Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

William FitzRobert died ABT 1209. He married Ankaret verch Rhys . He was the son of Robert FitzMartin and Alice de Nonant .

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Robert FitzMartin died ABT 1159. He was the son of Martin and Person Not Viewable .

Alice de Nonant died AFT 1175. She was the daughter of Person Not Viewable .

Children of Alice de Nonant // and Robert /FitzMartin/ are:
  1. William FitzRobertdied ABT 1209. He married Ankaret verch Rhys . She died ABT AUG 1226.

  2. Person Not Viewable . He/She married Person Not Viewable .

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Martin died BEF 1086.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 4

Person Not Viewable .

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