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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1622.

  2. John Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1624.

  3. Elizabeth Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1626.

  4. Robert Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1627.

  5. Wingfield Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1628.

  6. Graneley Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1629.

  7. Dorothy Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1630.

  8. Francis Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1632.

  9. James Claypoole: Birth: 8 OCT 1634 in Northborough, Engl.. Death: 6 JUN 1687 in Pennslyvania

  10. Edward Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1635.

  11. Martha Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1640.

  12. Norton Claypoole: Birth: ABT 1641.

  13. Benjamin Claypoole: Birth: 15 FEB 1642.

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b. Continued:   Sir John Claypoole and Marie Angell Sir John Claypoole was born April 13, 1595, the fourth child of 12 born to Adam Claypoole (b. about 1560 in England) and his wife, Dorothy Wingfield Claypoole (b: about 1565 in Northborough, Northamptonshire, , England.) Sir John married Marie Angell (daughter of William Angell Esq. and Joan Povey) on June 8, 1622 in St. Thomas the Apostle Church, London, England. The Angell family history is recorded back to 1500 in Peakirk, Northamptonshire. Mary Angell’s mother, Elisabeth Holland, traces her ancestry back through eight generations of Hollands to Margaret Warren, whose father was Sir Lawrence Warren, Knight; the Warrens were a prominent family in medieval England who descended from Geoffrey “the Fair”Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. Geoffrey was a direct descendant of Gerberge, (Queen of France, b. 913/14),and three emperors: Charlemagne (b. 2 Apr 742, Holy Roman Emperor); his son,Louis "the Pious" (b. Aug 778, Carolingian Emperor); and I Lothair(b. 795, Holy Roman Emperor.) Sir John married Marie Angell in 1622; they had 13 children: --- Mary Claypoole , Birth: abt 1622 --- Elizabeth Claypoole , Birth: abt 1626; d. 1681, Ireland.; m. Dr. Alexander Staples --- Robert Claypoole , Birth: abt 1627; d. 12 Feb 1658, Norborough, Northampton, England --- Wingfield Claypoole , Birth: abt 1628; d. 1682, England. --- Graneley Claypoole , Birth: abt 1629; after 1678. --- Dorothy Claypoole , Birth: abt 1630; --- Francis Claypoole , Birth: abt 1632 --- John Claypoole , Birth: 8 Oct 1634; d. 1687/88, Philadelphia, PA. (John and James may have been a single individual.) --- James Claypoole , Birth: 8 Oct 1634, Northborough, Engl; Marriage: 12 Dec 1657, Bremen, Germany; Spouse: Helena Mercer (1634-1688); imm: 23 Apr 1682 in the ship "AMITY"; Death: 6 Jun 1687, Pennslyvania; --- Edward Claypoole , Birth: 1 Jan., 1635; d. 17 Nov 1692, Barbados, West Indies. --- Martha Claypoole , Birth: abt 1638/40; d. 14 Jan 1662/63, Northborough, Cambridgeshire, England. --- Norton Claypoole , Birth: 14 Oct, 1640; d. 1 Jul, 1680, Whoreskill, Lewistown, Delaware. --- Benjamin Claypoole , Birth: 15 Feb 1641/42, St Giles of Cripplegate,London England; d. after 1707, England. NOTE: By some accounts, several of the Angell children died in infancy, and a later child was given the same name, leading to counts of up to 16 children born to this family. John Claypoole seems to have been the favorite son of his father, Adam Claypoole. When John married Marie Angell in 1622, his father conveyed to him the manor and lands of Northborough and thirty-two acres of Waldram Parks. The annual income he received per year from these properties was about L.200. Marie's dowry was L.1500. John Claypoole was a lawyer of Gray's Inn and a friend of Oliver Cromwell. The Claypoole and Cromwell families appear to have lived near each other at one time. Sir John was knighted by Oliver Cromwell, a long time friend and associate. He was politically involved as a Member of Parliament in 1654 in Northamptonshire, England, and again in 1656 in Carmarthenshire, England. He was Knight of Northborough & Latham in England. In 1643, 1644 and 1647, John was appointed one of the assessors for the County of Northampton. He was Justice of the Peace, and probably Sheriff for his own county in 1655. He was a Member of Parliament in 1655 for the County of Northamptonshire, and for Carmarthenshire in 1656. In the following year he was Commissioner with his son John for levying taxes in the County of Northampton. The Protector (Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England) appointed him Clerk of the Hanaper in the Court of Chancery. On July 16, 1657, Sir John was knighted by Oliver Cromwell, a long time friend and associate), and soon afterwards he was given a patent for a Baronet. (A baronet was a rank of honor below a baron, but above a knight). In 1642 Civil War broke out in England. The Claypoole family was a strong supporter of the Parliamentary cause. The sentiments which John Claypoole felt concerning the political state of England were probably similar to those of Oliver Cromwell. (The Claypooles had suffered hardships under King Charles I's despotism. He had been summoned before the star chamber in 1637 when the attorney general was ordered to begin a prosecution against him for refusing to pay ship-money the court demanded. It is possible that John and Oliver studied law together earlier, which may have influenced each family's decision to allow the marriage between his son John and Elizabeth.) Cromwell was a country gentleman who became a soldier, statesman and finally Lord Protector of Great Britain. As MP for Huntingdon and then Cambridge, he was an outspoken critic of Charles I. His military skills and ruthless tenacity were decisive factors in the Parliamentarian victory in the civil wars, and he was prominent among those who first treated with, and then executed the King in 1649. He achieved military success in Ireland in 1649 - but carried out brutal massacres - and he led the New Model Army to victory against the Scots and <u>Charles II i</u>n 1651. Emerging as a head of state when he and the army dissolved the 'Rump' Parliament in 1653, Cromwell was created Lord Protector. He refused the crown in 1657, dying the following year. The title was forfeited on the restoration of Charles II in 1660, but John's name appears in the Court Rolls of Northborough until 1664. On March 13, 1659/60 John received a new grant, jointly with Thomas Clarges, M.D. for the position of Clerk on the Hanaper during their lives and the survivor to remain solely in power. The whole of his estates were now worth about L450 income per year. The Claypoole family's fortunes increased while under the friendship of the English Protector. Sir John Claypoole died in April 1664 in London, England. NOTE: John and his wife Mary (Mary Angel, b. abt. 1598-1602) were direct ancestors of Donna Dunbar. Mary's older brother, James Angell (b. abt 1584) was a direct ancestor of Michael Smith. John and Mary Claypoole's oldest son John, born in 1623, married Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver Cromwell. Her tomb marker may still be seen at Westminster Abbey, the only Cromwell tomb not removed at the time of the restoration. Sir John Claypoole died in 1664, and Mary Angell on April 10th, 1661. She was buried at Northborough, the ancestral home of the Claypoole family, in the county of Northamptonshire. NOTE: It is through John Claypoole, and his mother, Dorothy Wingfield, that the Dunbar and Smith lines both are traced back to the Plantagenet Kings and to William I ("the Conqueror".) Dorothy Wingfield's g-g grandmother was Elizabeth Goushill (b. abt 1402.) Elizabeth Goushill had two direct lines of ancestry from the Plantagenet Kings through her mother, Elizabeth Fitzalan (b.1366.) (Many Americans -- including Franklin Delano Roosevelt -- can trace their ancestry back to the Plantagenet Kings through Elizabeth Goushill and her sister, Joan.) Some examples of the royalty included in this ancestry are: --- English kings Henry II (b. 1154), and III (b.1216); --- John I (b. 1199, who succeeded Richard the Lion-hearted, and was forced to sign the Magna Carta); --- Foulkes (b. 1092), the Latin King of Jerusalem; --- William I, "The Conqueror" (b. 1027); --- Gerberge (b. 913), the Queen of France; --- Lothair (b.795), Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire; --- Carolingian Emperor Louis (b.778); and --- Charlemagne (b.742) Holy Roman Emperor. SOURCES: [1] [2] Stacey Family Tree ... [3] Waughtel & Wilcox Family genealogy & family history ... [4] [5] Nastional Portrait Gallery ... is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.