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Marriage: Children:
  1. John Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1430.

  2. Robert Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1432. Death: 1481

  3. Elizabeth Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1433.

  4. Richard Wingfield: Birth: ABT 1435. Death: 1509

  5. Dorothy Wingfield: Birth: 1565. Death: nov 7 1619 (1617?)

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a. Continued:   Robert Wingfield was born on 1532 in Upton, Newhamptonshire, England. His parents were Robert Wingfield (b: ABT 1490 in Upton, Newhamptonshire, England) and Margery Quarles (b: 1493.) The Wingfield family lineage traces to the mid-13th century in Suffolk. Robert married Elizabeth Cecil (b: 1525 in Tickencote, Rutlanshire, England) in September, 1555 at Stamford. They had the following children: --- Robert Wingfield b: 1565 in Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England --- Dorothy Wingfield b: 1565 in Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England --- John Wingfield b: 1568 in Tickencote, Rutland, England --- Elizabeth Wingfield b: 1570 in Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England --- Peregrine Wingfield b: 1572 in Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England --- Cecil Wingfield b: 1574 in Tickencote, Rutlandshire, England --- Richard Wingfield b: 1576 in Upton, Northamptonshire, England The Cecil family rose to great prominence in Tudor England, as a result of the role played by David Cecil, Elizabeth's grandfather, at the Battle of Bosworth. David fought in support of the soon-to-be King Henry VII, and was later rewarded with great power and property. Robert lived at Upton Manor in Northamptonshire, which had been granted to his father by Henry VIII. He served as Custodian of Windsor Castle, and was the Member of Parliament for Peterborough during the 14th year of Elizabeth's reign (1572.) Robert Wingfield died March 31, 1580 and was buried at Upton on Apr. 2, 1580.. SOURCES: [1] [2] ancestors and cousins ... [3] [4] [5] Publication: Plantagenet Ancestry of Seventeenth-Century Colonists, by Faris, Genealogical Pyublishing Co, Baltimore, Maryland, 1996 [6] [7] The Robertson - Smith Connection ... Person Page 216 [8] Burke, Commoners , page 480. [9] Wingfield Fam. Soc, Charts of 6 Aug 1995 , page 6, chart 6. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.