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Marriage: Children:
  1. Brian Stapleton: Birth: 1379 in Of Ingham and Bedale. Death: BET 4 MAY AND 6 AUG 1438

  2. Edmund Stapleton: Death: 1462

  3. Ela Stapleton: Death: AFT 16 OCT 1456

1. Title:   TG
Page:   II:274
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   5:643, 7:63

  III.3. SIR MILES (DE STAPLETON), son and heir, of Ingham, Bedale, &c., de jure, according to modern doctrine, LORD INGHAM, was found to be aged 20 years and 51 weeks on 16 June 1378, the Queen having had the custody of his lands, which she had granted to Sir Brian de Stapleton, John de Boys, and Roger de Boys. He had letters of protection in 1381 among those sent to Portugal to renew the alliance, and afterwards to Prague to negotiate the marriage of Richard II and the Princess Anne of Bohemia. He married Ela, daughter of Sir Edmund DE UFFORD, le cosin, of the family of Ufford, Earl of
 Suffolk, who predeceased him. He died 10 April 1419, and was buried with his wife at Ingham.
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