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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joan de Geneville : Birth: 2 FEB 1285/86 in Ludlow, SAL, ENG. Death: 19 OCT 1356

  2. Beatrice de Geneville : Birth: 1287.

  3. Mathilde de Geneville : Birth: 4 AUG 1291.

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a. Note:   [SIR PIERS DE GENEVILLE, of Ludlow, Salop, Walterstone, co. Hereford,&c., 2nd son and heir apparent. He married Joan, or Jehanne, widow of Bernard-Ezy I, SIRE D'ALBRET in Gascony (whose will was dated Monday before Christmas [23 December] 1280, and who died before 24 May 1281, and daughter of Hugue XII, called le Brun, COUNT OF LA MARCHE AND ANGOUL�ME, by Jehanne, daughter and heir of Raoul, SEIGNEUR DE FOUG�RES in Brittany. By their charters, dated at Acton Burnell, 11 October 11 Edward I, Geoffrey de Geneville and Maud de Lacy, his wife, gave to Piers, their son, their castle of Ludlow and their part of the town of Ludlow, and all their land of Ewyas, and all their fees in England and Wales, to him and the heirs of his body; and to the same Piers, their son, and Joan, sister of the Count of La Marche, their manors of Stanton Lacy, Mansell Lacy, and Wolferlow, except the knights' fees pertaining thereto, to them and the heirs of the body of Piers: with reversion, in each case, to themselves or the heirs of Maud. Piers died shortly before 8 June 1292. His widow obtained the manors of which she and her husband had been jointly enfeoffed, 24 August 1292. On 11 October 1296 her lands, which had been taken into the King's hand as those of an alien dwelling in parts beyond seas---she was then living in Gascony---were restored to her. She was summoned for Military Service against the King of France, 24 May 1297, as Johanna que fuit uxor Petri de Geynvill'. On 24 September 1308, about the time of the failure of the direct male line of the Counts of La Marche, the King of France had already begun to buy off those entitled to inherit, under the will of Count Hugue XIII, or otherwise, any portion of the vast domains of the House of Lusignan. By charter dated 1309, Sunday the Feast of St. Peter ad cathedram [22 February 1300/1, circiter horant prime, Jehanne de la Marche widow, sister of the late Guiard formerly Count of La Marche, agreed to receive, in satisfaction of her claim on her brother's estates, the reversion, to her and her heirs, of the castles and ch�tellenies of Couh� in Poitou and Peyrat in Limousin, with the towns pertaining thereto, expectant on the death of her uncle, Guy de la Marche kt., qui dicta castra castellanias et villas debet possidere quamdiu vitam duxerit in humanis. In August 1310 the King of France, in fuller recompense, gave her the like reversion of the towns of Saint-Hilaire and Pontarion. Guy de la Marche died before 1 June 1313, at which date she was in possession of these four seigneuries. She died shortly before 18 April 1323. [CP 5:789-90] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.