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Marriage: Children:
  1. Martha Hallock: Birth: 25 Jul 1831.

  2. William Allen Hallock: Birth: 2 Jul 1833.

  3. Harriet Joanna Hallock: Birth: 8 Feb 1835. Death: 15 Jan 1881

  4. Frances Elizabeth Hallock: Birth: 9 Jan 1837. Death: 20 Apr 1920

a. Note:   pshire County, Massachusetts, on 2 June, 1794. He died in New York City, 2 October, 1880. He was graduated at Williams College in 1819, and at Andover Theological Seminary in 1822. During the latter year he became the agent of the New England Tract Society, and in 1825, when the latter was merged into the American Tract Society, he was made the corresponding secretary of the new organization. He filled this office until 1870, when he retired from its active duties. During this period he carefully examined every manuscript, tract, and book offered for publication, and revised for the press such as were accepted. He also edited " The American Messenger" for forty years, and "The Child's Paper" for twenty-five years. He received the degree of D. D. from Ratters in 1850. Doctor Halleck wrote lives of Harlan Page (1835), Reverend Moses Halleck (1854), and Reverend Justin Edwards (1855). The first named attained to a circulation of 113,500 copies, and was translated into Swedish and German. He was also the author of several tracts, among them "The Mother's Last Prayer" (circulation, 380,000); "The Only Son" (370,000); and "The Mountain Miller" (260,000). These, with his books, were all published by the Tract Society. See "Memorial of Reverend William A. Hallock, D. D.," by Mrs. H. C. Knight (New York, 1882). His second wife, Mary Angeline (Lathrop) Hallock, an author in her own right, was born in Rowe, Franklin County, Massachusetts, on 18 June, 1810. They married in 1868. She had been previously the wife of a Mr. Lathrop, and on the death of her first husband, in 1854, began to write as a means of support for her children. She published "That Sweet Story of Old" (New York, 1856); "Bethlehem and her Children" (1858); "Life of the Apostle Paul" (1860); "Life of Solomon" (1868); "Fall of Jerusalem" (1869); and "Life of Daniel" and "Beasts and Birds" (1870).
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