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Marriage: Children:
  1. John White: Birth: Dec 1623 in Messing, Essex, england. Death: BEF 1636 in Messing, Essex, england

  2. Mary White: Birth: Jul 1626 in Messing, Essex, England. Death: Dec 1649 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut

  3. Philipe White: Birth: Dec 1628 in Messing, Essex, england.

  4. Nathaniel White: Birth: ABT 1629/1630 in Messing, Essex, England. Death: 27 Aug 1711 in Middletown, Middlesex Co., Connecticut

  5. Daniel White: Birth: 1639 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 27 Jul 1713 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts

  6. John White: Birth: ABT 1640 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Death: 15 Sep 1665 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts

  7. Jacob White: Birth: 8 Oct 1645 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

  8. Sarah White: Birth: ABT 1741 in Hartford, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

a. Note:   n September 16. After living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was admitted freeman in 1633 and townsman in 1635, removed to Hartford, Connecticut, in June 1636, as one of the original proprietors. He was frequently townsman there as well as at Hadley, Massachusetts, whither he moved in 1659. In 1671 he returned to Hartford and was ordained ruling elder of the Second Church in 1677. In Cambridge, John White established his home lot, with his dwelling house, was on the street then called Cow-Yard Row. This home lot contained about three-quarters of an acre of land, and was early allotted to him, together with about thirty acres of farming lands. On the 5th of August, 1633, three-quarters of an acre more, near his home lot, was granted to him by the town, for a cow-yard. "Gore Hall", the beautiful library building of Harvard University, probably now graces this cow-yard. If not on the identical site, it is, beyond a doubt, very near to it. . . ." In the records of Hartford, John White appears as one of the original proprietors. His allotments consisted--as nearly as can be determined from the records -- of his house lot, containing about two acres, of about forty acres of meadow, about thirty-two acres of upland, ten acres of swamp and one hundred and fifty acres of upland at Hockanum, east of the Great River. At Hartford he was again called into public service. In 1642 he was chosen one of the selectmen of the town -- or 'orderers' as these officers were at first called - and again in 1646, in 1651, and in 1656. His name also appears frequently on the record of the Courts, as a juror, or as an arbitrator in the settlement of private differences. On the 18th of April, 1659, sixty persons, from Hartford and Wethersfield, signed the agreement to remove to Hadley. The place of John White's name, as the fifth on the list, indicates that he was among the leaders of that important movement. He was chosen one of the selectmen in 1862, in 1663, and in 1665. He also served the town in 1664 and in 1669, as Representative -- or Deputy, as it was then styled -- to the General Court of Legislature of Massachusetts, sitting in Boston. It was probably during this year (1670) that he returned to Hartford. After his return to Hartford his name does not appear again upon the records, as holding civil office or performing civil services. The office of Elder then exempted him who bore it from all duties of this kind. But as an arbitrator, referee, and council in ecclesiastical matters, he performed good service to the churches. In 1676, and in 1677, he and his eldest son Nathaniel, then of Middletown, were members of the council called to hear the difficulty which had long troubled the ancient church in Windsor; and the final recommendation of the council, with the autograph signature of its members, may be seen in the archives of the State, at Hartford.
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