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Marriage: Children:
  1. Edward Nathan De Wolf: Birth: 1646 in Guilford, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Death: 24 Mar 1708/1709 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut

  2. Simon De Wolf: Birth: 1648 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 5 Sep 1695 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut

  3. Stephen De Wolf: Birth: 1650 in , Connecticut. Death: 17 Oct 1702 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut

  4. Hannah De Wolf: Birth: 1652 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut. Death: 28 Mar 1712 in East Guilford, New Haven Co., Connecticut

  5. De Wolf: Birth: 1653 in , Connecticut. Death: 1653 in , Connecticut

  6. Mary (Marah) De Wolf: Birth: 10 Jan 1656 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut. Death: 27 Oct 1724 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut

  7. Joseph De Wolf: Birth: Apr 1660 in , Connecticut.

  8. Susannah De Wolf: Birth: 22 Dec 1664 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut. Death: AFT 1735 in Lyme, New London Co., Connecticut

a. Note:   !Balthazar De Wolf was probably of Holland, traveling to Massachusetts Bay with the Hooker and Stone group. Shortly after arriving in Boston the entire congregation left for the area that is now Hartford (he apparently was in the Wethersfield settlement). He soon traveled down the Connecticut to its mouth, now the settlements of Saybrook and Lyme, Connecticut. There the family made its home for many generations. He may well have been among the group led by Captains Mason and Underhill against the Pequots, and chose to settle near the Saybrook fort, then being built by Lion Gardiner. Balthazar DEWOLF was born 1621. He died 1696 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut. Balthazar married Alice PECK in 1645 in Connecticut. Balthazar DeWolf's origins are uncertain, but he was educated and industrious. He settled in Lyme, Conn., in 1660, coming from Hartford, and became well-established in the community. He had numerous offspring, some of who resettled Acadia after the French were expelled. "About the middle of the seventeenth century a younger son of Baron de Wolf of Livonia emigrated, presumably to America, and was never heard from again by his family. The name 'Baltazer de Woolfe', however, shows up in the court records of Hartford, Connecticut, on March 5, 1656. The spelling of the name is similar to that which a court clerk might assume phonetically from a foreign accent, and Balthazar was very impatient with the puritanical restrictions of the town. Having been hauled into court with others 'presented for smoking in the streets contra to the law', it is said that he paid his fine, lit his pipe, and walked out. "Balthazar de Wolf of 1656 Connecticut is our first American de Wolf ancestor of whom we have a record. This much is indisputable. Whether or not he was that youngest son of Baron de Wolf of Livonia is still open to conjecture. In the interest of truth it must be said that he has also been made a French Huguenot fleeing persecution; a Russian; a Jew; a Protestant refugee from Holland. One source says that Balthazar was indubitably English, witness his handwriting and the names of his children. No one has suggested he was an American aborigine, even though he smoked a pipe. In 1668 Ba[l]thazar de Wolf's name appears again, this time in the Lyme, Connecticut, records, and in 1677 he was chosen 'Committee of the Town'. He is last mentioned in 1695. He and his wife Alice had six children, the eldest of whom was Edward." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.