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Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard Courthope: Birth: ABT 1503 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG. Death: ABT 20 AUG 1568 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG

  2. Peter Courthope: Birth: ABT 1505 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG. Death: ABT 24 OCT 1567 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG

  3. William Courthope: Birth: ABT 1507 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG. Death: ABT 24 DEC 1569

  4. Katherine\Elizabeth COURTHOPE: Birth: ABT 1510 in Cranbrook, Kent, England. Death: BEF 1547 in Cranbrook, Kent, England

  5. Elizabeth Courthope: Birth: ABT SEP 1510.

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Courthope: Birth: ABT 1487 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG. Death: 1527 in Cranbrook, Kent, ENG

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a. Note:   From "Extensions of the Sheafe Ancestry" by John Brooks Threlfall, a Fellow of thee American Society of Genealogists and author of many scholarly articles. Printed in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, October 1983.
  "Founder of a once prominent family of Cranbrook, Kent. His parentage is unknown although many other Courthope wills have been read. The Courthopes are found at Canterbury and other towns of Kent at an early date. The name first appears on a subsidy roll at Wadhurst, Sussex, in the reign of King Edward I. The source of the name appears to be the estate of Curthope in Lamberhurst, Sussex, which Theobald, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the twelfth century gave to the abbey of Leeds (Edward Hasted, History of Kent [Canterbury, 1778-1799], 5:308). Alexander was a clothier, as evidenced by his will, and that he prospered is evident from his will which is about the only source of information on him. His son John was obviously so much older than his other children, that it seems certain that Alexander had an earlier wife before Katherine. His will is long with much repetitious phrasing. An abstract of the will (Probate Registry at Maidstone, Kent, C14:100):
  26 February 1523/4 - The will of Alexander Courthop of the parish of Cranbrook, Kent ... to be buried in our lady's chancel within the parish church of Saint Dunstan of Cranbrook ... to the high altar for tythes forgotten 20s ... supporting of the light caled John's light within the same church 3s. 4d., to our lady's light in our lady's chanceland to our lady's light before our lady of piety, to every of them 3s. 4d., unto the light before the image of Saint Anthony, to the light before the image of Stephen, to the light before the image of Saint Blase, to the light before the image of Saint Mighell, to every of them 20d., to the light before the image of Saint Appolyn and to the light before the holy body in our lady's chapel, to every of them 12d., to the light before the image of Saint Booke 20d.. And to every of my godchildren to pray for my soul 8d, unto William Courthop my son 12 spoons of silver and to Peter Courthop my son another 12 spoons of silver ... unto the amending of the highways between Cranbrook and Linton five marks sterling ... unto Katherine Adam my servant 4 marks at the day of her marriage ... unto Agnes Foster my servant 40d in like manner ... priest to sing and say masses twice daily for a month for the health of my soul, my father's and mother's souls for three years next ... 10 marks sterling stipend every year to brother Francis to do the same, etc. a yearly obit to be done in the said church of Cranbrook for the health of my soul, my father, my mother ... for 20 years, 13d yearly for obit of which 6d. to priests and clerks and the residue unto poor people. Unto William my son #40 if he live to 22 years ... unto Katherine, Elizabeth, and Eleanor my daughters unto every of them #40 sterling as they come to their age of 24 years or day of marriage ... Katherine my daughter was 14 years at Christmas last past before the date of this present testament and Elizabeth my daughter was 13 years of age at the feast of Saint Mighell the archangel last past before the date of this present testament and also Eleanor my daughter was of the age of 10 years at the foresaid feast of Christmas last past ... residue of estate to Katherine my wife and to the said Peter Courthop my son whom I make and ordain to be executors.
  This is the last will of me the foresaid Alexander Courthop ... where John Hales, esquire, one of the Barons of the king's exchequer, John Baker, gentleman, Christopher Hales, gentleman, Nicholas Tufton, gentleman, Richard Byg, Gyles Andrews and Thomas Davy stand and be feoffed and seised of and in all my lands and tenements, rents and [illegible] mills, waters, ways, meadows, pastures, and woods ... in Cranbrook, Maidstone, and Bedynden or elsewhere in the county of Kent as by a certain deed of feoffment whose date is the 5th day of April in the 13th year of the reign of King Henry VIII ... immediately after my death my said feoffes shall suffer Katherine my wife to take the yearly profits of my principal messuage wherein I now dwell with the dye house and all manner of implements thereunto belonging ... in Cranbrook and Badylden ... same for property where Thomas Cutts dwelled and which he occupied by my lease ... Katherine to have entry there for her fruit and other profits, 40 loads of logs and butts, for fagots to be felled in my woods ... Katherine to have custody of the children until they marry and of William my son til he cometh to his age of 22 years and of Peter my son ... during the term of her widowhood she to have income from the bequests to William and Peter until they come of age. Peter my son shall be at his age of 19 years at the feast of christmas next coming after the date of this present testament ... William his brother shall be at the same feast of Christmas 17 years of age ... lands and tenements called Hokeregge and other land which I the foresaid Alexander and Katherine my wife recently had of the feoffment of Robert Foster her father ... Immediately after my decease my said feoffes shall suffer Richard Courthop my son to occupy and to take the yearly profits, revenues, and advantages of all the said lands ... called Hokrege, etc. ... which I and the said Katherine had of the feoffment of Robert Foster .. lands which I bought of Richard Taylor and Thomas Taylor at the other side of the street against the woods called the Breche ... lands bought of Master Welford ... immediately after the term of widowhood of the said Katherine my wife expires, feoffes shall suffer Peter Courthop my son to occupy and to take the profits of my principal messauge and yarding ... wherein I now dwell forthwith, the dyehouse ... lands arable and woodland ... in Cranbrook and Badylden ... land I bought of Harry Gebon ... lands in Bedynden ... Peter to have at age 22 the woods called the Breche ... field called Crouchfield ... John Courthop my son to have immediately after my decease ... land called the new Marlyng in Cranbrook which I purchased of Richard Mugge ... land which I bought at Gervase Carkerege ... land in Maidstone which I bought of Margaret Brede to said John, he to pay yearly 40s to said Katherine my wife ... said John Courthop my son shall have and enjoy to him and his heirs for ever all those lands and tenements which I heretofore have given him ... it shall be lawful to any of my 3 sons, that is to say, Richard, Peter, and William to make unto every such honest woman or women as they or any of them is or shall be lawfully married unto a jointure of and in part of the said lands and tenements to him willed for term of life of the said woman ... Witnesses: Christopher Hales, gentleman, Richard Byg, Robert Andrews, Thomas Scotte, Gyles Andrews, Stephen Bysshop, Frances Ellysmere, priest, and Thomas Foster ... Proved 6 January 1525/6" is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.