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Edward A. Edger: Birth: ca 1877 in OR.
Mary Jane Edison: Birth: 27 Jul 1815 in Breckenridge Co, KY. Death: 22 Sep 1868
Coy Edmonds: Birth: Aug 1897 in MO.
Jessie M. Edmonds: Birth: Jun 1895 in MO.
Katie M. Edmonds: Birth: 12 Aug 1893 in MO. Death: 10 May 1975
Lois Edmonds: Birth: ca 1903 in MO.
Paton C. Edmonds: Birth: 26 Sep 1905 in MO. Death: 11 Feb 2000
Thomas M. Edmonds: Birth: Jan 1870 in MO.
Wyatt E. Edmonds: Birth: ca 1824 in TN. Death: 10 May 1887
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Aurelia Edson: Birth: 6 Jul 1817 in NY. Death: 24 Jan 1889 in Putnam Co, IN
Armilda Edwards: Birth: May 1854 in IN.
Elizabeth Edwards: Birth: ca 1859 in IN.
Enoch Edwards: Birth: ca 1822 in OH.
Isabelle Edwards: Birth: ca 1858 in IN.
Luther E. Edwards: Birth: 25 Oct 1852 in Morgan Co, IN. Death: 11 May 1904
unknown Edwards
Angus B. Egbert: Birth: ca 1866 in PA.
Frank Egbert: Birth: ca 1861 in PA.
Joseph A. Egbert: Birth: ca 1849 in PA.
Justus Egbert: Birth: 18 Aug 1825 in Sandy Lake Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Death: 12 Jul 1880 in Sandy Lake Twp, Mercer Co, PA
Margaret J. Egbert: Birth: ca 1850 in PA.
Roden Egbert: Birth: ca 1854 in PA.
Samuel L. Egbert: Birth: ca 1852 in PA.
Warren Egbert: Birth: Nov 1869 in PA.
John Egner: Birth: ca 1847 in NY.
Charles T. Elder: Birth: ca 1875 in IL.
Eli Sanford Elder: Birth: ca 1864 in IL. Death: 17 Oct 1927 in Spring Point Twp, Cumberland Co, IL
Eliza Ann Elder: Birth: ca 1824 in IN. Death: 1885 in Cumberland Co, IL
Elizabeth Elder: Birth: ca 1836 in IN.
Elizabeth Elder: Birth: ca 1862 in IL.
Florence Elder: Birth: ca Nov 1879 in IL.
Gabriel Elder: Birth: ca 1832 in Morgan Co, IN. Death: 1909 in Toledo, Cumberland Co, IL
George Thomas Elder: Birth: 23 Dec 1854 in IL. Death: 16 Jul 1940 in Kankakee State Hosp, Kankakee Twp, Kankakee Co, IL
Gertrude Elder: Birth: 26 Jan 1889 in IL. Death: Nov 1970
Harold H. Elder: Birth: ca 1902 in PA.
Harry Ambrose Elder: Birth: 1 Feb 1876 in PA.
Huldah Elder: Birth: ca 1859 in IL.
Isaac Elder: Birth: ca 1861 in IL.
James A. Elder: Birth: ca 1849 in IN.
James A. Elder: Birth: ca 1848 in IN.
James Allen Elder: Birth: 31 Mar 1822 in IN. Death: 22 Apr 1876 in Cumberland Co, IL
James William Elder: Birth: 2 May 1872 in Cumberland Co, IL. Death: 28 Sep 1922 in Spring Point Twp, Cumberland Co, IL
James Elder: Birth: 1789 in VA. Death: 6 Jan 1847 or 6 Jun 1847 in Morgan Co, IN
John Dudley Elder: Birth: 1 Dec 1866 in Cumberland Co, IL. Death: 21 May 1947 in Neoga Twp, Cumberland Co, IL
Joseph B. Elder: Birth: ca 1855 in IL.
Joseph L. Elder: Birth: 11 Apr 1812 or 12 May 1812 in KY. Death: 9 Jan 1874 in Cumberland Co, IL
Lew Ella Elder: Birth: Feb 1870 in IL.
Lewis Elder: Birth: ca 1878 in IL.
Louisa A. Elder: Birth: ca 1859 in IL.
Margaret Ann Elder: Birth: 22 Nov 1841 in IN. Death: 12 Jul 1923 in Union Twp, Cumberland Co, IL
Margaret Elder: Birth: ca 1810 in KY.
Mary E. Elder: Birth: ca 1845 in IN.
Mary F. Elder: Birth: ca 1858 in IL.
Merle Floyd Elder: Birth: 2 Sep 1898 in PA. Death: Apr 1972
Nancy Elder: Birth: ca 1852 in IL.
Rebecca Edna Elder: Birth: 28 Apr 1900 in IL. Death: 21 Mar 1902 in IL
Rebecca Elder: Birth: ca 1838 in IN.
Robert B. Elder: Birth: 19 Nov 1827 in IN. Death: 9 Jul 1851 in Cumberland Co, IL
Sarah A. Elder: Birth: ca 1871 in IL. Death: bet 1892 - 1900
Tilford A. Elder: Birth: ca 1850 in IN.
Walter Lawrence Elder: Birth: 14 Feb 1877 in Cumberland Co, IL. Death: 17 Dec 1949 in Cumberland Co, IL
William R. Elder: Birth: 26 Aug 1839 in IN. Death: 16 Aug 1898
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Merriett Ellingsworth: Birth: 10 Aug 1894 in MO. Death: 3 Apr 1970
Thomas Henry Ellingsworth: Birth: 21 Jan 1862 in AR. Death: 21 Jan 1959
John Elliot: Birth: ca 1855 in IL.
Ada Elizabeth Elliott: Birth: 21 Dec 1852 in Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne Co, PA. Death: 26 Mar 1896 in Brazil, Clay Co, IN
Jane Elliott: Birth: 4 Jan 1799 in PA. Death: 8 Aug 1864
Jennie Elliott: Birth: 16 Nov 1782 in Jefferson Co, TN. Death: 29 Aug 1838 in Shelby Co, IL
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Alice M. E. Ellis: Birth: ca 1870 in England.
Anna Ellis: Birth: 13 Sep 1782 in Shelbyville, Shelby Co, KY. Death: 25 May 1848 in Harrison Co, IN
Elizabeth Emaline Ellis: Birth: 9 Nov 1834 in TN. Death: 7 Dec 1908
Jesse Ellis: Birth: 6 May 1784 in Jefferson Co, TN. Death: 3 Oct 1853 in Moultrie Co, IL
Lucyntha Ellis: Birth: Mar 1857 in AR.
Mary A. Ellis: Birth: ca 1849 in IL.
Rachel J. Ellis: Birth: 11 Jul 1803 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY. Death: 8 Nov 1877 in Putnam Co, IN
Sarah Minerva Ellis: Birth: 2 Jul 1841 in Fuller's Point, Coles Co, IL. Death: 4 Apr 1915 in Sullivan, Moultrie Co, IL
Frederick D. Ellsworth: Birth: ca 1850 in IN. Death: bet 1880 - 1900
James Elston: Birth: 10 Oct 1823 in MO. Death: 10 Feb 1911
Charles Emerick: Birth: ca 1865 in IL.
Flora B. Emerick: Birth: ca 1868 in IL.
Harry Emerick: Birth: Mar 1870 in MO.
William Emerick: Birth: ca 1844 in IL.
Elizabeth Emery: Birth: 30 Oct 1802 in PA. Death: 9 Oct 1884 in PA
Anna Margarete Emmel: Birth: ca 1638 in Wachenbuchen, Hesse, Germany. Death: 24 Nov 1680 in Wachenbuchen, Hesse, Germany
John Emmons: Birth: ca 1837 in IL.
John English: Birth: ca 1840 in MO.
Mariah S. Ensworth: Birth: ca 1846 in PA.
Andrew Jackson Epley: Birth: ca 1798 in Lincoln Co, NC. Death: 8 Sep 1857 in Epley, Logan Co, KY
Barbara Epley: Birth: ca 1800 in Lincoln Co, NC. Death: 1849 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, IL
Daniel Epley: Birth: ca 1806 in Lincoln Co, NC.
David Epley: Birth: ca 1815 in Lincoln Co, NC.
Fanny Epley: Birth: ca 1799 in Lincoln Co, NC. Death: 20 Jun 1849 in McLeansboro, Hamilton Co, IL

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