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  1. Maud de Mortimer : Birth: ABT 1286. Death: ABT 18 SEP 1312 in Alton, STS, ENG

  2. Roger de Mortimer : Birth: ABT 25 APR 1287 in Thornbury, HEF, ENG. Death: 29 NOV 1330 in Elms, Tyburn, ENG

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1. Title:   Weis--Magna Charta Sureties
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  I.1. EDMUND DE MORTIMER, 2nd but 1st surviving son and heir, aged 30 and more in 1282, and 40 and more in 1301. As second son he had been bred to the Church, and in November 1263 Henry III promised him a benefice. In 1271 Philip de Croft was his "guardian and master.~ On 8 August 1282, while his father was still living, he received the custody of the castle and hundred of Oswestry, during the minority of the heir of John FitzAlan. He had livery of his inheritance 24 November 1282. Within three weeks Llewelyn was killed at Builth in a chance encounter. Edmund was summoned to perform military service in person against the Welsh in 1283, the muster being at Montgomery on 2 May, and to the meeting at Shrewsbury 30 September following. In 1286 he was named in a commission of inquiry touching weirs in the Severn, when he had leisure to attend. In June 1287 he was a commissioner of array in Salop and Staffs; in July was ordered to be intendant on the Earl of Gloucester, captain of the expedition into Brecknock ; in November was ordered to reside in his lordship till the rebellion of Rhys ap Meredith should be put down; and on 5 December was made joint keeper of Ystrad-Towy and Cardigan during pleasure. In Lent 1291 he was summoned to attend (and did attend) the trial of the charges brought by the Earl of Hereford against the Earl of Gloucester at Brecknock. He attested deeds at Westminster on 16 May 1291. In 1292 he obtained a charter for a market and fair at Llanyre, co. Radnor. On 8 June 1294 he was among those summoned to attend the King upon the decision as to war
 with France, and-on 14 June was exempted from summons for service in Gascony. He was summoned to Parliament from 24 June 1295 to 2 June 1302, by writs directed Edmundo de Mortuo Mari, whereby he is held to have become LORD MORTIMER. On the outbreak of war he was commissioner in his own lands in the March to seize the property of the alien religious. He was present at the installation
 banquet of Simon, prior of Worcester, on 23 September 1296. On 1 July 1297 the King confirmed charters of liberties granted by Edmund de Mortimer to his men of Maelienydd. On 7 July he was summoned for service beyond seas, and for military service against the Scots later in the same year. On 8 September 1297 he was summoned to a military council at Rochester, and to a Council in London on the 30th of that month, both to be held by Prince Edward. As Dominus de Wiggemore he joined in the Barons' letter to the Pope on 12 February 1300/1. In May 1301 he had livery of his mother's lands. He married, 1stly, circa 1285, Margaret, da. of Sir William DE FENLES (or DE FIENES), 2nd cousin of Eleanor of Castile, Queen of Edward I, by Blanche DE BRIENNE. He died 17 July 1304, and was buried at Wigmore. Dower was assigned to his widow 25 September 1304. The castle of Radnor was restored to her, as her dower, after seizure upon her son's forfeiture; but her presence in those parts was too great an encouragement to the contrariants to be suffered, and she was therefore lodged in various places (in Hants, in Skipton-in-Craven and Pontefract Castles, and in Elstowe nunnery) by order of the King. Her lands, which had been seized by the King in 1322, were restored in 1328. In 1330 a papal indult was issued for her. She died 7 February 1333/4. [CP 9:281-3, 14:488] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.