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Stella Mae Morlan: Birth: Mar 1891 in IL.
Thomas Howard Morlan: Birth: ca 1833 in OH. Death: bet 1880 - 1887
Virginia A. Morlan: Birth: 29 Aug 1857 in Wayne Co, IL. Death: 12 Feb 1936 in Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL
Walter Edward Morlan: Birth: 25 May 1894 in Wayne Co, IL. Death: 24 Oct 1949 in Wayne Co, IL
William Henley Morlan: Birth: 23 Nov 1863 in Wayne Co, IL. Death: 15 Sep 1926 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson Co, IL
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Charles M. Morrison: Birth: Aug 1875 in KY.
Eliza Morrison: Birth: Jan 1887 in KY.
Erma Morrison: Birth: Aug 1898 in WV.
Millard F. Morrison: Birth: ca 1901 in WV.
Roberta Jean Morrison: Birth: 21 Oct 1919 in Blocton, Mingo Co, WV. Death: 3 May 1994 in Brewster, Stark Co, OH
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Edward T. Morton: Birth: ca 1804 in Caswell Co, NC.
Elizabeth Morton: Birth: Sep 1850 in IN.
Mary F. Morton: Birth: ca 1829 in Caswell Co, NC.
Mildred Morton: Birth: ca 1834 in Caswell Co, NC.
Rufus Morton: Birth: ca 1827 in Caswell Co, NC.
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Mary Ann Moss: Birth: ca 1789 in VA. Death: 4 May 1855 in Campbell Co, KY
Daniel Mossbarger: Birth: 1784 in PA. Death: Nov 1865 in Vermillion Co, IN
Eliza Ann Mossbarger: Birth: 30 Jun 1830 in Vermillion Co, IN.
Sylvia M. Mosteller: Birth: Nov 1878 in IN.
Otis Harold Mougin: Birth: 4 Jan 1895 in Boone Co, IA.
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Nancy Moxley: Birth: ca 1826 in KY.
John Moynehan: Birth: ca 1842 in Ireland.
Mollie E. Moynehan: Birth: May 1874 in IL.
Kate Muilenburg: Birth: 17 Jun 1858 in Vuren, Lingewaal, Gelderland, Netherlands. Death: 16 Nov 1943 in Douglas Co, SD
Alfred Mullen: Birth: ca 1837 in OH.
Charles Mullen: Birth: 9 Apr 1805 in OH. Death: 9 May 1857
James Mullen: Birth: 1 Jun 1775 in Ireland. Death: 13 Jul 1846
James Mullen: Birth: ca 1810 in OH. Death: 21 Feb 1857
Mary Mullen: Birth: ca 1810 in OH.
Nancy Mullen: Birth: ca 1825 in OH.
Sarah Ellen Mullen: Birth: ca 1838 in IL. Death: 10 Apr 1914 in KS
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Hazel H. Mullinix: Birth: 9 Nov 1887 in IN. Death: 11 Jan 1918 in Washington Twp, Putnam Co, IN
Allen S. Mumper: Birth: ca 1863 in IL.
Alpheus Lawrence Mumper: Birth: 4 Dec 1873 in Effingham Co, IL. Death: 4 Apr 1954 in Joplin General Hosp, Joplin, Jasper Co, MO
Anna Lou Esther Mumper: Birth: 9 Oct 1883 in Montrose, Effingham Co, IL. Death: 7 Jul 1932 in Anna State Hosp, Union Co, IL
Blanche Mumper: Birth: Mar 1896 in IL.
Celestia Ann Mumper: Birth: ca 1844 in OH.
David L. Mumper: Birth: ca 1842 in OH.
David V. Mumper: Birth: 9 Sep 1913 in MO. Death: Jul 1980
David W. Mumper: Birth: ca 1866 in IL.
George M. Mumper: Birth: ca 1859 in IL.
George William Mumper: Birth: ca 1849 in OH.
Hattie N. Mumper: Birth: 9 Aug 1885 in IL.
Iva M. Mumper: Birth: 14 Dec 1871 in IL.
Jacob H. Mumper: Birth: ca 1859 in IL.
Jacob Himes Mumper: Birth: 18 Aug 1834 in PA. Death: 25 Dec 1911 in Montrose, Effingham Co, IL
John A. Mumper: Birth: 6 Feb 1882 in IL. Death: 14 Sep 1926 in St. Louis, MO
John Andrew Mumper: Birth: 5 Aug 1832 in Dillsburg, York Co, PA. Death: 1907 in Erie, McDonald Co, MO
John Fenton Mumper: Birth: 25 Dec 1873 in IL. Death: 21 Dec 1935 in Garrett, Douglas Co, IL
Leaman H. Mumper: Birth: ca 1866 in IL.
Lena Abrilla Mumper: Birth: 19 Mar 1847 in Knox Co, OH. Death: 22 May 1892 in Cumberland Co, IL
Margaret E. Mumper: Birth: 2 Oct 1838 in OH. Death: 4 Nov 1866
Martha Jane Mumper: Birth: 27 Dec 1909 in Exeter Twp, Barry Co, MO. Death: 3 Jul 1910 in Exeter Twp, Barry Co, MO
Mary A. Mumper: Birth: ca 1869 in IL.
Mary Jane Mumper: Birth: 30 Apr 1841 in OH.
Mary Sophia Mumper: Birth: 12 Nov 1868 in IL. Death: 10 Jan 1898
Mary Mumper: Birth: ca 1854 in IL.
Michael H. Mumper: Birth: 20 Jun 1812 in Dillsburg, York Co, PA. Death: 29 Feb 1872 in Cumberland Co, IL
Oren E. Mumper: Birth: 24 Sep 1870 in IL.
Oscar H. Mumper: Birth: 3 Nov 1878 in IL. Death: 28 Dec 1948 in St. Louis, MO
Oscar H. Mumper: Birth: ca 1871 in IL.
Peter L. Mumper: Birth: Sep 1836 in OH.
Sarah C. Mumper: Birth: 1851. Death: 1857
Sarah N. Mumper: Birth: ca 1856 in IL.
Verna B. Mumper: Birth: 21 Mar 1888 in IL.
Viola Mumper: Birth: ca 1861 in IL.
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Gencie E. Muncie: Birth: ca 1886 in IN.
Andrew J. Munger: Birth: ca 1861 in MO.
Anna F. Munger: Birth: 5 Dec 1879 in MO.
Elizabeth M. Munger: Birth: 10 May 1859 in Reynolds Co, MO.
Elmina Munger: Birth: 3 Jan 1862 in Reynolds Co, MO.
Francis Marion Munger: Birth: 19 Apr 1834 in Mungers Mill, Reynolds Co, MO. Death: 29 Sep 1890 in Lesterville, Reynolds Co, MO
Ida O. Munger: Birth: 21 May 1875 in MO.
James A. Munger: Birth: 13 Jun 1877 in MO.
Lewis Preston Munger: Birth: 21 Jul 1826 in Mungers Mill, Reynolds Co, MO. Death: 4 Apr 1862 in Reynolds Co, MO
Madilena Munger: Birth: 11 May 1864 in Reynolds Co, MO.
Martha Jane Munger: Birth: 2 Oct 1872 in MO.
Martha Munger: Birth: 11 Jan 1822 in Mungers Mill, Reynolds Co, MO.
Martha Munger: Birth: 17 Feb 1857 in Reynolds Co, MO.
Marvin Munger: Birth: 28 Oct 1792 in Charleston, Orleans Co, VT. Death: 13 Mar 1863 in Mungers Mill, Reynolds Co, MO
Mary Clementine Munger: Birth: 31 Aug 1839 in Mungers Mill, Reynolds Co, MO.
Mary S. Munger: Birth: 24 Oct 1854 in Reynolds Co, MO. Death: 18 Jun 1922
Mary Munger: Birth: ca Sep 1849 in MO.
Moses Wilbert Munger: Birth: 6 Oct 1836 in Munger Mills, Reynolds Co, MO. Death: 6 Aug 1923 in Iron Twp, Iron Co, MO

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