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Moses Bledsoe
Nancy Bledsoe: Birth: 24 Nov 1824 in Orange Co, IN. Death: 27 Apr 1905
Ptolemy Bledsoe: Birth: 5 Apr 1786 in NC. Death: 22 Jun 1882 in Orange Co, IN
unknown Bledsoe: Birth: ca 1828 in Orange Co, IN.
William J. Bledsoe: Birth: ca 1823 in Orange Co, IN. Death: 1901 in Orange Co, IN
Anna B. Boes: Birth: Feb 1868 in Clay Co, IN.
Anthony Boes: Birth: ca 1831 in IN.
Catharine Boes: Birth: ca 1839 in OH.
Charles Boes: Birth: 16 Sep 1847 in Ross Twp, Butler Co, OH. Death: 28 Feb 1915 in Kokomo, Howard Co, IN
Emma F. Boes: Birth: ca 1875 in IN.
Harry Sanders Boes: Birth: 5 Oct 1895 in Brazil, Clay Co, IN.
Martha E. Boes: Birth: ca 1871 in IN.
Mary Ann Boes: Birth: ca 1835 in OH.
Mary F. Boes: Birth: ca 1866 in IL.
Matthew Boes: Birth: ca 1841 in Butler Co, OH.
Nancy E. Boes: Birth: Dec 1891 in IN.
Nancy Jane Boes: Birth: ca 1837 in OH.
Nora Etta Boes: Birth: Feb 1870 in IN.
Paul Boes: Birth: ca 1805 in PA.
Thomas J. Boes: Birth: ca 1873 in IN.
William F. Boes: Birth: ca 1865 in Clay Co, IN.
William Boes: Birth: ca 1833 in OH.
Mary Jane Boice: Birth: 5 Jul 1822 in NY. Death: 27 Jan 1885
Ada Ruth Boling: Birth: 25 Oct 1894 in Strasburg, Shelby Co, IL. Death: 16 Jan 1950 in Galion, Crawford Co, OH
Mary Boly: Birth: ca 1854 in MO. Death: 12 Mar 1896
Nathaniel Bond: Birth: ca 1801 in PA.
Martha Ann Bonds: Birth: ca 1827 in Cardston AlbertaTemple.
Elizabeth Francis Bone: Birth: 28 Dec 1834 in TN. Death: 14 Sep 1912 in Pea Ridge, Benton Co, AR
Carrie Bonewitz: Birth: ca 1890 in IN.
Catharine Ann Bonewitz: Birth: 28 Dec 1850 in OH. Death: 2 Mar 1940
Franklin Wesley Bonewitz: Birth: 1858. Death: 1861
John Zachariah Bonewitz: Birth: 3 May 1849 in Tuscarawas Co, OH. Death: 9 Jun 1930 in Weston, Umatilla Co, OR
John Bonewitz: Birth: 1825 in PA. Death: 1904 in Washington D.C.Temple
Loti Bonewitz: Birth: ca 1901 in IN.
Margaret Elizabeth Bonewitz: Birth: 5 Jan 1853. Death: 18 Sep 1853
Martha Hulda Bonewitz: Birth: 23 May 1865 in IN. Death: 25 Mar 1928
Mary Jane Bonewitz: Birth: 14 Jan 1855 in OH.
Michael L. Bonewitz: Birth: 5 May 1872. Death: 10 Jan 1932 in Blackfoot, Bingham Co, ID
Phoebe Ellen Bonewitz: Birth: 6 Jun 1868 in IN. Death: 31 Jul 1960
Cynthia A. Book: Birth: Dec 1844 in MO.
Francis J. Book: Birth: ca 1840 in IL.
George W. Book: Birth: ca 1842 in IL.
George Book: Birth: ca 1863 in IL.
John Thomas Book: Birth: ca 1849 in IL.
Margaret Susan Book: Birth: 19 Jul 1845 in IL. Death: 4 Jun 1913
Michael Book: Birth: 8 Jun 1793 in Fincastle, Botetourt Co, VA. Death: 6 Oct 1858 in Wayne Co, IL
Michael Book: Birth: 15 Oct 1823 in Mt. Erie Twp, Wayne Co, IL. Death: 22 Dec 1894 in Fairfield, Wayne Co, IL
Nancy C. Book: Birth: ca 1832 in IL.
Otis Book: Birth: ca 1869 in IL.
Rebecca J. Book: Birth: ca 1847 in IL.
Samuel H. Book: Birth: ca 1843 in IL.
Sibbie Frances Book: Birth: 23 Aug 1838 in IL. Death: 11 Jul 1915 in Independence Co, AR
Sibbie Book: Birth: ca 1850 in IL.
William Franks Book: Birth: ca 1831 in IL.
(male infant) Boone: Birth: 19 Aug 1906 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 19 Aug 1906 in Putnam Co, IN
Cora Boone: Birth: 1869 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 3 Aug 1899 in Reelsville, Putnam Co, IN
Elizabeth Boone: Birth: 10 Aug 1832 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 9 Dec 1921 in Madrid, Boone Co, IA
Elizabeth Boone: Birth: 7 Nov 1790 in Shelby Co, KY. Death: 9 Jun 1867 in Elk Rapids, Boone Co, IA
Elizabeth Boone: Birth: 1870 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 1871 in Putnam Co, IN
Ella A. Boone: Birth: Aug 1877 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 27 Feb 1953
Elmer Boone: Birth: 1872 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 1873 in Putnam Co, IN
Hannah C. Boone: Birth: 21 May 1830 in Putnam Co, IN.
Hannah Boone: Birth: 6 Feb 1770 in Exeter, Berks Co, PA. Death: 18 Dec 1833 in Harrison Co, IN
Harrison Boone: Birth: 9 Nov 1840 in Putnam Co, IN.
Jabe William Boone: Birth: ca 1842 in OH.
Jean I. Boone: Birth: Aug 1894 in IN.
John Boone: Birth: 1 Nov 1836 in Putnam Co, IN.
Julia Boone: Birth: 16 Oct 1834 in Putnam Co, IN.
Mary A. Boone: Birth: ca 1848 in IN.
Moses Boone: Birth: 23 Feb 1769 in Yadkin River, Rowan Co, NC. Death: 8 Mar 1852 in Manhattan, Putnam Co, IN
Richard Boone: Birth: 1875 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 1876 in Putnam Co, IN
Samuel Boone: Birth: 1800 in Shelby Co, KY. Death: 1877 in Putnam Co, IN
Squire A. Boone: Birth: Nov 1849 in IN. Death: 1926 in Putnam Co, IN
Squire Boone: Birth: 7 Jun 1794 in Shelby Co, KY. Death: 5 Dec 1879 in Boone Co, IA
Sylvester Boone: Birth: ca 1852 in OH.
Tyler Boone: Birth: 9 Nov 1840 in Putnam Co, IN.
William D. Boone: Birth: ca 1836 in IL.
William Thomas Boone: Birth: 31 Jul 1880 in Putnam Co, IN. Death: 7 Feb 1954 in Putnam Co, IN
Hannah Boosey: Birth: ca 1809 in OH.
Ella Booth: Birth: Feb 1879 in WV.
Charles Boots: Birth: Jan 1882 in IL.
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Charles Borker: Birth: ca 1842 in PA.
Adam C. Borland: Birth: ca 1846 in PA.
Andrew Borland: Birth: 1774.
Andrew Borland: Birth: 15 Apr 1812 in New Vernon Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Death: 13 Sep 1873
Anna Belle Borland: Birth: ca 1859 in PA.
Anna M. Borland: Birth: 24 Sep 1842 in Sandy Creek Twp, Mercer Co, PA.
Archibald Borland: Birth: 5 Jun 1768 in Northern Ireland. Death: 27 Aug 1840 in Pine Grove Mills, Centre Co, PA
Archibald Borland: Birth: 3 Jun 1838 in Mercer Co, PA.
Catherine Borland: Birth: 15 Apr 1830 in Sandy Creek Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Death: 27 Aug 1831 in New Vernon, Mercer Co, PA
Cyrus Borland: Birth: 11 Jun 1850 in Mercer Co, PA. Death: 19 Sep 1851
Elias Borland: Birth: ca 1836 in PA.
Elizabeth Borland: Birth: 18 Mar 1853 in Mercer Co, PA.
Ella Borland: Birth: 25 Jan 1857 in Mercer Co, PA. Death: 21 Mar 1858
Huston Borland: Birth: 18 Aug 1803 in Centre Co, PA. Death: 23 Apr 1866
Isaac Holloway Borland: Birth: 25 Feb 1834 in Sandy Creek Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Death: 6 Aug 1887 in Mercer Co, PA
Isabella Borland: Birth: 3 Feb 1797 in Huntingdon Co, PA. Death: 19 Sep 1861
Isabella Borland: Birth: 2 Jun 1845 in Sandy Creek Twp, Mercer Co, PA. Death: 13 Apr 1848 in New Vernon, Mercer Co, PA

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