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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Compton: Birth: ABT 1642 in New Amsterdam (now New York City, NY). Death: 1724 in Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ

  2. William Compton: Birth: ABT 1645 in Gravesend, Long Island, New Amsterdam. Death: ABT 1699 in Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ

a. Note:   Ref: G1264.GED
b. Note:   - Probable location - Birth date estimated bet. OCT-DEC 1821 (see below).
 > Gravesend, Long Island, on September 30, 1652, William Compton made
 a deposition in the slander case of Nicholas Stillwell v. Ann Goulder.
 In his deposition, William Compton stated he was then 30 years old.
 This would put the year of his birth at about 1622.
 > Bergen states this William lived with the Dutch, spelled his name
 Weilleum Comton.
 - MFL note: William Compton I's parentage is "unknown."
 - GenForum (Compton family) Post #2380 by Mary Compton: "William
 Compton b. abt 1622, possibly in Wiltshire, England. We think he
 accompanied Lady Deborah Moody to the Massachusetts Colony around
 1636, and later to Long Island. He was one of the 39 patentees of Lady
 Moody's Gravesend Colony in 1645."
 - RootsWeb WorldConnect (James <[email protected]>): "There are two
 William Comptons who have been wishfully confused, William of
 Gravesend in New Amsterdam and Sir William son of Earl Spencer
 Compton. Because Sir William was a Royalist, friend of the king, he
 was actually on the death list of Cromwell. So it was supposed that he
 might have gone to Colonies to escape and this allowed a Wishful
 connection of Wm of Gravesend to the Noble line of Earl Spencer ...
 wishful but not possible. Wm of Gravesend was born 1621-1622 by
 deposition Sep 1652 in which he says he is 30 years old. Sir William
 was defending Branbury Castle at age 19 in Oct 1644 into 1645 hence
 born 1624-25. Worse in 1645 at the same time Sir Wm as known to be at
 Branbury; William of Gravesend was given a patent of land at Gravesend
 ... two very different places - by 3000 long ocean miles - same time.
 They are different people. Thus this common but wishful link is not
c. Note:   - GenForum (Compton family) Post #2358 by Florence Compton Teel: "Apparently this William Compton died on LI,NY." - Source: Delton D.
 Blalock's book titled "British and American Comptons in New York, New
 Jersey, Virginia,Tennessee, Alabama and Texas," 1634-1984 First
 edition 1984.
 - GenForum (Compton family) Post #1367 by Racoon: "WILLIAM COMPTON's
 name appears frequently in the surviving records of Gravesend, where
 he was sworn into the office of Constable in 1677 until the year 1683,
 when he disappears from view. (The last mention of William Compton in
 1683 is the suit filed by Nicholas Stillwell against him seeking
 damages because his hogs trespassed onto Stillwell's land.) So my
 cousin and I suggest a year of death for him as 1683 (he would have
 been 61)."
 - MFL note: Some researchers say he died 21 SEP 1694: however, this
 death date applies to another William Compton, "William of Ipswich"
 (s/o John Compton and Susannah ___; b. ca. 1631 Ipswich, Essex Co.,
d. Note:   - MFL note: year estimated, probable location; William and his unknown wife may have married there before their move to Gravesend, Long
 Island (now the Bronx, NY) ca. 1645.
 - RootsWeb WorldConnect (James <[email protected]>):
 - My Compton Family Ancestral Line (J. Mount <[email protected]>):
 William Compton I and his unknown wife = parents of 3 ch. b.
 Gravesend, Long Island, New Netherlands:
 1. Mary Compton b. ca. 1642, d. ___
 2. William Compton b. ca. 1644-45, d. ca. 1709 Monmouth Co., NJ, m.
 ca. 1668 Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ Mary Ann Bowne (d/o William
 Bowne and Ann Laverock) b. ca. 1646 Gravesend, Long Island, New
 Netherlands, d. ___ (5 ch.).
 3. John Compton b. ca. 1662, d. ___.
 - MFL comment: Jack D. Mount's notes: "I have not seen primary
 evidence that the Mary who married Thomas SEABROOK is the same as Mary
 COMPTON, daughter of William COMPTON. This relationship is based on
 some of the secondary sources without documentation listed below." One
 such source is "William Compton of Monmouth Co., NJ" (URL:
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