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  2. Essex Howard: Death: AFT 1705

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  1. Elizabeth Howard: Birth: 1656. Death: 1681

1. Title:   The Complete Peerage
Page:   12[1]:468

  XIII.3. JAMES (HOWARD), EARL OF SUFFOLK, and LORD HOWARD (of Walden), 1st son and heir, baptized 10 February 1619/20 at Walden, James I being one of his sponsors; K.B. 1 February 1625/6, at the Coronation of Charles I; styled LORD WALDEN, 1626-40. He joined the King at York with 20 horse for the campaign against the Scots in 1639; joint Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk (after his father's death), June 1640, and Lord Lieutenant (on the nom. of the Parliament), 5 March 1641/2. In the Civil War he sided with the Parliament but did not hold any command in the ficld; joint Commissioner from the Parliament to the King at Newcastle, July 1646, but was (with 6 other Peers) impeached by the House of Commons of high treason, 8 September 1647, the proceedings, however, being dropped, June 1648; High Steward of Ipswich, 1653. At the Restoration he was made Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk again, and Cambridgeshire,
 1660-80/1; Earl Marshal for the Coronation of Charles II, 18-23 April 1661; M.A. of Oxford, 28 September 1663, and M.A. of Cambridge 6 September 1664; Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 4 March 1664/5-80/1; Governor of Landguard Fort, Essex, 1666, commanding in person the troops who opposed the Dutch landing near Harwich, 23 July 1667; joint Commissioner for the office of Earl Marshal, 15 June 1673; a Whig in politics. He married, 1stly, 1 December 1640, at Kensington, Susanna, 3rd daughter of Henry (Rich), 1st EARL OF HOLLAND, by Isabel, daughter and heir of Sir Walter COPE, of Kensington. She died 19 May 1649 at Kensington and was buried 29 May at Walden, aged 22. He married, 2ndly, shortly after 19 February 1650/1 (settlement 13 February), Barbara, widow of the Hon. Richard WENMAN (only son and heir apparent of Thomas, 2nd VISCOUNT WENMAN OF TUAM [IRL], sister of William, 2nd VISCOUNT GRANDISON or LIMERICK [IRL], daughter of Sir Edward VILLIERS, President of Munster, by Barbara, daughter of Sir John ST. JOHN, of Lydiard Tregoze, Wilts. She, who was baptized 1 June 1622 at Westminster Abbey and was Groom of the Stole to the Queen Consort, died of apoplexy 13 December 1681 in London and was buried 26 December at Walden, aged 59. He married 3rdly, about 10 June 1682, Anne,[f] 1st daughter of Robert (MONTAGU), 3rd EARL OF MANCHESTER, by Anne, daughter of Sir Christopher YELVERTON, 1st Baronet, of Easton Mauduit, Northants. He died s.p.m.s., 7 January 1688/9,[g] and was buried 17 January at Walden, in his 69th year, when the Barony of Howard (of Walden) (created in 1597) fell into abeyance between his two daughters and coheirs. His widow, who was aged 22 in 1682, died s.p. 19 October 1720 in Gerrard Str., Soho, and was bur. at Walden. [CP 12[1]:468-9]
  [f] A. Stephens writes to Abigail Harley,- 12 Apr. 1683, "Lady Suffolk makes one of the rarest wives that ever I heard of, for her lord for the most part with the gout and three score arid six years old, is confined greatly to his chamber. She never stirs from him and admits very few visits if he be not so well as to see them" (Hist. MSS. Com., Portland MSS., vol. iii, p. 374.)
  [g] On 8 May 1669 he sold Audley End to Charles Il for �50,000, but as only �30,000 was forthcoming, the house was reconveyed to Henry, the 5th Earl, in August 1701. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.