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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sarah Henderson: Birth: Jul 1741 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.

  2. Sarah Henderson: Birth: 12 Sep 1743 in Northampton, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts.

  3. Gideon Henderson: Birth: 30 Aug 1745 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

  4. Mehitabel Henderson: Birth: 24 Jul 1746 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

  5. Elizabeth Henderson: Birth: 1 Jan 1747/1748 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

  6. Mary Henderson: Birth: 24 Apr 1751 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

  7. Gideon Henderson: Birth: 9 Oct 1753 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

  8. Timothy Henderson: Birth: 18 Jan 1756 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts. Death: 14 Oct 1833 in Amherst, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts

  9. Susanna Henderson: Birth: 15 Mar 1758 in Sunderland, Franklin Co., Massachusetts.

a. Note:   n County, Massachusetts, about 1745. On May 20, 1746, Samuel Billings, the original settler on the lot, then of Hardwick, conveyed to him (then living in Sunderland) Home Lot No.18, on the West side of the street, with sundry other parcels of land in Sunderland. He continued to reside on this lot and carry on the trade of a tanner while he remained in town. In 1762 he removed to Amherst, Hampshire County, Massachusetts and settled on a farm of about 100 acres, which descended to his grandson Timothy. The farm is now a portion of the Massachusetts Agricultural College farm. The dwelling house stood on the site of the Botanical Museum. He resided there until his death. Gideon Henderson resided for a few years after marriage in N.H. whence abt. 1745, he removed to Sunderland, and thence to Amherst, MA where he died 6 Dec 1791. He married 4 Aug 1740 Sarah Baker. She died 25 Aug 1803. During the American Revolution, a number of persons in Amherst, including several influential men, were unfriendly to the revolution, and others were neutral. A majority however were ardent and active in the cause of their country, and they chose a Committee of Correspondence Jan. 26, 1774, to communicate with the Boston Committee of Correspondence. The reply of the Amherst Committee to the Boston Committee was accepted by the district, March 14, 1774, and recorded. It is in strong and patriotic language, approving the proceedings of Boston and justifying the destruction of the tea; and the Boston Committee are assured that they will be "supported by a large majority in this district." A standing Committee of Correspondence was chosen Sept. 20, 1774; a Committee of Inspection to carry out the resolves of the Continental Congress and Provincial Congress, Feb. 23, 1775; a Committee of Correspondence, Jan. 24, 1776, and another March 25, 1776; and a Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety, in 1777, 1778 and 1779. Gideon Henderson was a member of one of these committees.
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