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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rebecca Osborn: Birth: ABT 1759. Death: BEF 1840

  2. Sarah Osborn: Birth: ABT 1761.

  3. John Osborn: Birth: ABT 1765. Death: ABT AUG 1847

  4. Levi Osborn: Birth: ABT 1767. Death: 20 DEC 1823

  5. Elijah Osborn: Birth: ABT 1770. Death: ABT 1846

  6. Joseph Osborn: Birth: ABT 1772.

  7. David Osborn: Birth: 1774. Death: BEF AUG 1807

  8. James Osborn: Birth: ABT 1776. Death: 17 AUG 1822

  9. Jane Osborn: Birth: ABT 1780.

  10. Huldah Osborn: Birth: ABT 1782.

  11. Deborah Osborn: Birth: ABT 1784.

  12. Milly Osborn: Birth: ABT 1786.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth Osborn: Birth: ABT 1760 in Rockingham, VA. Death: 1804 in Shenandoah, Virginia

a. Note:   John Osborne and Elizabeth (Betty) Claypool John Osborne was born on 17 APR 1729 in Of Augusta Co, VA, to Jacob (Jeremiah) Osborne (b. 4 SEP 1719 in Salem, Essex, MA) and Ann Purrington (b: 1725 in Danvers, Essex, MA.) NOTE: John Osborne's g-g-g-grandfather was John Osborne (b. about 1589 in Weymouth, Norfolk, Massachusetts.) John was married on 1758 in Augusta Co., Virginia, to Elizabeth (Betty) Claypool (b: ABT 1739 in Cedar Branch, Rockingham, VA.) Elizabeth's father was James E. Claypoole (B: 14 Feb 1700/01 in Brocks Gap, Rockingham Co., VA.) Through Elizabeth Osborn and her mother, Elizabeth Claypoole, the Dunbar family traces it's ancestry back to the Plantagenet royalty of medieval Europe (and beyond that, to Charlemagne.) Various sources date the earliest Osborn family emigration to America (Massachusetts) prior to 1615. John and Elizabeth Osborn (along with Jeremiah Osborn, Jeremiah Osborn Sr., and George Osborn) left Augusta Co. (about 1763) with the Claypools to settle in Hampshire Co. (Hardy Co.?), along the south branch of the Potomac. They bought land from Lord Fairfax, a good friend to George Washington. They built cabins along the lost river. But, when it got too crowded along the river, John and Elizabeth (along with several others) heard of new land available along the western frontier, in Greenbriar County. They moved there, settling along the Muddy River and on Muddy Creek Mountain, near the newly laid out town of Alderson. This move was about 1774-1775, during the beginning of the Revolutionary War. As the war heated up, a murderous frontier indian war began, fueled by the British policy of paying the indians a bounty for any colonist scalp they could bring to the British garrison at Fort Detroit. There were several attacks on Fort Savannah (now Lewisburg) nearby. John and Elizabeth had the following children: --- Rebecca Osborne; b: about 1759 in Rockingham, VA --- Sarah Osborn; b. about 1761 in Rockingham Co., VA. --- Elizabeth Osborn; b. about 1763 in Rockingham Co., VA. --- John Osborn; b. about 1765 near Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va. --- Levi Osborn; b. about 1767 near Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va. *** --- Deborah OSBORNE b: 1767 in Greenbrier, WV *** < Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va? > --- Levi OSBORNE b: 1768 in Greenbrier, WV < Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va? > --- Elijah Osborn; b. about 1770 near Lost River, Hardy County, VV.Va. --- Joseph Osborn; b. about 1772 near Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va. --- David Osborn; b. in 1774 in Greenbrier County, WV. < probably s/b Lost River, Hardy County, W.Va > --- James Osborn; b. about 1776 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, W.Va. --- Jeremiah Osborn; b. about 1778 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, W.Va. --- Jane Osborn; b. about 1780 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, W.Va. --- Huldah Osborn; b. about 1782 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, W.Va. --- Deborah Osborn; b. about 1784 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier County, W.Va. --- Milly Osborn; b. about 1786 at Muddy Creek Mountain, Greenbrier Co., W.Va. *** Levi and Deborah were twins; Levi apparently died before the age of three, and Deborah before the age of 17. Most of John Osborn's children left for Kentucky before 1805. David Osborn and family stayed in Greenbrier County with his father. John Claypoole died on 29 JUL 1806 in , Greenbrier, West Virginia. NOTE: The Osborne family had ties to the Quaker community through William Osborne's (1640-1729) wife, Hannah Burton (1640-1721) and their children's marriages. During the 1660s, Hannah was fined for not attending a recognized church, as was her father, Captain John Burton (d. 1684), and brother John (b. 1640). Her father accompanied Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick's son Josiah (1632-1693) on an exploratory journey to Rhode Island during the beginnings of Quaker persecution in 1657. The Osborne family's relationship with the Southwicks continued through the late 1600s and early 1700s with the marriages of William and Hannah's sons Samuel and John to sisters Eleanor (1674-1702) and Mercy (b. 1676) Southwick, daughters of Daniel Southwick (1637-1719) and granddaughters of Lawrence and Cassandra. Like his brother Josiah, Daniel Southwick adhered to his parents' Quaker beliefs and was fined throughout the 1660s. William and Hannah Osborne's sons also married daughters of Joshua and Caleb Buffum. After Mercy Southwick's death, John Osborne married Hannah Buffum (b. 1677), daughter of Caleb Buffum, and Samuel Osborne's daughter, Elizabeth (b. 1699), married Joshua Buffum (b. 1681), eldest son and namesake of the defiant Quaker carpenter. SOURCES: [1] [2] [3] Reneau [4] Ancestors of Timothy Walter Luscher [5] My Family [6] is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.