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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Claypoole: Birth: 1730.

  2. James Claypoole: Birth: 1 DEC 1730 in Delaware.

  3. John Claypoole: Birth: 26 SEP 1733.

  4. Joseph Claypoole: Birth: 1735.

  5. Mary Claypoole: Birth: 1737.

  6. Elizabeth Claypoole: Birth: 1739 in Rockingham City, VA. Death: BEF 5 MAY 1805

  7. Elizabeth Claypoole: Birth: 1739 in Rockingham City, VA. Death: BEF 5 MAY 1805

  8. Sarah Claypoole: Birth: 1741.

  9. George Claypoole: Birth: 31 MAR 1741.

  10. Jesse Claypoole: Birth: 25 FEB 1748.

a. Note:   James Claypoole (iii) and Jane Byrd James Claypoole (iii) was born 14 DEC 1701 in Lewes, DE, to James Claypoole (ii) (b: 12 JUN 1664 in Lewes, Sussex, DE) and Elizabeth Pawling (b: 1669 in Lewes, Sussex, DE.) He was the first Claypoole to be born in America. He married Jane Byrd (b: 1701 in Rockingham Co., VA) on 7 Oct 1729, at the age of 28, and their marriage produced 13 children, including the following children: --- James Claypool b: 01 Dec 1730 Twin in Cedar Branch, Rockingham Co,, Virginia --- William Claypool b: 01 Dec 1730 Twin in Rockingham Co, Virginia --- John M. Claypool b: 26 Sep 1733 in Cedar Branch, Rockingham Co, Virginia --- Joseph Claypole b: 10 Jan 1735 in Cedar Branch,Rockingham Co, Virginia --- Mary Claypoole b: 1737 in Rockingham Co, Virginia --- Elizabeth "Betty" Claypoole b: 1739 in Rockingham Co, Virginia; m. John A.Osborn (and their daughter m. John Dunbar III)** --- Sarah Claypoole b: 1741 in Rockingham Co, Virginia --- George Claypool b: 31 Mar 1747 in Rockingham Co, Virginia --- Jesse Claypool b: 25 Feb 1752 in Rockingham Co, Virginia NOTE: One of the grandchildren of James Claypoole III and Jane Byrd was Elizabeth Osborn, who married John Dunbar III shortly before 1800. Curiously, this was just one of six Claypoole-Dunbar marriages among the children and grandchildren of James Claypoole III and Jane Byrd: --James Claypoole iii (1701-1789) m.. Jane Byrd (1701-1788) -- James Claypoole (1730-1811) M. Margaret Dunbar (1736-1813) -- William Claypool (1730-1758) M. Martha Mary Dunbar (1734-) -- John Claypoole (m.1) (1733-1823) & Rachel Eleanor Scott (1733-1785) -- David Claypoole (1762-1846) m. Ann Dunbar (1759-1831) -- Elizabeth (Betty) Claypool (1739-) m. John A. Osborn (Rev) (1729-1805) -- Elizabeth Osborn (1763-) m. John Dunbar (1760-) ** whose son was Cyrus William Dunbar. James Claypoole settled in Rockingham County, Virginia, but later moved with a group of cousins to Augusta County and then about 1755 to the Lost River area in what is now Hardy County, West Virginia. There he is said to have been killed (scalped) by Indians in Oct 1788/89 at the burning of a fort he had built at Mathias. He was the father of 13 children, having 6 or more sons. James (iii) was a fabric weaver by trade. He and his cousins sold their land in Delaware in the late 1690's -- 20 acres in Lewes, Sussex Co, Delaware -- and moved to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia -- near Brock's Gap (Rockingham Co, Virginia and Augusta Co, Virginia), Linville Creek and Mill Creek. James (iii) co-built a mill in 1751 and in 1755 he moved to Hampshire - Hardy Counties, West Virginia. He helped to build a road to Fredericksburg. DAR records indicate patriotic service during the American Revolution---he was a medic as he was too old for combat. In 1789 he was scalped and killed by Indians at Fort Randolph in Mathias, Hardy County. James Claypoole (III) died 9 OCT 1789 in Lost River, Hardy Co., WV, at the age of 88. SOURCES: [1] "COLONIAL AMERICA, 1607-1789 VIRGINIA CENSUS INDEX" p. 282 HAMPSHIRE CO 17 82 04-00 CLAYPOLE, JAMES 26 11-00 JEREMIAH 27 [2] JOSEPH CLAYPOLE ANCESTRY, [3] Burnham, Bean, Willard & Barton [4] Will of James Claypoole, proven in Hardy Co. on 7 Dec 1789 ... [5] Rootsweb post, From:; Subject: [CLAYPOOL] James and Jane (Byrd) Claypoole III; dtd. 13 Oct 1999 ... [6] James Claypoole Jr. {---------- # ID: I9 # Name: JANE BYRD # Given Name: JANE # Surname: BYRD # _MARNM: CLAYPOOL # Sex: F # Birth: ABT 1701 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA # Death: 9 OCT 1788 in LOST CITY,HARDY CO,WEST VIRGINIA # Burial: MILLER - CLAYPOOL CEMETERY,MATHIAS,WEST VIRGINIA # Change Date: 18 OCT 2000 at 10:50:50 Marriage 1 JAMES CLAYPOOL b: 15 FEB 1701 in NEW CASTLE,DELAWARE * Married: 7 OCT 1729 in PROBABLY DELAWARE Children 1. JAMES CLAYPOOL b: 01 DEC 1730 TWIN in CEDAR BRANCH,ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 2. WILLIAM CLAYPOOL b: 01 DEC 1730 TWIN in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 3. JOHN M. CLAYPOOL b: 26 SEP 1733 in CEDAR BRANCH,ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 4. JOSEPH CLAYPOLE b: 10 JAN 1735 in CEDAR BRANCH,ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 5. MARY CLAYPOOLE b: 1737 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 6. ELIZABETH "BETTY" CLAYPOOLE b: 1739 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 7. SARAH CLAYPOOLE b: 1741 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 8. GEORGE CLAYPOOL b: 31 MAR 1747 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA 9. JESSE CLAYPOOL b: 25 FEB 1752 in ROCKINGHAM CO,VIRGINIA SOURCE: <u>JOSEPH CLAYPOLE ANCESTRY </u> is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.