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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lorenzo Dow Earp: Birth: 8 Dec 1809 in , Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Death: 4 Dec 1893 in Galesburg, Jasper Co., Iowa

  2. Elizabeth Earp: Birth: 1811.

  3. Nicholas Porter Earp: Birth: 6 Sep 1813 in , Lincoln Co., North Carolina. Death: 12 Nov 1907 in Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co., California

  4. Josiah Jackson Earp: Birth: 1816.

  5. James Earp: Birth: 1818.

  6. Francis Earp: Birth: 1821.

  7. Walter C. Earp: Birth: 1824.

  8. Jonathan Douglas Earp: Birth: 1824.

  9. Sarah "Sally" Ann Earp: Birth: 1827.

a. Note:   720, Maryland). It would appear that the first Earp to study law was Wyatt's grandfather, Walter, being a Justice of the Peace in Monmouth, Illinois, although his chosen profession was school teacher. He would marry and a son, Nicholas, Wyatt's father, would be born in 1813. Other children born to Walter and wife Martha were Lorenzo Dow in 1809, Elizabeth in 1811, Josiah Jackson in 1816, James in 1818, Francis in 1821, Walter C. (twin) in 1824, Jonathan Douglas (twin) in 1824, Sally Ann in 1827. Walter and family later moved to Kentucky and there Nicholas married his first wife, Abigail Storm in 1836. To this union a son, Newton and daughter, Mariah, was born. Mariah would die a short time after her birth. Abigail Earp died on October 8, 1839, from unknown causes. In 1840, Nicholas Earp married Virginia Ann Cooksey in Hartford, Kentucky. Following the marriage of Nicholas and Virginia, son James was born in 1841 and Virgil in 1843. Walter Earp, apparently setting the stage for what would be a forever traveling family of Earps, grew restless and moved with Nicholas and family to Monmouth, Illinois. There Walter was elected Justice of the Peace and Nicholas supported his family by being a cooper, dealing real estate, farming, and bootlegging. Further children to be born would be Wyatt in 1848 (March 19th), Morgan in 1851, Warren in 1855 and Adelia in 1861. Two other daughters, Virginia and Martha died early in age. In 1850, Nicholas packed up the family and headed to Pella, Iowa. There the family would remain until Virgil, Newton and James went off to fight for the Union when the Civil War broke out. James would be wounded in battle and thereafter draw a permanent disability because of it. A story was told by Stuart Lake of a young Wyatt trying to run off and join the Union, but being stopped by his father. With Virgil and Newton still off at war, and James recently returned home, Nicholas Earp again packed up the family and moved them in a wagon train to California in 1864. Virgil would eventually catch up with the family in California when he was discharged from the military. With older brother James wounded, Wyatt grew up fast on the trip west, helping hunt and fend off Indian raids. True to the Earp tradition, 1868 found the family moving again, this time to Lamar, Missouri. Shortly thereafter the family apparently moved to Wyoming for a time where Wyatt and Virgil worked on the railroads. The family would move back to Lamar before 1870 where Wyatt would have his first experience as a law man and marry his first wife. Nicholas and Virginia Earp would eventually settle down in the San Bernadino area of Southern California where Nicholas was elected to the County Court and served until his retirement a short time before his death . Virginia Earp would live until January 14, 1893. Nicholas died on February 12, 1907.
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