredway(4) and Alice Thorald in 1634 were as follows: Anthony 19 (b. abt. 1615), William 18 (b. abt. 1616), John 17 (b. abt. 1617), Robert 16 (b. abt. 1618), Thomas 13 (b. abt. 1621), George 2 (b. abt. 1632), and Alice 1 (b. abt. 1633). [Source: idem, chart pg. 32]
  John Tredway(5) b. abt. 1617, left Rutlandshire, England, for the Province of Maryland with his son Crispen(6), prior to the year 1700. The father John died on the voyage and was buried at sea. The son Crispin Tredway(6) came on, landing in the Province of Maryland, Baltimore, (now Harford) County, settling at the head of Bush River, west of James' Run (now Bynum's) and south of the county road (Philadelphia pike) in 1700. He settled upon land left him by a relative who preceded him to this county. He married and had a son named Thomas. Thomas Tredway(7) married and had five sons and one daughter, viz.: John, William, Daniel, Moses, Aaron and Mary. Daniel Tredway(8) married Sallie Norris, of Harford county and had eleven children, viz.: Thomas, Daniel, Edward, Hannah, Susan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Crispin, and John Norris. Edward Tredway(9) married Nancy Magness. [Source: idem, pg. 69, 120, 191]
  It must be noted that Thomas Tredway(7) was married 4 times and had three sons not mentioned in the above paragraph, namely Thomas Tredway, b. 20 May 1730; Crispin Tredway, b. 19 June 1736; and Martin Treadway, b. 07 Oct 1741. They must have died before 1767 as they are not mentioned in the will dated 1767 of Thomas's son John in which he names his siblings Daniel, William, Aaron, and Moses Treadway and his sister Mary Cunningham, and leaving as as his executors his father Thomas Tredway, and brother-in-law Benjamin Hanson (husband of Elizabeth Griffith, sister of John's wife Sarah). The reason that John mentioned all of his siblings is that his wife was very ill at the time that he made up his will so that he left everything to his only daughter, a minor at the time, with the stipulation that if she should not live to her 16th year the estate should go to his siblings. Thomas outlived all four of his wives. He died at the age of 86 years in 1786, at the home of his son Daniel Tredway. He is buried on that homestead in Madonna, Harford County, Maryland. Per his will Thomas left half of his real & personal estate to his son Daniel and the other half to his grandchildren Thomas, George, James, Daniel, and Chrispin Cunningham (children of his daughter Mary). He did not mention his son John who predeceased him nor did he mention his sons William, Aaron, or Moses who outlived him. They migrated to Virginia in the 1760s, later to parts of North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennesse. Daniel sold the 10 acre tract of land called Strawberry Hills and Turkey Hills for 5 shillings to Herman Stump. The land is described as that being near land condemned for a mill by the name of the Old Mill, and which stands on James Run on the north side of the post road bordering land owned by John Bull called Bull's Lot, together with all houses, outhouses, stables, coach houses, improvements and advantages." [Source: Randy Treadway, "Descendants of Thomas Tredway"; online]
  "Daniel Tredway(8) born 22 Nov 1724 in Baltimore Co., Maryland, married Sarah Norris on 02 Aug 1744 in the Spesutiae Church, Upper Node Forrest, Harford Co., Maryland. Sarah was born 15 Dec 1727 in Harford Co., Maryland to Edward Norris and Hannah Scott. Daniel was a farmer, not unlike his father Thomas. His main crop was tobacco. Daniel was the town Crier of Belair, he belonged to the Gunpowder Meeting, Society of friends, he was also a trustee of the poor, and was a well respected member of the community. He made his home in the Upper Node Forrest, 1/4 mile from the Spesutiae Church, now the Bethel Church, in Harford Co., Maryland. Edward Norris mentions his daughter Sarah Treadway in his Will dated 05 Dec 1761, and also names her as his Executor. Daniel died 25 May 1810. Both Daniel and Sarah are buried on their homestead." [Source: Randy Treadway]
  Daniel(8) was found in the 1790 and 1800 census in Harford County, Maryland:
  1790 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Daniel Threadway 3 free white male 16 & older (Daniel, Crispen, John) 4 free white females (wife Sarah, daughter Sarah, two other daughters?) 7 persons in household (9 in file)
  1800 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland District 4 Daniel Tredway 00001 10111 1 male over 45 yo (Daniel) 1 female under 10 yo 1 female 16 and under 26 yo 1 females 26 & under 45 yo (daughter Sarah) 1 female over 45 yo (Sarah) (1-5 in file)
  Of Daniel's children the following were mentioned in his will: Thomas Tredway, Edward Tredway(9), Susan Riston, Elizabeth Miles, Daniel Tredway, Crispin Tredway, Sarah Tredway, John Tredway, Ann Hughes, and Hannah Meads. His wife Sarah was not mentioned suggesting that she predeceased him. [Source: Randy Treadway]
  As of 31 January 2016 Harford County, Maryland was not yet included in this database: Maryland Probate Estate and Guardianship Files, 1796-1940. This collection is being published as images become available.
  Edward Tredway(9) lived his entire life in Harford County, Maryland. He is seen in the following census listings:
  1790 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Edw. Threadway 1 free white male 16 & older (Edward) 2 free white males under 16 yo (James and Henry) 2 free white females (Nancy and unknown) 5 persons in household (9 in file)
  1800 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Edward Tredway 22001 20020 2 males under 10 yo (John and William) 2 males 10 & under 16 yo (James and Henry) 1 male over 45 yo (Edward) 2 females under 10 yo (Sarah and Nancy) 2 females 26 & under 45 yo (Nancy and unknown) (1-5 in file)
  1810 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Havre de Grace Edward Tredway 22001 11001 2 males under 10 yo (Carvil and Thomas) 2 males 10 & under 16 yo (John and Henry) 1 male over 45 yo (Edward) 1 female under 10 yo (Mary Amelia) 1 female 10 & under 16 yo (Sarah or Nancy) 1 female over 45 yo (Nancy) (in file)
  1820 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Edward Tredway 020011 10111 2 males 10 & under 16 yo (Carvil and Thomas) 1 male 26 & under 45 yo (Henry or John) 1 male over 45 yo (Edward) 1 female under 10 yo (Mary Amelia) 1 female 16 & under 26 yo (Sarah or Nancy) 1 female 26 & under 45 yo (Henry's or John's wife?) 1 female over 45 yo (Nancy) (3-3in file) Note: The household appears to be composed of two couples.
  1830 U.S. Federal Census Harford County, Maryland Edward Tredway 2000130000100 0101000010000 2 male under 5 yo (John and Edward Monks) 1 male 20 & under 30 yo (John E.?) 3 males 30 & under 40 yo (James P. Monks) 1 male 80 & under 90 yo (Edward) 1 female 5 & under 10 yo 1 female 15 & under 20 yo (Mary Amelia) 1 female 60 & under 70 yo (Nancy) 10 persons in household (3-21 in file)
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