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  1. Fulk FitzWarin: Death: 25 JUL 1349

  2. William FitzWarin: Birth: in Of Whittington, Salop, & Brians in Wantage, BRK. Death: 1361

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1. Title:   BxP
Page:   213
2. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   5:734

  II.2. FULK (FITZWARIN), LORD FiTZWARIN, son and heir. His marriage was granted to his father, 1 July 1285. In October 1299 he was about to set out for Scotland on the King's service, and he was with the King in Scotland in 1300, and again in 1303. He was knighted by the Prince of Wales, 22 May 1306, at Westminster. In 1309 he granted the manor of Alveston to Walter de Gloucestre, in fee: he was then about to set out with John de Hastinges for Gascony. In March 1310/1 he was about to go overseas on the King's service. He married Alianore, daughter of Sir John DE BEAUCHAMP of Hatch Somerset, by Cecily, 4th daughter and coheir of Sir William DE VIVONNE, le Fort, of Chewton, Somerset. On 5 January 1315/6 his wife did homage for the manor of Whittington, and had livery of the manor, to hold till her husband returned from beyond seas. He was summoned for Military Service from 18 June 1310 to 27 March 1335, and to Parliament from 20 November 13I7 to 22 January 1335/6, by writs, directed Fulconi filio Warini or FitzWaryn. He was beyond seas in May 1313, was about to go to Ireland on the King's service in February 1316/7, and to parts beyond seas in April 1320, and was in Gascony on the King's service in 1324 and 1325. He was pardoned, as an adherent of the Earl of Lancaster, 22 October 1318. He was robbed, at Burford, Oxon, by two malefactors, but the thieves
 were caught, and a portion of the stolen articles, viz., eight silver dishes, a silk girdle, a gold brooch, and a chest containing documents, were ordered to be restored to him, 20 January 1321/2. In March following he was Constable of the royal army against the contrariants, and, as holding this office, was one of the judges who condemned Roger Damory at Tutbury, Saturday after St. Gregory [13 March]. Early in 1330, being accused of being an adherent of Edmund, Earl of Kent, the sheriffs of Berks and Salop and the justiciar of Wales were ordered (18 March) to take and imprison him, and bring him before the King at Woodstock on the morrow of the Close of Easter [16 April], and if he refused to surrender, to seize his lands: on 27 April his castle of Whittington was committed to a keeper, and on 31 May his wife, Alianore, had a temporary grant of 40 marks a year and his house at Wantage as a residence, for
 the support of herself and her children: his sons, Fulk and Ioun, were detained in prison at Shrewsbury, and on 8 October orders were given that they should be treated without duress: he himself had fled the
 country, and had a safe conduct to return from beyond seas, 25 November 1330. He was found guiltless, and Whittington Castle and his other lands were restored to him, 8 December following. He died shortly before 6 June 1336. His widow, Alianore, who held one-third of the manors of Alveston and Earthcote [in Alveston] in dower, was living 18 November 1341. [CP 5:734-6] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.