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  1. William de Brewes : Birth: ABT 1224. Death: 6 JAN 1290/91 in Findon, West Sussex, ENG

  2. Richard de Brewes : Birth: BEF 1232. Death: BEF 18 JUN 1292

  3. John de Brewes : Death: BEF 7 DEC 1295

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1. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   2:302, 11:384
2. Title:   Magna Carta Ancestry, Douglas Richardson, 2005
Page:   135
3. Title:   The Genealogist

a. Note:   Lord of Bramber, Buckingham, and Gower. John Braose, surnamed Tadody. He had been privately nursed by a Welsh woman, at Gower. This John de Braos had grants of lands [ some formerly his father's] from King Henry III. and held also the Barony of Brembye, in Sussex, where he died in 1232, by a fall from his horse, his foot remaining in the stirrup. Released from captivity in 1218 during the reign of Henry III, as were his brothers Giles, Philip, and Walter. Claimed to have been brought up secretly by a Welshman in Gower, and to have been at some time in the custody of his uncle Giles, Bishop of Hereford.
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  John de Braose, Lord of Bramber and Gower
  Born: 1198
 Died: 1232
  Nicknamed "Tadody" by the Welsh when he was hidden in Gower as a child after King John had killed his father and grandmother, he was later in the custody of Engelard de Cigogny (castellan of Windsor) along with his brother Giles. Cigogny was ordered to give the two boys up to William de Harcourt in 1214. At this time John became separated from his brother. He was present at the signing of Magna Carta in 1215.
  John disputed his uncle Reginald's claim to the Braose lands, sometimes resorting to arms. Llewelyn helped him to secure Gower (1219). In 1221, with the advice and permission of Llewelyn, he repaired his castle of Abertawy (Swansea, right) or Seinhenydd. He purchased the Rape of Bramber from Reginald and his son, William, in 1226. In that year John confirmed the family gifts to Sele Priory, near Bramber, and to the Abbey of St. Florent, Saumur, and added others. After the death of Reginald (1228) he became Lord of Skenfrith, Grosmont and Whitecastle, the three Marcher castles, by charter from the king but he lost these in 1230 to Hugh de Burgh at the same time as Gower became a subtenancy of de Burgh's Honour of Carmarthen and Cardigan.
  John was killed by a fall from his horse at Bramber in 1232.
 Received Bramber from his uncle Reginald.
  Father: William de Braose
 Mother: Matilda de Clare
  Married to Margaret, dau of Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, (1219)
  Child 1: William de Braose (d 1290)
 Child 2: Richard (d before 1300) = Alice le Rus (1256 - 1300/1) (=(1) Richard Longspee)
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