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  He held the rank of Captain in the Militia.
  As an adult, Robert lived first in New Kent Co. (at that time part of Old Rappahannock that later became Essex Co).
  He was a signer of the 1688 New Kent Petition, the purpose of which was to remove the vestrymen of St. Stephen's Parish. (VA Magazine of History & Biography, Vol. 41, p. 196)
  Robert was licensed to keep an Ordinary at Hobbs Hole (now Tapphannock) on 10 Apr 1693, and operated the Ordinary until his death in 1717. (Essex Co. VA OB 1, p. 176)
  On 11 Apr 1700, Robert was appointed a member of the County Court (Essex Co. VA D&WB 10, p. 46) and kept that position until he was appointed Sheriff of Essex Co. on 27 Apr 1710 (Essex Co. VA D&WB 13, p. 314)
  He was an attorney and served as a Justice of the Peace in Essex county in 1703, 1708 and 1709.
  He was the Essex county Sheriff in 1710 and 1712.
  Robert’s will was undated, but admitted for probate on 13 Aug 1713 by Elizabeth Faulconer. (WB 13, p. 439, Essex Co. Records)
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