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Individual Page

1. Title:   Historian's Records Phillips, ME Wing Reunion
2. Title:   The Owl
Page:   JUN 1903, p. 155; MAR 1922 p. 2154
Publication:   Name: Wing Family of America, Inc.;
3. Title:   [NT] Family Records of the Descendants of Dr. Samuel Wing & Mary B. Norcross, Item Info: Originally written between 1933-1946, File Name/no: 4 Notebooks (Jesse/Moses; Silas; Samuel; Martha/Nancy)
4. Title:   The Owl
Page:   June 1919, Page 1868. March 1922, Page 2154.
Publication:   Name: Wing Family of America, Inc.;
5. Title:   Phillips, Maine Town Vital Records
Page:   Eunice Bolan Wing, 29th November 1829 Book 4, Page 63 (recorded 27 DEC 1842) Index, page 75
Publication:   Name: unpublished;
6. Title:   Gravestone Inscription
Page:   Have photo
7. Title:   The Sandy River & Its Valley
Page:   page 81. Map of (Franklin Co.) Madrid, 1861 showing settlers.
Author:   Vincent York
Publication:   Name: Farmington, ME (1976 & 1980); The Knowlton & McLeary Co.;
8. Title:   Ancestral File, version 4.19

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