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  1. James Angell: Birth: 1584 in St. Nicolas Olav, Breadstreet, London, England.. Death: 1638

  2. Elizabeth Angell: Birth: 1590.

  3. Catherine Angell: Birth: 1592.

  4. Mary Angell: Birth: 1601 in London. Death: 10 APR 1661

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a. Note:   William Angell and Elizabeth Holland William Angell was born in 1560, in Peakirk Northamptonshire, England. His parents were Thomas Angell (b: 1538 in Peakirk Northamptonshire, England) and Anne Harby (b: 1545 in Glinton, Northamptonshire, England.) Sources vary significantly as to how many children William fathered (somewhere between 10 and 17), how many wives he married (one to three), and when and where -- and, especially, to which mother -- each child was born. But we do know with reasonable certainty that a son of William Angell (James Angell, born about 1584) was the 12th g-grandfather of Michael Smith. And, following a separate ancestral line, a daughter of William Angell (Mary Angell, born about 1596) was the 11th g-grandmother of Donna Dunbar. By one accounting (source [3]), William was married (first) to Elizabeth Holland (b: ABT. 1567 in London, England) in St Matthews, Friday Street, London, England. She was the daughter of Phileman Holland (b: 1552 in Chelmsford, Essex, England) and Anne Bot (b: 1555 in Perry Hall, Stafford, England.) Elizabeth Holland was a descendant of Henry I and William the Conqueror. The Holland (Holand) family flourished in the time of Edward the Confessor, and took their name either from Holand in West Derby hundred, in the county of Lancaster, or from Holand in Lincolnshire -- both properties were 11th-century possessions of the Holland family. Sir Otho de Holland lived before the Conquest. His g-grandson, Sir Ralph (son of Sir Ralph Holland), lived at the Conquest, and for his services was awarded many properties by William the Conqueror. Elizabeth Holland was a descendant of Henry I and William the Conqueror. William and Elizabeth (Holland) had the following issue: --- James Angell b: 1584 in London, England --- Robert Angell b: ABT. 1586 --- Catherine Angell b: ABT. 1588 --- Ellen Angell b: ABT. 1588 --- Elizabeth Angell b: ABT. 1592 in London, England --- Richard Angell b: ABT. 1594 --- John Angell b: ABT. 1596 in Peakirk Northamptonshire, England --- Katherine Angell b: ABT. 1598 in St Thomas, London, England Elizabeth Holland died 21 MAR 1623/1624 William married (second) Elizabeth Hudson b: ABT. 1560 in St Thomas, London, England) in St Matthews, Friday Street, London, England; William and Elizabeth (Hudson) had the following issue: --- James Henry Angell b: ABT. 1592 in Mulcheney, Dorset, England --- Roger Angell b: ABT. 1594 --- Mary Angell b: ABT. 1596 in England William married (third) Joan Povey (b: DEC 1565 in Newgate, London, England) in 1585; Her parents were John Povye and Elizabeth Hobson. William and Joan had the following issue: --- Joyce Angell b: 1590 --- Anne Angell b: 1590 --- Mary Marie Angell b: 1590 in Peakirk Northamptonshire, England --- Helen Angell b: 1603 --- Bridget Angell b: 1599 --- Martha Angell b: BEF. 24 JUL 1608 in London, England William was the most successful of Thomas' sons. He was born in 1560 at Peakirk and died 30 Oct 1629 in London. After leaving Peakirk, he went to London and became a fishmonger ((one who sells fish.) He was successful and became very wealthy and powerful. Eventually, he was the fishmonger to King James I , and was later appointed Sergeant Acatery (Provisioner -- or "caterer") to two kings, James I and Charles I. In 1613, William purchased the Crowhurst estate, and later, in 1618, the advowson of Crowhurst Church from Sir William Forster. (An advowson had the right to name the head of a church.) Crowhurst beame the seat of the Angell family and many family members were buried in the churchyard cemetery. The estate is still standing today, and is apparently still under the control of a descendant of William the Fishmonger through the female line. William's son John (b. 1592, d. 1670) carried on his father's tradition of adding to the family fortune. He inherited his father's position as Acatery and Verderer of Windsor Castle. He was also the Gentleman Porter (his father paid £150 for the position) and caterer to King James I and Charles I. John was also involved in arranging the marriage of his stepsister, Mary (possibly Marie), to Sir John Claypole (or Claypool). Her marriage was a contract signed 6 July 1622 signed by Adam Claypool, John Claypool, William Angell, John Angell, and Mary Angell, for which her father paid a dowry of £1500. The Claypole family (also spelled Claypoole, Cleypole, etc.) is old, large, and well documented. At the time of the Restoration (1660 to 1700), the Claypole family scattered to different parts of the world: Germany, the West Indies, and the New world. NOTE: One of Mary Angell and John Claypole's sons was named John, and his marriage provides a link to one of the most infamous pieces of family history. In 1644, John married Elizabeth Cromwell, the "Lord Protector" Oliver Cromwell's daughter. The story goes that John joined the Parliamentary Army when he was about 20. Just after, or during, the Siege of Newark, John left to marry Elizabeth, who was 16 at the time. Despite her age and that he didn't attend the wedding, Oliver probably approved of the marriage. Elizabeth was Oliver's favorite, and he would approve of anything that she wanted. Oliver Cromwell overthrew King Charles I in 1649 (Charles was beheaded) and became the Lord Protector. During that same year, he defeated Ireland, divided it, and gave the land to his soldiers instead of pay. This was how the Protestants came to own the properties in Ireland and was the start of the "Irish Problems" between the Protestants and Catholics. When Cromwell died, Charles the II was "restored" to the throne. One of the more grisly stories is that Cromwell was so hated when he died, that his body was exhumed so that he could be publicly executed. Somehow, his head was "mislaid" ("lost" in the real sense of the word) and was discovered years later on someone's dinner table. It was during this "Restoration" period, because of their relationship to Cromwell, that the Claypole family scattered. William Angell died about AUG 1629 in St Thomas Apostle, London, England. NOTE: The ancestry of Mary Angell’s mother, Elisabeth Holland, includes --- Geoffrey “the Fair” Plantagenet, Count of Anjou; --- Gerberge, Queen of France (b. 913/14); --- Charlemagne, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 2 Apr 742); --- Louis "the Pious" Carolingian Emperor (b. Aug 778); and --- Lothair I, Holy Roman Emperor (b. 795.) SOURCES: [1] [2] [3] [4] The Olney Connection ... 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